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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hello, Hello!

I was looking through my Instagram page today and realised just how many gorgeous outfits my dear friend is selling in her online store 'Katherine s Boutique', so I had to share its amazingness with you all!

As the party season approaches, there seems to be a panic setting in about 'THE outfit' that we must have for the office party, those family gatherings, or even meals out with friends. 
Oh, and with so many girls out there hunting for the same thing, isn't it horrible to think that you may see that girl from the department downstairs in the same dress as you?!

That's why I love how Katherine has set her business up, she is keeping the true meaning of boutique alive with one- off, unique pieces to take the worry out of fashion and to leave the faux-pas to the high street shoppers!

And you needn't worry about taking out a loan or store card, all of Katherine's pieces are super affordable (some are even just £9.99!). As well as this, you can rest easy knowing that where ever you may be, you wont miss out, as Katherine delivers worldwide!

I am so impressed with Katherine s hard work and the dedication she clearly puts into her business, she is always updating her Instagram page and her facebook page with latest pieces, so you can keep up to date and see what gorgeous garments she has on offer at any given time. 

Something else I love about Katherine is that she is so easy to contact, so you don't have to worry about waiting days for your messages to be replied to - ordering is quick, friendly and easy, and Katherine is more than happy to give further details about any item, whether it be sizing, length or anything else!

So, if you feel like standing out from the crowd when the party season rolls around, I would highly recommend taking a look through Katherine s beautiful collection, there really is something for everyone!

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