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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hello again Honeybee's!

I am back from my holiday feeling Relaxed, refreshed ... and about 10 Stone heavier (boo!), but, most importantly, I am so excited to start blogging again!

We had a fantastic time on holiday and it seemed to absolutely fly by, so before I get back to my more usual posts, I wanted to share some photos of our time away and tell you about some of the lovely things we did on our Trip!


As I mentioned, I have returned home feeling like I've gained so much weight, because the food in Turkey is just so yummy - its all fresh, handmade and so delicious!
Here are a few snaps of some of the delicious meals we ate while away in Marmaris!

Each Night, before dinner was served we were given this Turkish bread to eat! It is all puffy and yummy and you are also given these homemade dips to spread it with, there was tomato salsa, yoghurt& mint, and garlic butter - it was so delicious!
I was strictly on fruit cocktails for the holiday but there were still so many cute non-alcoholic options and they were always decorated with sparkles and straws and stirrers galore!
One lunch time, Dan & I visited a restaurant where we both ordered a delicious half roast chicken served with handmade chips, rice and salad, it tasted so amazing and can you believe it was only £2.99 each?! Food is brilliantly cheap in Turkey!

During the heat of the day, I really enjoyed eating ice-creams, they were always hand made and came in such a variety of flavours, my favourite was the one pictured here - a scoop of orange & a scoop of melon! Perfect!
I also loveeee watermelon and it is super cheap in Turkey (you can buy a massive one for somewhere around 50p), so I loved to eat it fresh!
One day Dan & I were shopping and we noticed a McDonalds right in the store, so we were naughty & stopped in to try some of their food. They offer a completely different menu so Dan ordered a 'McTurco' (its okay, you can laugh - we did!), it was chicken burgers with salad and a Turkish recipe sauce, in a toasted flatbread style bread - he said it was lovely so I'll have to take his word for it because I ordered some sweet hotcakes with warm caramel sauce! Dan also Ordered an amazing looking peach milkshake (I stuck with Ice Tea), and let me also say, they certainly don't hold back on their portions - you get a huuuuge amount for a much smaller price than we pay in McDonalds here!


Obviously, the main reason for our holiday was to relax, and often we were so relaxed that we forgot to even take photographs, but here are a few that we did manage to take!

We danced in a bar one night, it was such fun and everyone was so happy! I Just love the positive vibes when you're away on holiday!
Here is a picture of Dan & I before we went for dinner one evening - I love this one :)
I'm not usually one for wearing any make up by the pool, but one day I felt like having red lips and this MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer in 'Reckless' matched my sun hat so sweetly!
This is a beautiful Rose Dan bought me one night at dinner, it was so pretty and looked so lovely on my hotel room bedside table!

*Boat Trip*

One day, we all decided to take a trip out to sea to look at the beautiful surroundings and to relax some more. So we went to the harbour and hired out a boat for the day, it cost us just £30 each to hire the boat privately and have it driven for us by a very sweet Turkish family. It was a perfect Day and I just couldn't take enough pictures!

We visited areas not usually visited by tourists as the captain knew the area so well. It was so peaceful & so very beautiful! The ocean was perfectly blue and there we gorgeous little untouched islands all around!
Dan and I had a great time and took so many pictures, it was so sunny and warm but the breeze off the sea was so refreshing!
I loved to look at all the fish in the ocean and my uncle Mark took me swimming in the sea too (I am not a confident swimmer but I knew I was safe with him watching me).

At lunch time, the captains wife served us a traditional Turkish meal that she had spent all morning cooking in her tiny boat-kitchen! 
It was absolutely delicious and there was just so much that we couldn't finish it all! We had fresh grilled paprika chicken breasts, noodles with delicious home made tomato oil and traditional Turkish salads brimming with herbs and fresh vegetables - it tasted amazing!
Later on we were served some Traditional Turkish Tea (or Turk Cay) and some fresh figs & Grapes - it was so lovely and just what we needed after a day in the hot sun!

This really was a perfect day and if you are travelling to Turkey in the future I highly recommend you do this - it is so much nicer than the tourist trips where you are crammed butt-to-gut in a boat or coach! You can truly relax and you get to see some of the real Turkey!

*Cutie Cats*

If you have been abroad before, you probably know that there are a lot of feral animals about, and Turkey is no exception, it is normal to see cats and dogs wandering about on their own without owners. 
Our hotel had some gorgeous cats which were fed and cared for by the hotel owners and Dan & I loved to spend some time playing with them! 
There was even a cute little kitten who just loved playing with sticks, leaves, bracelets, and, well, anything it could get its tiny little paws on - it was so adorable!
I felt so sad leaving them all behind, as we don't have a pet at home and it had been so nice to watch them and spend time with them!

All in all, I had a perfect time away, I could spend hours uploading all the photos we took, but these are just a few of my favourites that I wanted to share with you! 
It is so nice to just get away for a little while, and it turned out that my phone wouldn't get any signal abroad so I was totally cut off, which was actually nice for a change, it meant I could really relax and focus on my loved ones!

I hope you have all been well these last two weeks and now that I am back I am looking forward to spending lots of time blogging and uploading new videos!

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