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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Isn't it nice when you come across a really good budget beauty brand and you cant help but pick up one of each item on display and still have change from a £10 note?!

I did this very thing recently when I discovered Ultra affordable Hair Care Brand 'Oz Botanics' when Dan & I were visiting a store near us called 'Home Bargains'

Each item costed just 99p and is surprisingly effective! I picked up a shampoo & conditioner, a Heat defence spray and a Deep conditioning mask (which I love, by the way!). 
Admittedly, the packaging isn't all that exciting, but I can easily get past that every time I get a sniff of the product inside - they smell just like hair care favourite Aussie products - and judging by the name their entire line is based on that brand, too, only much more affordable!

First things first, I picked up the 'Major Moisture' shampoo & conditioner. As you can see, the bottles are just stickered with the product name and information so they do rub off a little, but, no matter, when it only sets you back 99p - who's complaining?

I really love the forumla of this hair care, it is thick and creamy and feels so luxurious when applied - particularity the conditioner, it just makes my hair so soft!
The sweet bubblegum scent stays in my hair all day and just smells so good - mmmmm!

I am so in love with this deep conditioning mask - I use it once a week and it just makes my hair so soft and bouncy!

I have quite long hair so I use about a palm full each time but none the less it is lasting well and I love the tub it comes in too - it is much better made than that shampoo and conditioner bottles, with the product name and info being directly printed onto the tub!

This has the same scent as the shampoo and conditioner and it always keeps me wanting to just sniff the tub for ages haha!

And lastly, I picked up the heat defence spray.
I am so in love with the Aussie version of this (I think we all are), so I thought nothing could compare, but I was pleasantly surprised and it works just as well, as well as smelling so good!
I just spritz this all over my hair after I have washed it, when it is still wet and it makes my hair so easy to brush through and I feel better knowing it is protected!
I really love the packaging of this one too! It comes in a sweet little box, with the bottle being inside. It's a shame that the shampoo and conditioner packaging aren't made as well as the rest are great and it lets them down really!

For such a bargain price I cant get enough of this range and I would recommend that anyone give them a try if you spot them whilst out shopping - since buying them I have seen them online at Amazon and even on the Poundland website, too!

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