July Favourites!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Can you believe its already the end of July, Honeybee's?!

August is almost upon us and that means Autumn will soon be on its way - yeyy!
This has been a pretty crazy month for me as I have been doing so much wedding planning, trying to organise some hen-night ideas, sorting out our last minute holiday and many other things - but there are some things that have kept me sane this month and I wanted to share them with you!

I have included make up, skin care, hair care and some 'other' items in my new video! All of these things have been great for me this month and I'm sure some of them will stay with me for months to come too!
You can see my video below - please dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel if you have been enjoying my videos!


What have been your favourite things this month?!

Wedding Wednesday | Aviva Dress

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Happy Mid-week Honeybee's!

One of the best things about wedding planning is getting the chance to discover some really lovely brands you wouldn't normally come across with everyday shopping. 
So, I was very pleased when the lovely Zoe from Aviva Dress contacted me to talk about her gorgeous online shop - it's just full of Wedding dresses, Bridesmaids dresses, Prom dresses, Evening dresses, formal dresses, accessories, headpieces, jewellery and so much more - I just coudn't stop browsing!

I am excited to say that I bought my wedding dress last weekend (unfortunately, it is being kept safe at my mums house, so I cant walk around the house in it a la Phoebe & Monica in F.R.I.E.N.D.S!), so I wont be able to chose on of Zoe's gorgeous dresses - however I did spot some amazing bridesmaids dresses that would work perfectly with our autumnal theme!
I am so in love with the burnt orange dress featured in my collage and, amazingly, it only costs £49.99 - I think it would look perfect on my girls and would work great with loads of hair styles!
There are so many wedding and bridesmaids dress styles featured on the Aviva dress website, there really is something for everyone and I love that the prices are so affordable. Wedding dress shops can be so expensive and although it is a lovely experience to visit one, its important to remember that you don't always have to spend crazy amount of money to get exactly what you are looking for.

Because we are getting married deep into the autumn I am a little worried about keeping warm. The church is going to be heated but during the photo time I think It may get a little chilly, so I have been on the look out for a cover-up or shawl to wear in the colder or outdoor moments. This one, featured in my collage, is just darling and would work perfectly with my dress! Its not frumpy or old-lady like and its very elegant - and for under £45, who's complaining?!

How about hair-wear? How you style your hair on your big day can affect your choice of hair-wear drastically, Aviva Dress has hundreds of options - including tiaras and veils! I have already bought my tiara but I am still considering a veil, and Zoe's collection is vast, so I know that If I do decide to go with a veil I will have plenty of options and will feel happy about my choice!

I want to thank Zoe for getting in touch with me and introducing me to her gorgeous store - It has given me so many ideas and I just cant wait to see what she adds to her store next!
If you are planning your wedding, attending a wedding, or even a special occasion, I would definitely recommend visiting the Aviva Dress website - you wont be disappointed!

The Liebster Award!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Happy Monday Sweet Honeybee's

This is a particularly good Monday for me as, over the weekend, I have been given four Liebster awards! Not only am I totally shocked - I am just so thankful <3 

I absolutely love writing my blog, and more recently - making videos for my channel, I love trying new products and seeing comments from you lovely readers, so to be awarded for doing something I love is just fantastic. 
I have won a Liebster award before and it was so much fun - so to be awarded four more of them is just incredible - its such a great way to meet new bloggers - and to introduce all my lovely readers to new blogs too! 
My first award came from the Sara - her blog is so beautiful and relaxing to read (Here). The second came from Rachel - Her blog is pure awesome (Here). The third is from Jess, her blog is so pretty (Here) and the Fourth is from Alice - here blog is so fashionable (Here). Thank you all so much - you're all so lovely and I cant wait to get to know your blogs better!

The way the Liebster works is that Once you have been nominated you must;

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to them.

2. Answer the questions they sent you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to answer your own set of questions.
4. Notify these 11 bloggers you nominated them.

This is great as you get to know me a little better and we get to meet new bloggers (and blogs!) together!

My first set of Questions are from Sara;

Favourite childhood TV program?
Oh Wow - what a decision this is! Its so hard to decide but I guess Id have to say Recess - that show RULES!!!

Do you prefer cats or dogs?
My Mum has always had cats and as lovely as they are - I'm more of a dog kinda girl, they're just so much more fun and affectionate - plus you can teach them to shake hands ;)

What's your all time favourite Make up brand?
Oooh another tough one - I think I'm gonna have to say Maybelline though - their mascaras are outta this world!

