A Little Message...

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hello My little Pumpkins!

This is just a short post to let you all know that as of Sunday (31st August) I will be going on Holiday for 2 weeks - I wanted to tell you all before hand so that you didn't think I had disappeared off the face of the earth and left my blog behind!

I will not be blogging during this time as Dan and I have had some very hectic weeks lately and we really need some time away to just relax and be peaceful.

However, I will be taking my phone and camera, so expect OOTD, Vlogs and lots of picture posts when I return! 
I will be (hopefully!) coming back fully relaxed and refreshed ready to blog my butt off through the autumn months!

Ill be back on September 15th, so Autumn will have begun - yeyy (It's my favourite season, don't you know!) 
My Halloween season will be beginning on my youtube channel as soon as I return and I have lots of make up tutorials comin' atcha, as well as Autumnal looks and other videos, plus Christmas vids further down the line ;)

As much as I am excited about my holiday I am going to miss blogging so much, but its important for me to take this time out and make sure I am on top form to keep bringing you my best posts!
I have so much planned and just cant wait to get stuck in with a focused mind and spirit!

So, see you soon pretties, thankyou so much for reading and all youre lovely comments - Keep well and don't forget you can see my previous videos here and you can follow me on pinterest to get an idea of what's to come!

REVIEW | MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter

Friday, 29 August 2014

Good day my Honeybee's!

Now that Autumn is approaching I have been searching for a highlighter which will compliment my Autumnal make up routine!

I like to switch up my look depending on the season and during the Autumn months I prefer to use earthy tones such as brown eye shadows and cranberry lips, and I wanted a golden highlighter to finish the look off, so I was very pleased when budget make up brand MUA (Make Up Academy) announced the launch of a new highlighter in their 'undress your skin' range.

MUA previously released a more skin toned shade for this product named 'pink shimmer' - of which I am a huge fan, so I was very eager to get my hands on the new shade 'Iridescent Gold', and I haven't stopped wearing it since!
This product retails at a bargain of £3 for 7.5g, and trust me when I say a little goes a long way, so you know it's going to last you an age!
I really love the packaging of this, it is tough, robust and much more expensive looking than it really is! The lid is thick plastic, which is super tough and the casing is a lovely white which is so clean and professional looking. You can find all product information on the reverse of the packaging, which is handy to know!

I am so in love with the presentation of this product - it has an almost 'whipped' look to it, its just stunning! I love how the light catches it and it just looks so pretty - it really caught my eye when I spotted it on the shelf (and it was the last one, so I totally snapped it up!).

'Iridescent Gold' looks so beautiful in all light aspects, it has a really gorgeous shimmer that makes the face look healthy and glowing. I really like that the golden tones will work well to highlight and accentuate all the features of the face.
The powder applies so smoothly and effortlessly - I just use a flat brush to sweep it under my brows, along the cheekbones, on my cupids bow and the tip of my nose and it stays put perfectly, it really opens up my face and makes it look so pretty and healthy.

There's no need to worry, this highlighter wont leave you looking like you just got dipped in a shimmer bath - it is very subtle and can easily be built up to be as dramatic as you like, it is so versatile!
You can see here how pretty it looks - especially on the brow bone ;) It keeps my face from looking too flat and stops my skin looking dull!

I am so glad that I managed to get my hands on this, it really is so perfect for the autumn months when the sun is low and the colours are changing in store! It is such a bargain and definitely worth adding to your make up bag!

You can find MUA products exclusively in Superdug (free delivery on orders over £10 on their website), or you can shop their entire range on their official website - there is so much to choose from! They also have a facebook page  so you can keep up with new releases!

REVIEW | Bella&Bear Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler*

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Eyelashes ... a girls best friend?
Well, when they behave they are ... I don't know about you but I have struggled so many times with trying to get my lashes lengthy and even - without having to apply falsies or a million coats of mascara!
We all dream of those longer-than-long lashes that bat beautifully but sometimes that dream seems impossible to achieve!

So, I was very pleased when Bella&Bear introduced me to their newest accessory ... the 'High & Mighty' Eyelash curler!

I have used eyelash curlers in the past, but to be completely honest, I had only spent £2-£3 on them, so they never seemed to last, so when this beautiful piece of equipment dropped through my letterbox I was amazed at the quality and the difference from what I had previously tried.

