Make up Haul!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

We all love to see a good haul .. its a great way of finding out what products are on the market and what deals you can get!
I have been on a bit of a make up rampage lately, there's' just so many things I'd been wanting to try and I couldn't wait any longer, so here is a peek at what I bought!

I am going to do some more 'in-depth' posts about some of these  items, with swatches and things, so keep your eyes out for that, and if there's something here you'd like to learn more about let me know!

First up, some Make Up Academy pieces.
I spotted that Superdrug were running an MUA offer of 'spend £8 and get the Twelfth night palette free' .. so I did just that.

This gorgeous Elysium palette was £6 and I am totally smitten with it. It features dreamy matte and shimmer shades which are ideal for creating a smoky eye look. It also includes a mini duo pencil with a black eyeliner end and a highlighter end.

I picked up another 'Brow define' brow mascara, as the last one I bought seemed to have gone walkabout before I could even try it! These are £2 each an come in a variety of shades.

I was so happy to get the 'Twelfth Night' palette for free. It only costs a tiny £4 anyway, but it is just perfect for the party season and beyond. This palette will be brilliant for giving smoky eyes a twist and a pop of metallic glam.

I went  a little crazy with Collection Cosmetics too.
Superdrug were also offering a deal on this brand - 'Spend £5 and get Super Size Ultra Black Mascara free'. I couldn't say no.

I picked up a 'Cream Puff' Lip cream in 'cotton candy'. This leaves a matte finish on the lips, much like the MUA Lip Velvets. I had seen pictures of this around Instagram and I wanted in! It was only £2.99 and comes in 4 delicious shades! Its so cute and smells super good!

I was lucky enough to get this 'Super Size Ultra Black mascara' for free as I had spent £5. This is only £2.99 anyway so its very affordable! It has a lovely full brush and it promises good things - I'll let you know my thoughts soon!

If you've been reading my blog a while then you'll know that I am addicted to the Collection Eye definition liquid liner. It has a fine brush which is great for creating all sorts of liner designs and is only £2.99. I love it! I find that it stays in place all day and doesn't flake or smudge!

I grabbed something I have been wanting to try for ages. It is the 'lasting perfection' concealer' and its all the rage amongst bloggers and YouTubers so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. This retails at £4.19 and is said to be long lasting and non-creasing so I can't wait to see if that's true!

I also picked up a couple of collection items on eBay - brand new of course! I thought I'd try one of the Glam metallics eye liners in 'Ripped Purple'. I got this for £1.99 and thought it might make an interesting change to my ordinary black liner!

I also got, on eBay, one of the Glam crystals glitter eyeliners, in shade 'Rock chic'. I have tried these before in 'Le Freak' and 'Funk' and I love them, so I thought this addition would be great for days when I don't want something too 'out there' but just a little more glam. I got this for £1.99 also.

I picked up a couple of Maybelline items on eBay for half the retail price - oh eBay!

First off, something I have wanted for ages but has only just become available in the UK. This is the 'Baby Skin' instant fatigue blur primer. This sells in stores for £7.99 but I picked it up on eBay (brand new) for £4.20! I absolutely love Maybelline and have previously tried the original baby skin primer so I cant wait to see the results of this one. The product comes out pastel pink and the tube is super cute - I'm a sucker for packaging!

I also picked up another one of the Color tattoo eyeshadows, this time in 'Endless purple. I love these, they are vibrant, the pay off is great and they last agggesss! I prefer using them as an eyeliner than an eyeshadow but they are great for both.These retail for £4.99 but I bought this for £2.40 on eBay, brand new of course!

I bought one of the amazing Revlon photoready foundations in Superdrug, too. These are £12.99 each but they are so worth it. I first got one of these earlier in the year and I fell in love. The coverage is amazing but it doesn't feel heavy or cakey. It makes my skin feel refreshed and it looks, well, photo ready! These blend so well and don't go patchy or leave a 'tide line' .. just perfect in every way!

I actually got this one on the Superdrug website on an incredible offer.  It is the Bourjois 'Volume 1 Seconde' mascara. They usually retail for £9.99 but they were on offer for £3.30 and buy 2 get 1 free! 
I love Bourjois products - I am totally addicted to the little round pots of blush so I thought I'd give this a whirl. I just love the chrome, shiny packaging and the brush is full and flexible! It has small bristles on the edge to catch all the smaller, pesky lashes too!

And finally, I got a couple of new nail polishes from
I had never heard of this website before but came across it when searching online for China Glaze polishes and ordered immediately
Incredibly, all of the China Glaze polishes were only £3.95 and the delivery was free, they also had other big brand nail polishes at discounted prices, such as O.P.I & Zoya, so definitely take a peek!
I have a feeling that these may be older shades but it doesn't bother me - especially at such a low price. I love China Glaze polishes, they stay so shiny and apply so smoothly, so I was happy to find them so cheap!
I picked up shades 'Diva Bride' and 'Inner Beauty'. I am loving nudes and neutral shades right now and I am on the hunt for a perfect polish for my wedding so I thought I'd give these a try!

What bargains have you picked up lately?


  1. you picked up some really great stuff, i really want to try out those MUA palettes and the maybelline colour tattoos (i've tried on and on bronze and i loved it so i need to buy more) - nice post!!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

    1. Hello!
      Th Elysium palette is gorgeous - I have a full review of it coming later this week, actually! Id definitely recommend picking it up :D
      Oh, and aren't the color tattoo's gorgeous! I just love them, is On&On Bronze nice? I haven't tried that one yet :)
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Please write a review to the New Baby Skin (:

    1. Consider it done! I'll have it up on the blog next week! :)
      Thanks for reading!

  3. I wish we had MUA back in the states! I've heard great things about it.

    I actually just picked up a few makeup products from ULTA, thanks to their $3.50 off $10 deal. NYX is my fave. Their powder blush is only $3 and their concealer is only $5! Gotta love them :)

  4. Ooh I haven't seen the MUA Twelfth Night palette - looks lovely! Also that collection mascara is a mazing - i'm sure you'll love it! xx

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