                                                    Favourite Holiday destination?
Oh my goodness, these just get harder! If this is out of the places I've been, then Id have to say New York (obviously!) - but I am just dying to travel America more  - particularly Georgia, Nashville and Memphis <3

If you had to live on one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Watermelon - 'nuff said ;)

Favourite colour?
Hmm I dont know if i have an ultimate favourite but I love purples and blues - they're vibrant and awesome!

Do you like Themeparks? If so which one is your fave?
I'm not a massive fan, but I am Dreaming of going to Disney Florida next year!

Do you have any pets?
Dan & I have recently moved out and we don't have any of our own pets yet, but when we lived at my mums we shared her 2 cats Susie & Izzy - They're gorgeous, even if a little grumpy!

Favourite clothing store?
Ahhhh! Why are you doing this to me Sara?! Haha! I Love Primark (most of the time!)  and also New Look <3 Top shop is my Splurge Special haha!

One thing you can't live without?
My Engagement ring - my finger feels so bare without it!

Favourite blogger?
 There are so many Blogs that I love to rad but I am soooo loving Holly's blog (Here) right now as she is also planning her wedding and I love talking wedding things with her!

Thanks for the Questions Sara!

My Next set of Questions come from Rachel;

1. What did you want to be when you 'grew up'?
I always wanted to be an actress - I studied Theatre at school and college and I'd still love to do it now, I just don't know how to break into it!

2. What's your guiltiest make-up pleasure?
False lashes! I used to wear them every day a few years ago, but I stopped myself and now I love nothing more than putting on a pair of lashes for a special occasion!

3. What is your evening relaxing routine if you have one?
I'm not sure I have a routine but I love to cuddle with Dan and Watch the Walking Dead - but now that the season is finished we have started Watch Orange is the New Black! I also Love to wash all my make up off and feel fresh and free!

4. What made you start blogging?
I was covering Maternity leave at a salon and when my cover finished and I left the job I really wanted to continue sharing my love of the beauty industry and I knew that Blogging was the way forward - there are always new brands and products to discover and its a very exciting atmosphere!

5. If you had £100,000, what would you spend it on, and why?
I would buy my Dads house for him and get my mum a holiday home. I would pay off the rest of our wedding and book a kick ass honeymoon - ohh and keep some over for a major make up haul!

6. Have you got any pets?
Dan and I don't have any in our new house yet, but we'd both love a dog!

7. (Random one!) did you watch Blackfish? What did you think of it?
Never seen it and never heard of it haha!

8. Do you like face wipes or do you prefer a real cleanser?
Face wipes are a MASSIVE  no-no for me, they just don't do the job - if you're not gonna do a proper cleanse, then don't bother at all haha!

9. What's your overall life ambition?
To be happy. Happiness is the key to a healthy, long life!

10. If you were Prime Minister and could make up one new law, what would it be and why?
That's so hard. I think politics are so corrupt, but I would love to make things fair. If you do a crime you do the time - none of this airy fairy sentence business!

11. What 3 celebrities would you have afternoon tea with?
Oh gosh! Josh Turner, Brad Paisley & Barrack Obama baby!

Thanks for the Questions Rachel!

The third set of questions are from Alice:

1. What is your dream job? 
Id love love love to do something where I could work with animals - specifically big cats or horses!

2. What is the one lipstick you could not live without?
I'm not sure its gonna count but I totally love the ELF Longwear lip liner pencil in 'Natural Blush', I fill my lips in with it and its the perfect shade for my skin tone!

3. If you could live in one country in the world where would you live?

4. Why did you start blogging?
I think I might have answered this before, but simply because I wanted to explore and expand my love of the beauty industry!

5. What is your beauty bad habit?
Not flossing - I know you really should but I just cant bring myself to do it - Im so scared im gonna cut my gums!

6. What is the one make up brand you could not live without?
MUA are fantastic for this, they are so affordable and have every product you could ever need!

7. What is your favourite film?
Not including Disney films, Id have to say its a tie between 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' and 'Water for Elephants' - they are visually stunning and the Soundtracks are mesmerising - I have them on my iPod!

