REVIEW | Bella&Bear Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler*

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Eyelashes ... a girls best friend?
Well, when they behave they are ... I don't know about you but I have struggled so many times with trying to get my lashes lengthy and even - without having to apply falsies or a million coats of mascara!
We all dream of those longer-than-long lashes that bat beautifully but sometimes that dream seems impossible to achieve!

So, I was very pleased when Bella&Bear introduced me to their newest accessory ... the 'High & Mighty' Eyelash curler!

I have used eyelash curlers in the past, but to be completely honest, I had only spent £2-£3 on them, so they never seemed to last, so when this beautiful piece of equipment dropped through my letterbox I was amazed at the quality and the difference from what I had previously tried.

The overall feel of the lash curlers is strong, robust and tough! They are sized perfectly to fit into your hands and feature comfortable handles so you wont slip and cause any eye-accidents!
I really love the metallic red colour on the handle - it almost reminds me of Iron Mans' suit - very cool, and the curling part itself is also perfectly formed, it has a black rubber band along the inside for comfort when placed on the eyelid and the 'pump' action is very strong and powerful!
When I curl my lashes with these I really feel like results are going to last all day!
I like the fact that the curlers also come with a small clip to keep them together so they wont lose their bounce and elasticity.

As you can see, before curling & make-up, my lashes are very short and, even though they are dark, barely visible. This is fine for relaxing days but when I want to feel my best I always start with my lashes, I feel as though applying some care and products to the lashes really opens the eye area and gives you a brighter, more awake look. 

These lash curlers are super easy to use and dont ache my fingers, like others I have tried before. I just place them close to my lash line (dont put your eyelid through - ouch!), and squeeze the lashes for 10 seconds for full on oomph and curl!

Here is a look at how the curlers improved my lashes, in the first image I have curled my left lashes and applied 1 coat of mascara, you can really see how much more feminine and open my eye looks! In the second image I have also applied a swipe of liquid liner to complete the look and my lashes look so long and fanned out, I am so impressed with the results.
Sometimes, when I come to applying my liner it makes my lashes seem invisible again but after using these curlers my lashes are so long that I could apply as much liner as possible and still see them! 

To me, there is no better feeling than having a set of long, curly, fanned out lashes to complete your make up look, it feels so nice and pretty - and these wonder curlers have certainly helped me on my quest for perfect natural lashes!

You can pick up these curlers on amazon for just £12.99 plus free delivery (and if you purchased the Bella&Bear 'Hair she goes' Hair removal kit you could use your 50% off voucher), Or you can also check them out on the Bella&Bear Official Website!
I have also just discovered the Bella&Bear facebook page -its full of offers and news on their latest products - swoon!

Thank you so much to the lovely Kelly at Bella&Bear for allowing me to try this gorgeous accessory - it is a make up bag staple for me now and I hope you guys love it too!


  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster awards! See my latest blog post for details xo

    1. Ahh thankyou so much!
      Thats so lovely of you!
      Thanks for reading!!