12 Day Blogger Challenge | Day 6

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Today marks the half way point through the 12 Day Blogger Challenge. I hope you have enjoyed reading my challenge posts so far!

12 Day Blogger Challenge | Day 6; What I'm currently Reading.

Shamefully, I rarely read (unless you count blogs?!). It would only be if something really struck me that I would take the time to sit and read it cover to cover. But something I have enjoyed reading these last few months is my copy of 'Your pregnancy week by week' by Dame Karlene Davis from the royal college of midwives.

Dan bought me this book and it is an absolute goldmine! 
As well as informing me how my baby is developing and what is changing in my body each week it explains all about birth, what foods you should avoid during pregnancy, exercising during pregnancy and so much more! It has informative images and diagrams throughout and I look forward to picking it up each Tuesday (the start of my 'new week' of pregnancy) and seeing what my baby is up to.
This book is also great for those trying to get pregnant or curious about the process as it explains about fertility (& infertility) and the optimum route for conception, as well as how twins are formed and how to try for a boy or girl (although I personally find this part hard to believe!).

I don't know what I would have done without this book so far during my pregnancy! Right now I am 18 weeks along and, according to the book, my baby is fully developed but continuing to grow in size, he or she weighs about 100g and would fit into the palm of my hand! He or she is also making breathing movements in preparation for birth and the placenta has grown to the same size as the baby to provide essential nutrients and remove waste products! Fascinating, huh?!

What have you been reading lately? Maybe it will inspire me to begin reading again!

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