8. Favourite band?
That's a hard one but its a tie between the Band Perry and Cartel for sure!

9. Do you have any tattoos?
I have a treble cleft on the side of my left hand!

10. Favourite item in your wardrobe?
My Cowboy boots - they're so worn out and old but I just love 'em!

Thanks for the Questions Alice!

&& My last set of questions comes from Jess

What is your favourite Savoury dish and favourite Sweet dish?
Savoury dish is anything with barbecue sauce - Particularly ribs ;) and as for sweet - peanut butter pie is definitely up there!

What is your favourite tv series at the moment?
Until the Walking Dead returns, I am loving Orange is the new Black

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
America Baby! Land of the free home of the Brave <3

If you could own a beauty brand, what would you call it?
That's such a good question! I think Id call it Reflection Cosmetics

How long have you been blogging for and what do you love about it?
I have been blogging for 17 months and what I love most is the freedom of expression, I like being able to try lots of lovely products and honestly tell people what I think about them <3

What is your favourite quote?
'Youre damned if you do & Your'e damned if you don't so you might as well just do whatever you want'

Do you have any hidden/funny talents?
I don't think so? Although I cant snap - I feel cheated about that! Haha!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Summer is a lovely, happy time of year, but I just cant wait to go on holiday with Dan and chill for 2 weeks - we're gonna do lots of swimming, exploring and eating hehe!

If you were stuck on a desert island, what would be the 5 things you take with you?
A jar of Peanut butter, a Mascara, My Phone, My Ipod ... oh and some sunscreen so I don't look like a lobster ;)

What are your plans for the future?
Dan and I are getting married next October and I guess we will just see what happens! I don't like to plan too much - as life is boring that way - But I know that whatever happens I'm gonna keep blogging and filming ... oh and I WILL get a horse haha!

What is the one thing that makes you happy? 
There are so many things I have to be happy about in my life, so this is hard, but I guess the best way I can put it is 'love' - love makes me happy!

Thanks for the Questions Jess!

Okay so onto my nominations! I choose;

Holly - http://hollydolly88.blogspot.co.uk/
Chloe - http://www.xochloegordon.com/
Natalie - http://yourstrulyny.blogspot.com.au/
Carmen - http://www.paintpowderandpolish.com/
Sarah - http://www.hereyoume.co.uk/
Meghan - http://www.todaysbeautyobsession.com/
Dagmara - http://mummysbeautycorner.blogspot.co.uk/
Bec - http://beautybloggingwithbec.blogspot.co.uk/
Ashleigh - http://allthingsashleighblog.blogspot.co.uk/
Melanie - http://melaniface.blogspot.com.au/
Jessica - http://whattostyle.blogspot.co.uk/

&& my 11 questions are;
1. What is your favourite Beauty Brand?
2. Which skincare item could you not live without?
3. Do you practise a full cleansing routine each day?
4. Do you prefer a real suntan or a bottled one?
5. What is your favourite Song?
6. If you had no fears, what is the first thing you would do?
7. What do you love most about blogging?
8. Who is your favourite blogger/youtuber?
9. What's your favourite food?
10. Do you have instagram?
11. What is your favourite season?

Thanks so much to everyone who nominated me & I hope you enjoy completing your award!

Review | Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye shadows

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hello Pretty Honeybee's - Its time for another review!

Today, I am going to be sharing with you the miracle that is the Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadows! I came across these recently online and was so excited to try them, so I picked up a couple of them for just £1.50 each in my recent 'Fragrance Direct' Haul.

I had heard a lot about these from American bloggers, but we didn't have as much option here in the UK to start with, so when I spotted them online I was so happy! You can also now pick them up in Boots and Superdrug where they will set you back about £5 a piece.

I chose the shades 'Timeless Black' & 'Eternal Gold' - there is a whole collection of shades, ranging from neutrals, to blacks, to bold & brights - something for everyone! 
I loved these shades as I feel they are very wearable & something I could easily incorporate into my everyday make up routine - whether it be summer or winter make up!

I absolutely love the packaging for these eye shadows - they have such a  luxe feel! The eye shadow comes in a gorgeous glass tub (which is quite heavy, actually!), with the product name embossed onto it - perfect! 
The lid is sleek and black and has the product name and shade name stickered onto it. I really love that you are able to see the product inside through the glass tub.

