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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hello sweet Honeybee's!

I'm back with another wedding post! As our wedding Comes closer and closer, I am getting more and more anxious to go and try on some dresses, but I don't really know which style I would like best!

Our Wedding is next October, so its important for me to be able to keep warm, but still feel like a bride! We are having a fall rustic country style wedding as we live out in the country, so have lots of beautiful views around us. 
Were getting Married in our Local Church and the reception is going to be held in an old building nearby, its got lots of fireplaces and a lounge inside, plus lots of garden with a small pond (great for pictures!), and we are going to decorate with pretty leaves and pumpkins
and lots of autumnal features!

But, anyway, back to the dress. Pinterest has been invaluable to me, there is so much inspiration available on there, so here are a few of my favourite Dress ideas I've seen that have got me to thinkin' ....

Vintage Lace

Because I want to stay warm during the wedding I have been favouring a lot of long sleeved dress styles - but don't be deceived, these aren't as frumpy and 'old-lady' as they sound - lots of lace dresses have gorgeous sleeves, which are practical and stylish

Lace is something that I really want to incorporate into the wedding, it is delicate and romantic. Whether I include it in my dress or just in my decorations I feel it can really add sophistication to the simplest of things, so it is a great thing to have to hand. 

I love the open backs that lace dresses seem to offer. It is simple but can really give the dress a wow factor, and because a lot of these dresses have sleeves, the open back keeps the overall feel of the dress young and romantic without being 'OTT' or overbearing!

Relaxed Country

Comfort is a big priority to me on my wedding day. I want to look pretty and bridal but I don't want to be regretting my dress choice all day and looking back on my wedding day remembering how uncomfortable I was! I have seen a lot of boho-esque, relaxed style dresses around, and I am growing ever fond of them. I am realising that going for comfort doesn't mean you are compromising on style or elegance.

A lot of these kind of dresses aren't fitted, meaning that they flow beautifully and are secretly very comfortable! I love that even though they have a more relaxed feel, they are still detailed and so, so beautiful! I also like the option of having a more fitted bust but a freer skirt, making for easy walking but keeping in with bridal style!


As far as hair goes, I would love to have it styled - but not looking like its got 4,000 cans of hairspray and 500 bobby pins holding it in place. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear a veil, but I would love to accessorise my hair with some natural, dainty flowers (wildflowers are my favourite!), or perhaps a delicate flower crown.

I think it is important to consider how your hairstyle will work with what style of dress you are wearing on your wedding day, for example, if my dress has key detailing on the shoulders I would like to wear an up-do to show it off, but if my dress has a sweetheart, or lower, neckline, I would like to wear my hair down and loose, so that I don't have too much bare skin going on!

I cant wait to start trying on dresses and accessories for our special day, and although I don't know for sure what I want to wear, it is so important to me to enjoy the whole experience and, as selfish as it sounds, I want to do what makes Me and Dan happy, not what others think we should do!

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  1. Stunning!!
    I'm all for the vintage lace dresses!!!
    I have a dress in my head I just have to find it lol :D
    xo Holly xo


    1. Oh they are so beautiful aren't they Holly!
      I am so with you on that, tracking down the perfect dress is proving hard - but we will get there and it'll be worth it!!
      Thanks for reading