12 Day Blogger Challenge | Day 5

Friday, 31 October 2014

Hello Honeybee's. I hope you've been enjoying the 12 day blogger challenge, today's challenge is something more personal.

12 Day Blogger Challenge | Day 5; Most Loved Possessions

This is very hard as I love and am grateful for everything I own, but sometimes its an items sentimental value that makes it the most valuable to you. Here are a few of mine;

The first thing I could not be parted with is my beautiful engagement ring. Dan chose it all by himself and every time I look at it I feel loved and blessed. It is white gold with a heart shaped diamond and engraved with the words 'I Love You'. It means so much to me and I cant wait to pair it with a wedding band when we marry next year!

Some people may not understand why I keep a scrap of paper with my name on it. They may say that memories of our loved ones are more important and, while I agree, I would be heartbroken if this ever went missing. It looks like just any old piece of paper, but it is a piece of paper from the last time my grandad wrote my name when he was in hospital and it means so much to me. I know that a material possession will never give me comfort from losing him, but I cant part with this and it is so precious to me. It feels like I still have a part of him with me and Ill treasure it forever.

I am in no way saying that my baby is a possession with this image! 
I am saying that the scan photo is my precious possession, the baby will be a whole different adventure. Dan and I had a shaky start with our baby and this picture is more than just a scan image to me. It is safety, it is comfort and it is a constant reminder that, from now on, I will never be alone. I love our baby more than I can say, and although we have never met, I know I will love it for eternity.

I have so many things that are precious to me, but most of them are not material things and cannot be physically seen. I am healthy, loved and protected, I have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and clothes on my back and I am so thankful for that! Although there are some items I would never be without, I think its the things you cant see, like memories, that mean the most.

What are your most loved possessions?

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