The overall feel of the lash curlers is strong, robust and tough! They are sized perfectly to fit into your hands and feature comfortable handles so you wont slip and cause any eye-accidents!
I really love the metallic red colour on the handle - it almost reminds me of Iron Mans' suit - very cool, and the curling part itself is also perfectly formed, it has a black rubber band along the inside for comfort when placed on the eyelid and the 'pump' action is very strong and powerful!
When I curl my lashes with these I really feel like results are going to last all day!
I like the fact that the curlers also come with a small clip to keep them together so they wont lose their bounce and elasticity.

As you can see, before curling & make-up, my lashes are very short and, even though they are dark, barely visible. This is fine for relaxing days but when I want to feel my best I always start with my lashes, I feel as though applying some care and products to the lashes really opens the eye area and gives you a brighter, more awake look. 

These lash curlers are super easy to use and dont ache my fingers, like others I have tried before. I just place them close to my lash line (dont put your eyelid through - ouch!), and squeeze the lashes for 10 seconds for full on oomph and curl!

Here is a look at how the curlers improved my lashes, in the first image I have curled my left lashes and applied 1 coat of mascara, you can really see how much more feminine and open my eye looks! In the second image I have also applied a swipe of liquid liner to complete the look and my lashes look so long and fanned out, I am so impressed with the results.
Sometimes, when I come to applying my liner it makes my lashes seem invisible again but after using these curlers my lashes are so long that I could apply as much liner as possible and still see them! 

To me, there is no better feeling than having a set of long, curly, fanned out lashes to complete your make up look, it feels so nice and pretty - and these wonder curlers have certainly helped me on my quest for perfect natural lashes!

You can pick up these curlers on amazon for just £12.99 plus free delivery (and if you purchased the Bella&Bear 'Hair she goes' Hair removal kit you could use your 50% off voucher), Or you can also check them out on the Bella&Bear Official Website!
I have also just discovered the Bella&Bear facebook page -its full of offers and news on their latest products - swoon!

Thank you so much to the lovely Kelly at Bella&Bear for allowing me to try this gorgeous accessory - it is a make up bag staple for me now and I hope you guys love it too!

Manicure Monday | Transitional Shades

Monday, 18 August 2014

Hello My Honeybee's

Autumn is creeping up on us (yeyy!) and I am starting to see more and more A/W apparel in the shops. I know some people really hate this, but I LOVE the autumn, it is my favourite season and I just cant wait for colourful leaves, crisp air, cosy clothes and warm home-cooked meals!
I always like to try to match my nails with my clothes, so I have been on the hunt for some beautiful shades that will work for the reminder of summer through to the depths of winter - and my salvation came in he form of sweet, sweet Barry M Nail paints!

I love Barry M polishes - they last ages, are super affordable and there is a range of colours and finishes to please everyone!
On my most recent trip to Superdrug I picked up 3 shades that I think are going to be great to see me through to next spring (and even beyond!). 

It took me an ages to decide but I finally settled on 'Burgundy Crush' & 'Rhossili' from the matte finish collection and 'Lychee' from the Gelly Finish collection. I feel that each of these colours will work great in the coming months and I really like that you can mix'n'match them too!
These Polishes will set you back Just £3.99 each, so they are very affordable, and I love how long Barry M's nail polishes last on your fingertips - they are one of my favourites!

'Burgundy Crush' is a rich wine shade, that looks perfect with all the deep autumnal shades of clothing and it works so well with gold jewellery, too. This polish dries matte, so even though it is bold, it will not be too over dramatic. I think this has to be one of my favourite nail polish shades ever!
'Lychee' is part of Barry M's Gelly nail collection, which dries super shiny and lasts ages - much like an at home version of the ever popular gel nails. This nude colour is absolutely perfect for the coming months - it looks gorgeous for a very simplistic manicure and will work well with the rich reds and bold blacks of A/W fashion, as well as pastels during the spring time. This polish can easily be jazzed up with some black nail art or a 'Burgundy Crush' feature nail!
'Rhossili' is a poppin' pink that will look great to see the summer out, but because it is not a bright neon pink, it will also look just lovely with your party season outfit, This polish also dries matte, so it has a very understated feel and is versatile and wear-able with many outfits! 

I just love the brushes on the Barry M polishes, the have a long and dense brush which is perfectly flexible, so you can be sure you are getting a good even coat of polish, for a flawless finish and minimal drying time.
There are a zillion colours in the range and there are always new ones being released, too, so keep your eyes peeled for some more great autumnal shades!

What is your favourite transitional polish? I'd love to try some out!


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hello Sweet Honeybee's!
I hope you're having a good week!

Here is my Giveaway Winner Announcement - I just want to say a massive Thankyou to everyone who entered, you all helped me spread some happiness!

