Pre-Holiday Body Care!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Its Summer! 
Lots of us are jetting off on lovely holidays, desperate to get a perfect, glowing tan and do nothing but relax and swim and eat for a week or two! 
Its very exciting, but we musn't forget that all that sun and dry heat can be a nightmare for our skin and hair, and while we want to chill out, its important to maintain a good bodycare routine whilst on holiday.

But there are also a few simple, at-home treatments that you can do to get your body ready for the intensity of a warmer sun, and the possibility of a more lax skincare routine!

When we step off the plane into that glorious sun, it is easy to forget that just applying some SPF wont stop bacteria and germs entering our skin, so it is very important to establish a good skincare routine before jet setting. This will get your skin in its best condition and will leave it glowing and flawless! Lots of us wear less make up on holiday, so its nice to get your skin looking its best for its au natural début!

1. Start each night by removing your eye-make up. Not only does this keep the delicate eye area skin young, but it will allow your lashes to grow properly and look their best! I love the 'NIVEA double effective eye makeup remover' (£3.49)!
2. Now you need to go in with a really good cleanser and some warm water. You want to chose a cleanser which is tough enough to remove all dirt and make up but gentle and kind on your skin, try to chose one specific to your skin type. My favourite is the Soap & Glory 'Peaches & Clean' (£8.00), it smells incredible and has a creamy, super soft feel on the skin! My skin feels so clean and refreshed after using it. You should cleanse your skin in the morning and at night.
3.Follow this with a good toner. I always use the B.Pure Micellar Water (£4.99), it cleanses and tones - so it will really get rid of any remaining traces of dirt or make up. Gently rub it all over your face and neck and allow to air dry. You can do this morning and night for maximum effect!
4.Now its time for some exfoliation - this will remove any dead skin and allow your new skin cells to flourish and glow - making for a flawless complexion. I love using the Body Shop Seaweed Exfoliator (£10.00) and rubbing it gently over my face and neck with my fingertips. The scent is so refreshing and my skin feels baby soft when I use it! I use this product once a day to allow my skin a chance to renew.
5.Now that your skin is squeaky clean, its a good idea to use a face mask once a week. You can choose one specific to your kin needs for the perfect effect, but I especially love, deep action purifying ones. My current favourite is the 'Liz Earle Intense Nourishing Treatment Mask' (£14.00), it is a little costly but it works perfectly!
6. Eye balms are a nice added extra. They refresh your eye area and keep it looking young. I particularly love the 'Simple Soothing Eye Balm', as it soothes the skin and reduces puffiness!
7. I like to use a spot treatment to stop pimples in their tracks! My absolute favourite is the ELF Zit Zapper (£1.95) - it works within a few hours and really reduces redness!
8.Moisturiser is key to keeping skin supple, soft and young. I like to use a lighter one during the day - my favourite is the 'Dermalogica Active Moist' (£30.00), it keeps my skin fresh and is a great base for foundation. But, when night comes around I like to switch for a night-time specific moisturiser - my all time favourite is the 'NIVEA Regenerating Night Cream' (£4.29), it is so thick and luxurious and I wake up with super soft skin! Perfect!

Make sure you keep up you skin routine every day - you will see a difference so quickly. If you can, try to keep it up on your holiday too, but try to use natural, fragrance-free products that wont irritate burnt skin - also skip the exfoliation if you get burnt, as it will just scratch the skin and cause you an uncomfortable feeling!

Taking care of your hair is key on holiday, as the heat can really dry it out leaving it frizzy, dull and flat, but it is also important to get your hair healthy before you go away, giving it the best chance of survival in the heat!

1.Start with a good haircut - getting any straggly ends cut off with stop the heat from splitting your hair further up and will keep it full of life and body.
2. Invest in a lovely shampoo & Conditioner - My favourites are the 'Treseme 24 hour body Shampoo' & 'Conditioner' (£4.99 each). They make the hair so full and soft!
3.Make sure you treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask once a week. This will really get deep into the root of the hair nourishing it and keeping it at its best! I am loving the 'Treseme Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask'(£4.99) and the 'Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Mask' (£6.99)!

4.Once your hair is washed, make sure you spritz it with a heat defence product before you dry it - this will stop the heat frazzling it and going back to square one. I love the 'V05 Heat Protect' (£3.69) - it applies evenly and smells great!

5.Once your hair is dry run some oil through with your fingertips - but only on the ends or it can look greasy again. This will keep it protected and oh-so bouncy! My absolute favourite is the 'Got2B Oil-icious Styling Oil' (£3.99), it is not slimy or greasy and it smells incredible.

6. Even when you are not washing your hair or putting products through it, it is important to keep it in good condition by brushing it everyday - this will allow the old hairs to fall out and new, healthy hairs to grow through! I love the Tangle Teezer (£11.99), it doesn't pull or hurt and leaves my hair good as new!

This routine will get your hair healthy and full of life just in time for your holiday, but once you are there don't forget to keep protecting it with your heat defence and treating it with a nourishing hair mask ever 2-3 days!

When on holiday, the main choice of footwear is sandals or flip-flops - so its nice to get your feet ready and glowing before you take to the beach! You can see my more in-depth pedicure routine here, but for the basics follow this;
1.Start with a good foot scrub - something refreshing and tough on all that dead skin. I always use 'Dr Foot by Bomb Cosmetics' (£7.99) - it smells great and really works the hard skin off my feet. You can do this 2-3 times a week for maximum effect.
2.Now that You have applied that lovely scrub its time to rub it in with a tough 'Foot Rasp', this will really remove any dead skin leaving your feet soft and smooth - perfect for your summer sandals. Focus on rasping the heel, outer side of the foot, big toe and little toe!
3. Next, apply a luxurious foot cream, this will lock in moisture, keeping the feet soft and stopping build up of more dead skin cells, my favourite is 'Heel Genius from Soap&Glory' (£5.50) - It smells like peppermint and a little goes a long way!
4. Finish off your fresh toes with a gorgeous summer polish, something bright and bold is perfect and will really enhance your tan! I am loving the 'Models own Polish for Tans' collection (£5 each)!

Getting your body ready before you leave for your holiday is the perfect way to ensure an easy, even and long lasting tan.

1.Start by bruhing your whole body down with a body brush - my favourite is the Body Shop Body Brush (£8.00) - do this when you are still dry and it will let all the dead skin come lose - ready for when you step into the shower!
2.Next, grab your favourite Body scrub, I love the 'Body Shop Limited Edition Blueberry Gelle Scrub' - and begin rubbing it all over the body to really remove the dead skin and leave you glowing and soft - this is also a great way to remedy and extra dry areas like the elbows and knees!
3. Follow this with a nice shower gel, this will leave the skin clean and smelling great - I especially love 'Lush Shower Jelly in Sweetie Pie' (£6.75), it is so much fun and smells amazing!
4. If you need to shave, make sure you use a good shaving gel - this will stop the skin from getting a rash and will leave it super smooth - I always like to use the 'Gilette Venus Satin Care with Olay' (£3.49) shave Gel
5. Finish everything off with a really good moisturiser - something that is thick and rich will be perfect and will give your skin the perfect baby soft finish - I love using Soap&Glory Butter Yourself!(£10.00)

Once you arrive on holiday make sure you are using lots and lots of SPF sunscreen to protect your skin and use an after sun or moisturiser every day to keep it hydrated and smooth!

They say preparation is the key and this is definitely the case with your skin and hair - jumping in at the deep end with lots of heat and drying chlorine won't do your skin any favours so its great to give it a head start and look good from start to finish!
I hope you guys found this post helpful! What is your favourite way to prepare for your holiday?


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