REVIEW | PalmOlive Naturals Shower Milks*

Friday, 10 October 2014

When the colder months come around, I appreciate a long, hot shower all the more and the only thing that makes it even nicer, is the addition of a lovely shower product!

I was so pleased when I was given the chance to try some of PalmOlive Naturals amazing shower treats - including their new 'Moisturising Milk, Macadamia oil & Cocoa' body wash!

I was sent 3 bottles of loveliness, including 'Honey & Moisturising Milk' body wash, 'Pure Milk Proteins' body wash and , the delicious new 'Moisturising Milk, Macadamia oil & Cocoa' body wash, all in 250ml bottles, and all retailing at just £1.99! Bargain!

PalmOlive have been using natural ingredients in their products for over 100 years, so they really know their stuff when it comes to skin care and these 3 treats are no exception, all containing 100%natural extracts.

The new Macadamia Oil & Cocoa smooth delight is enriched with 100% natural macadamia oil and is blended with extracts of cocoa to leave your skin highly moisturised and glowing! I loved this product so much, the formula is so creamy that you  really only need a minimal amount to g a long way, and I love the light scent that lingers on your skin even after you leave the shower!

The Pure Milk Mild & Sensitive shower milk is perfect for those with sensitive skin, as it is enriched with milk proteins and extracts of aloe vera. As well as nourishing your delicate skin and making you feel super silky, it will leave your skin hydrated & super soft! I really the scent of this product, I usually find that sensitive skin products don't have much of a scent, but this one does and it is so relaxing and soothing. This was my favourite out of the three to use in my night time shower routine, a it made me feel so calm and ready for sleep!

My favourite of the three had to be the Milk & Honey Nourishing Delight shower Milk, the scent is amazing, so sweet and creamy, and the formula left my skin feeling amazingly smooth! This one enriched with milk, honey extracts and even aloe vera! This also left my skin smelling beautiful even after the shower, and my skin felt truly supple and soft all day!

I really love the simple packaging design of these products, they look so lovely stored together in my bathroom and at £1.99 a piece its nice to be able to use a different one every few days!

I really enjoy using products with natural ingredients, that wont irritate my skin, and with Companies like Palmolive, everyone with any kind of skin condition can afford to indulge!

Thank you so much to Lauren for giving me the opportunity to try these lovely products, I cant wait to pick up some more of the range (especially the 'Coconut & moisturising Milk' body wash)! If you want to shop the range or learn more about PalmOlive, you can find their official website here, or you can follow them on twitter here.


  1. Ah I love Palmolive shower milks :D they always feel so good on my skin :D
    great review!

    1. ooh they are so lovely! Cant stop using them now haha!
      Heading to your blog now!
      Thanks for reading <3