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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Happy 10th Birthday E.L.F!!

I love ELF products - they are not tested on animals, there is a massive selection, the quality is great and best of all ,they are super affordable!

I have lots of ELF make up in my collection - but let's be honest, enough is never enough when it comes to make up hehe! 
SO, when elf announced a birthday sale, with 51% off everything I couldn't help myself but shop!
The sale was due to last one day and even though I had convinced myself that I didn't have enough money to buy any more make up, I still browsed the store - but then ELF decided to extend the sale for another day, so I took that as a sign that, in actual fact, I did have enough money and I picked out a few items ;)

First up, I chose something I had wanted from ELF for ages but never got round to buying. 
This is the elf HD Powder (studio line). I have read a lot about this being a great dupe for the 'Makeup forever HD Microfinishing powder' - which will set you back about £20, but the elf version sells for just £6.95 - bargain!
I was worried that this micro-fine powder was going to leave me looking rather pale and ghostly, but it did no such thing, it settles perfectly on the skin, leaving it amazingly flawless and super soft!
The powder comes in a gorgeous, sleek black  container, complete with an adorable powderpuff! I was actually pleasantly surprised at the size of the product, and a little goes a long way so this is certainly worth every penny!

Next I selected something that I was actually in need of! 
This is the ELF flawless Finish Foundation (Studio Line). I usually worry a little about buying foundation online, as you just don't know how well the colour will match, but there was such a wide variety of shades, so there really is something for every skin tone.
I absolutely love the glass bottle that this product comes in, and paired with the chunky black lid and pump, it looks so much more expensive than its £7.50 price tag!
This foundation is just incredible - it makes my skin look so smooth and it doesn't oxidise either! It keeps my face shine free as it doesn't contain oil, and it has SPF 15 inside, too - what more does a girl need?!

I love the pump dispenser of the product as it means that nothing will be wasted! The consistency of the foundation is great, it is thick but smooth- so you know its not going to slip and slide all across your face! I can honestly say that this is one of the bes foundations I have ever used.

I also decided to re-purchase the ELF eyelid primer in 'Translucent'.
This is my go-to lid primer as it lasts ages and doesn't crease once applied.It is super cheap at £1.95, and the doe-foot applicator makes for a very clean and precise application.
This primer comes in a few shades, too - so you could even wear it alone for a more subtle look.

Another re-purchase up next.
This is the ELF Long wear lip liner in 'Natural Blush'. I loved this shade last time I had it, and apparently so did a lot of other women, as every time I go to buy it, it is out of stock - so when I saw it available this time, I nabbed it!
The colour is so gorgeous, its a natural blush pink - I love to just fill in my lips with it and wear it alone, but it also makes a great base for lipsticks!
I really love that this pencil comes with its very own sharpener - not everyone owns one, so it's very handy - and for £1.95, its a bargain too!

The longevity of this lip liner is fantastic - it can feel a little drying though, so I'd definitely recommend using a lip balm under or over it! 
There are a wide range of lip liner shades available from ELF - I also love 'Mauve Luxe'.

And, finally, I picked up a few brushes!
I have used the ELF brushes before and the quality is fantastic - even the 'essential line' ones which are just £1.95 each!
I picked up the Blending eye brush (essential line), which is brilliant, I literally haven't stopped using it since i got it and it works a treat! It blends out harsh eye shadow lines in a breeze and makes for a really soft eye look! The bristles are soft and full and the style of the brush handle makes for easy gripping!

I chose the ELF Pointed foundation brush (studio line), too. This is something i have wanted for ages, but, again, it is usually out of stock when I go to order! I love foundation brushes so much, its fun to see the different finishes you can create in your foundation with different brushes so I couldn't wait to try this. The bristles are soft and densely packed and I love the design of the handle. The black colouring makes it look very professional and I really like the 'ELF' branding on it, too!

Finally, I re-purchased the ELF eye crease brush (essential line). There is nothing wrong with my old one, but a girl can never have too many brushes and I like having a variety to hand, plus the £1.95 price tag makes it hard to leave behind!

I am so so happy with everything I ordered from ELF (as usual!). The delivery time was great, only around 3-4 days from ordering to my door, and the website is super easy to use - you can see it here. ELF are always running brilliant offers so its good to stop by their website or facebook page once in a while!

I want to finish by saying a massive happy birthday to ELF - here's to another decade of affordable, amazing make up!

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