There will be some more giveaways soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thankyou all again!

Budget Beauty; Oz Botanics HairCare

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Isn't it nice when you come across a really good budget beauty brand and you cant help but pick up one of each item on display and still have change from a £10 note?!

I did this very thing recently when I discovered Ultra affordable Hair Care Brand 'Oz Botanics' when Dan & I were visiting a store near us called 'Home Bargains'

Each item costed just 99p and is surprisingly effective! I picked up a shampoo & conditioner, a Heat defence spray and a Deep conditioning mask (which I love, by the way!). 
Admittedly, the packaging isn't all that exciting, but I can easily get past that every time I get a sniff of the product inside - they smell just like hair care favourite Aussie products - and judging by the name their entire line is based on that brand, too, only much more affordable!

First things first, I picked up the 'Major Moisture' shampoo & conditioner. As you can see, the bottles are just stickered with the product name and information so they do rub off a little, but, no matter, when it only sets you back 99p - who's complaining?

I really love the forumla of this hair care, it is thick and creamy and feels so luxurious when applied - particularity the conditioner, it just makes my hair so soft!
The sweet bubblegum scent stays in my hair all day and just smells so good - mmmmm!

I am so in love with this deep conditioning mask - I use it once a week and it just makes my hair so soft and bouncy!

I have quite long hair so I use about a palm full each time but none the less it is lasting well and I love the tub it comes in too - it is much better made than that shampoo and conditioner bottles, with the product name and info being directly printed onto the tub!

This has the same scent as the shampoo and conditioner and it always keeps me wanting to just sniff the tub for ages haha!

And lastly, I picked up the heat defence spray.
I am so in love with the Aussie version of this (I think we all are), so I thought nothing could compare, but I was pleasantly surprised and it works just as well, as well as smelling so good!
I just spritz this all over my hair after I have washed it, when it is still wet and it makes my hair so easy to brush through and I feel better knowing it is protected!
I really love the packaging of this one too! It comes in a sweet little box, with the bottle being inside. It's a shame that the shampoo and conditioner packaging aren't made as well as the rest are great and it lets them down really!

For such a bargain price I cant get enough of this range and I would recommend that anyone give them a try if you spot them whilst out shopping - since buying them I have seen them online at Amazon and even on the Poundland website, too!

Life in Pictures

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hi Ya'll

I really want to start this post with a massive apology - I am so sorry that things have been quiet around here. Dan and I have had a crazy few weeks what with wedding planning, family events and everything in-between and I had found it so hard to write decent posts - I didn't want to post something half-hearted so I figured I'd wait until I finally had some down time ...

So this is just a small 'update' on life and some of the things I have been enjoying lately!

 1. Dan & I took an evening drive to Goodwood, it was so scenic and tranquil - I could have stayed forever // 2. We babysat our Landlords dog last weekend, he is a Staffie Cross and he is so gentle and sweet. Here is he taking a cheeky nap on the sofa when he thought no one was looking! // 3. Dan cooked me a surprise Chinese dinner and lit lots of candles around the house - it was just lovely! // 4. Enjoying a Mcdonalds Choc Chip Frappé - my secret guilty pleasure!

1. Loving living in Clanfield, the views are beautiful and there is so much untouched land! // 2. Trying out some Autumnal looks, when I get back from holiday (15th September) I am facing a very full calender with a new video look every week, from Autumnal, to Halloween, To Winter, to Christmas - I just cant wait to start!
1. Loving the changes life brings and the journey it takes us on, we are always growing and reaching out to new adventures! // 2. Trying out a simple summer look to wear whilst on holiday - Its been so sunny lately! // 3. Received a gorgeous Dorothy Costume to review - cant wait to transform it for Halloween too! // 4.  Adventuring into an abandoned Barn near our home, exploring is so much fun!

So, although this hasn't been the most adventurous post, I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the things I have been up to lately! There is so much life around us, so it is important to grab every opportunity and make the most of each day! As I said, things wont be quiet around here from now as I have a very full diary for you guys - but please let me know what you wanna see too!

What have you been up to lately?

REVIEW | Strawberry Daiquiri Body scrub By SoHo Soap Co *

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Its never a bad time for a cocktail, right?
Well, you can even enjoy one midweek with the amazing products from the SoHo Soap Comapny! 
And, no, I'm not recommending that you drink these products - just giving you a fantastic alternative to a midweek hangover!

