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Saturday, 18 October 2014

'Blessed be the new Founding Fathers for letting us Purge and cleanse our Souls, Blessed be America, a Nation reborn.'

This look, inspired by 'The Purge' movie, makes such a great Halloween costume. The use of make up in place of a mask is very creative and it can be worn with your everyday clothes, making it perfect for those who prefer not to go full costume!

Begin with your skin clean, dry & moisturised, this will create a smooth base for your make up application and will give you maximum wear time.
Then start to apply your foundation, you will need to wear one that is a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone, this will give the impression of the 'mask' or a layer over your skin. I am using Seventeen's Photo Flawless Foundation and my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Make sure you avoid your eyelids.

Moving onto the eyes, start drawing circles in the eye sockets (you may need to feel for this first to get it as actuate as possible). Use a brown face paint or liquid eyeliner to create your circles. I am using  Fashionista Gel liner in Down Cool.

Now start to fill the circles in with a medium brown eyeshadow, I am using the Make Up Academy Matte Palette. Then you will need to shade the area to ensure it has enough depth to look like eye-holes in the mask, do this by shading the inner top corner of each circle and the outer bottom corner of each circle with either your brown face paint or a dark brown eyeshadow. I am using the same palette.

To add extra depth, take a black eyeshadow and delicately blend it into the edges of your previous shading. Layering on the darker colour will add extra 'shadow' and make for  less flat appearance.
You can then finish the eye section by using a black face paint or liquid liner and very carefully lining the circles you drew earlier. Make sure you keep this line as thin as possible, I am using Snazaroo's Face paint in Black.

To give the mask a cartoon like appearance you will need to draw in your eyebrows, creating a high-arched, menacing shape. I brushed my brows loosely into the shape I wanted and then filled them in using the darkest shade in Collections Work the Colour eyebrow Kit.

Arguably the biggest feature of this mask is the large, somewhat creepy grin. Start this by painting your entire bottom lip with white face paint, I am using Snazaroo in white, or alternatively you could use white eyeshadow.
Follow this by creating wide, cartoon like lips. To do this I first lightly shaded the shape I wanted in a rose coloured blusher and once I was happy I topped it off with this ELF Studio Matte lipstick in 'Natural'. You will need to extend the corners of your new smile past your natural lips to make for the un-natural, wide grin.
To give the lips extra shape, run a light brown bronzer under the bottom lip, this will create a shadow and give more of a cartoon like pout.

To make the large teeth, take a light amount of your black face paint or liquid liner and delicately draw lines onto your bottom lip to give the look of the top and bottom set of teeth. You don't want this to be too bold. I made the lines a little thicker at the base to make for the gaps between each tooth.
You can then take a grey eyeshadow and line under the bottom set of 'teeth', to give the appearance of a wide open smile.

The final thing to do is some extreme contouring. This is what will give the mask its 'character' style look and menacing shape. I started with a light bronzer, such as Hoola by Benefit to etch out the lines under my cheeks, around my chin, a chin dimple, smile lines, around the forehead and I also etched some lines under the eye holes, leaving a gap between the holes and the contouring to give the look of extra shadow.
Once you are happy with what you have done you can go over it with a dark brown shadow or darker bronzer and if you wanna take it to the next level use a grey eyeshadow to line parts of the contouring for extra definition!

And, that's it! This look is so fun but so creepy and looks great, even when done at the last minute! Make sure you allow yourself enough time to focus on the contouring, as this can really make or break the overall look. Be sure to make a really wide smile for photos to get the full effect of the wide-grin you painted in!

'REMINDER; All Emergency Services will be Suspended for a 12 hour period during the Annual Purge.'

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