REVIEW | Bella & Bear Facial Hair Removal Kit *

Friday, 1 August 2014

Hi sweet Honeybee's

I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say that being a girl isn't always as pretty (or fun!) as people think - we have a lot of regimens to take care of each day and many of us also take regular visits to the salon to keep us feeling our best - not only can this be time consuming but it can become expensive too!
I also know that a lot of women prefer not to visit a salon for treatments as they can feel self concious or embarrassed by it. 

But fear not!! Your prayers have been answered with the Bella&Bear 'Hair She Goes' Hair Removal Kit!

I was so pleased to be sent this as I was really interested in seeing how it works! The kit comes with a spring style hair epilator and a pair of gorgeous matching tweezers!

When working at the salon we would get a lot of calls from women wanting to know more about waxing as they feared it would hurt them or irritate their skin - and although waxing works great for some people, it is simply not for everyone, so I was so pleased to try out an affordable, at-home alternative! 

I just love the beautiful, vintage floral packaging of the kit and the peachy colour is just, well, peachy!
I am also smitten with the Bella&Bear logo - how cute is it?!

The design of the tool is so unique - Ive never come across anything like it! 
It is almost like a long spring, with a handle on each end. I have to admit when I first saw it, I was worried about the control of it and that it was going to be painful - but I needn't have worried at all. It's actually pretty fun to use as you can see each hair that has been pulled out by the root, so you know it is working!
The tweezers are so handy, because there are always going to be super-fine hairs that other tools just wont be able to grasp - so you can just use the tweezers at the end to make for a fuzz-free face!

I am lucky to not really struggle with facial hair - so I really only needed to use this on the area between my brows, but it is actually safe for use on all facial areas and is particularly effective on the lip/chin, sides of your face and around the hair line, with the results lasting 3-5 weeks!

You simply bend the spring, grasping the handles at each end, place it on the desired area and the begin to twist it clockwise and anti-clockwise, it will immediately begin to pull out hairs you didn't even know you had and it is almost pain free!

I'm not going to lie to you all and say that there is no pain, because, lets be honest, you are pulling hair out from the roots - but compared to waxing and other hair removal methods, this is a dream!

I really love that you have such control, you can literally place the spring anywhere you want to de-fuzz and you can feel confident knowing that you wont end up with half an eyebrow or anything else terrible!

Something else I was also particularly pleased about with this item, is that it does not leave your skin red or irritated - just smooth and soft! I love the fact that this is done at home, too, so you can feel comfortable and confident - even the most private of women could handle this!

Bella&Bear are launching lots of exciting new products here in the UK - including a pair of eyelash curlers (swoon!), and when you buy your 'Hair she goes' hair removal kit, you will get a 50% off code inside, so you can get your next item half price!

This kit costs Just £14.99 (you can buy it here!), with free delivery, plus if you use my special code 'peacelov' - you will get an extra 25% off all the way through until December 31st 2014! Bargain!

What is your preferred hair removal method? Do you think you would try this method?