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Thursday, 23 October 2014

I'm sure you know by now that I love to bake! 
Cupcakes are my favourite thing to make as they always go down well with everyone and they are so quick and easy to do, and these awesome toffee choc chip zombified cupcakes are no exception! I gave Dan a batch to take to work and all his work friends loved them, as well as giving a few away to my friend, where they were very much appreciated, too.

I usually always make my cupcakes from scratch, as I enjoy the process, but when I was shopping in Morrisons this week I spotted a 'Wrights toffee cake mix', it sounded delicious and very seasonal - I really wanted to try it out. It only costed me £1.70 and made about 16 large muffin sized cupcakes, and I only needed to add water and a little oil, so it was a bargain!

I made up the cupcakes according to the packet instructions,  but for some extra treats I sprinkled in some chocolate chips and used some green food dye to give the cakes a zombified green look! The green dye does get paler when the cakes cook, but its a great surprise when your friends bite into them and notice the green colouring within!
When making up the cake batter I noticed lots of lovely little toffee pieces inside it, to give extra yumminess and when they were cooking the house just smelled incredible! So Sweet and autumny!
I used these cute bat muffin cases which I picked up In IKEA, they are nice and big, making for very generous sized cakes, I also liked how they kept their shape when cooking.
The cakes look great plain, but I decided to add a drizzle of green icing to each one and insert these cute Halloween themed picks into them for extra seasonal fun ;) I picked these up in the £1 shop and they really finish off the cakes perfectly!

The cakes tasted absolutely delicious - they were so soft and fluffy and just packed with flavour. I was so impressed with the cake mix and I'd definitely use it again! If you have been invited to any Halloween festivities over the next couple of weeks and want to bring something along with you, then these cupcakes would be perfect, they are so quick and easy to make and the toffee flavour is perfect for the Halloween season. You could bake these an hour before you go and they will be gratefully received by everyone who tastes them!

I cant wait to try some more cake mixes in the Wrights range, you can pick them up in most supermarkets and you can find out more information about them on their own website, right here.

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