REVIEW | Dream Eyes Contact Lenses*

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Its no secret that I LOVE contact lenses - heck, most of my makeup tutorials feature a pair, so you can imagine my excitement when the lovely people of 'Dream Eyes' sent me a gorgeous pair to try out!

Dream eyes are an American Based Company whose lenses are all FDA approved and have ISO International standards - so you know that they are safe for use and of fantastic quality.
The Dream Eyes website features and impressive selection ranging from Circle lenses, to Natural lenses, to fashion lenses, to halloween lenses - so there is something for everyone, and I really love that shipping is free on the website to!

My lenses arrived and they were as sterile as can be! 
Each Individual Lens was in its own Blister pack and filled with solution, so you can rest assured that they haven't been contaminated during their journey to you.
The box clearly displayed the name (or product code) of the lenses inside, so you know that you have been sent the correct set! 
I was so happy to receive the 'Blue Shimmer' Contact lenses, which will last a whole year (luckily I had some solution to keep them in, as this is not provided). 
The design is just beautiful, it has a starburt explosion in the centre, featuringh streaks of aqua and ice-blue tones with a black outer edge for full on drama and maximum effect!

I was so surprised at how soft and thin these lenses were - much different to anything I've used before!
They actually have a higher water content meaning they are much less likely to irritate the eye and will keep your eyes feeling hydrated. 
My eyes usually water like mad for a few minutes after applying lenses but they barely welled-up with these! I just love them!

My natural eyes are green in colour, but once I applied these they were just a perfect fusion of colour - yet they still looked surprisingly natural! 
The black edging of the lenses makes my eyes look so large, just like a doll - I had so many compliments about this!
The lenses were pleasantly easy to apply - if you haven't done this before, please don't be squeamish, they are totally worth it, just keep a steady hand and be patient! 
Because these have a higher water content I found that they slipped into my eyes much easier and I didn't have to faff around with poking my eyes to get them in!
The 'Blue Shimmer' lenses cost $27.95 and although this is more than I have previously spent on lenses, I can honestly say the difference is amazing, and from now on I will be happy to spend a little more because the comfort and look of these is just incredible - Plus the shipping is Free ;)

I am so in love with these lenses - they are such fantastic quality and they are so natural looking! 
If you haven't tried contact lenses before but want to give them a go then I'd definitely recommend heading over to the Dream Eyes Website and having a browse - I guarantee you'll see something you love! Or, you could always check out their Facebook page for more images and inspiration!
I don't know about you, but I love Halloween and I cant wait to try out some other lenses to make the best scary look!


  1. Thanks so much Danielle - & Thanks for reading!

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