I was so, so pleased when I was offered to chose a product from the wonderful range by the SoHo Soap Co - it was super hard to decide, there were all sorts of flavours from Lime Mojito, Coconut Paradise, Caramel Creme, Papaya Crush, Vanilla Smoothie and so many more!

There are products from body scrubs, Bath and shower gels and body butters, amongst others, so there really is a massive selection with something for everyone!

I eventually settled on the Strawberry Daiquiri Body scrub as it bought to mind all sorts of tropical images and sweet scents!

I really love the packaging of this product - the text is fun, clear and easy to read and I really love how the product inside creates a background for the text - genius and so different!
I am also pleased that the body scrub comes in a tube like this as it makes it easy to store and if you chose a few of the products you could have a whole rainbow lined up in your bathroom!

Something else I love about this company is that all its products are made right here in the UK - In the Hertfordshire countryside, in fact!

The product itself is just dreamy! 
It is paraben and allergen free and just smells incredible - it is fruity, creamy and super delicious, plus the smell lingers on your skin, even when you leave the shower!
I love the soft but rich texture of the scrub and the exfoliating beads are not abrasive at all - they are just right to remove dead skin and leave you super-soft but wont scratch you to ribbons and leave your skin red and rashy!
I love how silky my skin feels after using this - its just so soft,especially when followed by your favourite moisturiser.

The Soho Soap Co products can be found at Sainsbury's for just £3 each (bargain alert!) or you could visit their official facebook page for inspiration and lots more superfun products and information!
I cant wait to try the Coconut Paradise Body butter next - I think It'll be perfect to take away on Holiday!

REVIEW | Bella & Bear Facial Hair Removal Kit *

Friday, 1 August 2014

Hi sweet Honeybee's

I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say that being a girl isn't always as pretty (or fun!) as people think - we have a lot of regimens to take care of each day and many of us also take regular visits to the salon to keep us feeling our best - not only can this be time consuming but it can become expensive too!
I also know that a lot of women prefer not to visit a salon for treatments as they can feel self concious or embarrassed by it. 

But fear not!! Your prayers have been answered with the Bella&Bear 'Hair She Goes' Hair Removal Kit!

I was so pleased to be sent this as I was really interested in seeing how it works! The kit comes with a spring style hair epilator and a pair of gorgeous matching tweezers!

When working at the salon we would get a lot of calls from women wanting to know more about waxing as they feared it would hurt them or irritate their skin - and although waxing works great for some people, it is simply not for everyone, so I was so pleased to try out an affordable, at-home alternative! 

I just love the beautiful, vintage floral packaging of the kit and the peachy colour is just, well, peachy!
I am also smitten with the Bella&Bear logo - how cute is it?!

The design of the tool is so unique - Ive never come across anything like it! 
It is almost like a long spring, with a handle on each end. I have to admit when I first saw it, I was worried about the control of it and that it was going to be painful - but I needn't have worried at all. It's actually pretty fun to use as you can see each hair that has been pulled out by the root, so you know it is working!
The tweezers are so handy, because there are always going to be super-fine hairs that other tools just wont be able to grasp - so you can just use the tweezers at the end to make for a fuzz-free face!

I am lucky to not really struggle with facial hair - so I really only needed to use this on the area between my brows, but it is actually safe for use on all facial areas and is particularly effective on the lip/chin, sides of your face and around the hair line, with the results lasting 3-5 weeks!

You simply bend the spring, grasping the handles at each end, place it on the desired area and the begin to twist it clockwise and anti-clockwise, it will immediately begin to pull out hairs you didn't even know you had and it is almost pain free!

I'm not going to lie to you all and say that there is no pain, because, lets be honest, you are pulling hair out from the roots - but compared to waxing and other hair removal methods, this is a dream!

I really love that you have such control, you can literally place the spring anywhere you want to de-fuzz and you can feel confident knowing that you wont end up with half an eyebrow or anything else terrible!

Something else I was also particularly pleased about with this item, is that it does not leave your skin red or irritated - just smooth and soft! I love the fact that this is done at home, too, so you can feel comfortable and confident - even the most private of women could handle this!

Bella&Bear are launching lots of exciting new products here in the UK - including a pair of eyelash curlers (swoon!), and when you buy your 'Hair she goes' hair removal kit, you will get a 50% off code inside, so you can get your next item half price!

This kit costs Just £14.99 (you can buy it here!), with free delivery, plus if you use my special code 'peacelov' - you will get an extra 25% off all the way through until December 31st 2014! Bargain!

What is your preferred hair removal method? Do you think you would try this method?