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Thursday, 16 October 2014

I dont know about you, but I am suuuuper excited for Halloween! I love all the festivities - parties, candies, cider (none for me this year!) and, of course, dressing up. Halloween gives you limitless possibilities when it comes to fancy dress, whether you prefer something sexy or scary, its fun to see what your mind can invent and get creative with it!

I had such fun with my Halloween Costume Series last year that I have decided to do a couple of looks this year as well. These are all going to be easy things that anyone can do and that will look super effective, even if done at the last minute!

The first look I have decided to demonstrate is a 'night crawler'! This is a demon inspired look which is glamorous and un-natural all at the same time. You can easily throw this together with a long black wig and black dress for a 'prettier alternative', or create a ragged costume for a freakier finish! This can be easily created with make up you have at home or that can be picked up cheaply at a costume store!

Begin with a clean, dry & freshly moisturised face, this will help make up apply more smoothly and last much longer! You can then go ahead and apply your favourite foundation, I am using Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation and buffing it all over my face and neck with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush.

Now its time to apply concealer for a flawless base. I am Using E.L.F's Complete Coverage Concealer palette and my ELF pointed foundation brush to apply it under my eyes and over any problem areas!

To keep this make up in place all night I am setting it all with Rimmel's stay matte powder in 'Transparent' and gently buffing it all over with my Real Techniques Powder brush. I love this brush as it never leaves my make up looking cakey or thick.

To start work on the eyes I am priming my lids with Make Up Revolution's Aqua Seal Primer, this will keep my eyeshadow in place and also bring out the pigments to make the colour more vibrant. This is so easy to apply and is the best primer I have ever tried!

Top off the primer with your choice in eyeshadow. I am using ELF's mineral loose powder pigment in 'Girly' and applying it all over the lid with my ELF small brush. You could use any colour you like, you may want to match it to the colour of your costume!

Now take a charcoal eyeshadow and brush it right into the socket of the eye to create a 'sunken in' look. You can see in my image above that I have brushed it down the side of my nose and along the crease of the eyelid. Don't worry if this is patchy as it will add to the 'un-natural' effect of the look.
Using the same eyeshadow and a thin brush, like this ELF Smudge Brush, create a dark line under the eyes, right up to the lash line. This will darken the eye and give some shape. You can carry this line on past the corner of the eye for extra shape and drama.

To define the eyes further, take your favourite black eye liner, I am Using Collection's eye definition liquid liner and create a bold, extended wing, you can meet this up with the line you created on the lower lash line for an extended eye shape.

Once your liner is dry apply a thin coat of your favourite mascara to define and separate your lashes. I find that for best results its good to start from the base of the lashes and wiggle upwards! I am using Maybelline's Colossal Go Extreme Mascara.

Now its time to add some lashes! I like to apply my lashes with tweezers as it gives me extra control and steadiness. I am using the 'Sassy' lashes by Make up Academy as they are spiky and un-natural looking - perfect to finish your eyes!

I like to have strong brows when my eye make up is heavy, so I am using Collection's Work the colour eyebrow kit. I am just filling in and extending my natural brows to balance out the eye look.

Now, the messy part! Taking a Black face paint, I am using Snazaroo Black, and a fine paintbrush or make up brush create a small black circle in the centre of your lips, this will be the centre of your 'evil'!

Now, using the same face paint and brush, start to draw angular shapes all over your face, making sure they all begin and end at the circle you created on your lips. You can copy this design or get creative and imagine your own - you could even extend them down to your neck!
Once you have drawn the shapes and are happy with them you can begin to fill them in with the black face paint, there is no rush to do this so take your time to keep it neat!

Now take the same charcoal eyeshadow as before and begin adding shadow to your shapes, this will make it look much less flat and add depth and dimension! Make sure you leave a small gap between your shape and your shadow for maximum effect and keep the shadow to just one side of each shape. I have also shaded around my lips .
Then you can take a white face paint, like this Snazaroo White, and begin to add some little dots to your shapes, this is optional and you could make up any design you feel like but I felt that it made the shapes look extra creepy!

This last step is optional, as not everyone is comfortable with contact lenses, and you will look great without them anyway! I am using these white mesh contacts from beautifeye to give a 'ghostly' or 'un-dead' feel to the look. I have also roughed up my hair and put on this awesome necklace that I picked up for 99p on eBay!

I hope you enjoyed this simple but effective Halloween look! You can make it as creepy or hauntingly beautiful as you like! If you decide to re-create this look, please share it with me on instagram and be sure to tag me so I can see it too!

Are there any Halloween looks you'd like to see me create over the next couple of weeks?

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