The consistency of the product is rather creamy in the tub but it feels and appears almost powder-like when applied, which works great for me!
The pay-off is brilliant, you can really build the colour up, or keep it subtle. I especially love 'Eternal Gold' - it is like nothing I've ever owned before, the pigment is fantastic and so shimmery!
These have been referred to as a perfect dupe for M.A.Cs 'paint pots' - and I totally agree! But, of course, these are much more affordable!'
The whole idea behind these is that they last and last and last once applied (hence the 'tattoo naming'!), and I was so impressed. I have to admit, I washed my face before 24 hours was up but they certainly lasted perfectly for the 12 hours that I wore them. 
I was worried that because they have a creamy texture that they might crease on my eyelid, but I needn't have worried as they stayed exactly where I applied them!

I love using my angled eye liner brush to apply 'Timeless black' along my upper lash line - much like a gel eye liner. It stays in place all day and is so deep black, I just love it!
I also like to use my angled liner brush to apply 'Eternal Gold' on my lower lash line and in the corners of my eyes - it is a perfect shade to highlight the eyes and make them appear large and wide open!

I am so pleased that I came across these, they work great for summer as they don't flake off if the temperature rises a little, and the range of shades is so impressive - there is something for every look! They are so easy to work with and very versatile - not to mention the ultimate payoff's and lasting time!
I have since ordered the shade 'Turquoise Forever' online & just cant wait for it to arrive!
You can find these in Boots and Superdrug, but if you don't mind waiting a couple of days for shipping you can also find them very cheaply online - Fragrance direct and eBay are great examples of this!

Have you tried the Maybelline Color Tattoo's? Which is your favourite shade?

GIVEAWAY & New Video!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Hey Sweet Honeybee's

I'm hittin' up Youtube with my new video - plus a Giveaway for y'all, cause I love you & appreciate you so much!

My new video is all about happiness! I have done the 'Happy Tag' and I am telling you guys all about what makes me happy! Happiness is so important, so its good to take some time out and focus on all the positives in your life!

I also want to know about what makes you happy! SOOO, to spread some cheer and enter my giveaway, just leave me a comment or send me a picture letting me know what makes you happy!

You can enter on;
FACEBOOK (Here) - Send me a comment or picture!
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INSTAGRAM (Here) - Tag me in your comment with #peacelovevintage
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BLOG - Leave me a comment on this post!
Don't forget to follow me on any of these platforms too!

I will be announcing the winner on August 14th across all platforms, so you have plenty of time to enter!

The winner will receive a set of Eyelure natural self adhesive lashes,. the E.L.F eye transformer, the E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal & the E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip in 'Lilac Petal'! How Lovely!


Lets get the boring part over :'( This Giveaway is open to the UK only (I'm sorry!). Entries run from 14 July 2014 - 14 August 2014. Winner will be announced across all social network platforms. You can enter as many times as you like. All prizes were bought by me and are not sponsored. 

I cant wait to hear what makes you guys happy and spread some positivity, so get entering right away! You can see my Video on my youtube channel (HERE);

I also tagged 2 of my friends to complete this tag and let us know what makes them happy,
Rachel of 'SickChick' - here
Clo of 'Closbeautyspot' - here
Their pages are awesome and I know your gonna love 'em!

Good luck to you all and I hope you have a sunny, happy day!

Wedding Wednesday | Capture the Moment

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

When I think about our Wedding, one of the main things I prioritise is that I don't want it to last just one day, I want my marriage to last a lifetime, and I want to be able to look back on our Wedding day with happiness and fond memories, even when we are 99 years old!

I would love to have a picture album in our home that we can look back on and smile at. 
As important as a good photographer is, it is also key to get the images you want, too. Images of our wedding would, ideally, be natural, positive and unique to us. I really hate the thought of having something that looks staged, awkward, and to be frank, the same as everyone else's and their cats'!

I feel like there are key moments of the wedding that would be great to capture, such as the bride arriving in the church, the cutting of the cake and our first kiss, but I would also love to have photos that I didn't know were being taken, where I am just in the moment, happy and natural - no forced smiles, no awkward positioning and no re-doing it 50 times to get it just right.
But of course there are some shots that need to be organised, particularly between the bride and groom. These are important, because you really only get one shot at your wedding, it is a once in a lifetime experience, so I want to be able to remember it for the right reasons and be happy with the way the images turned out.
All of the pictures in my collage above are my idea of perfection! The couples look so in love and happy, and do not look like they have been made to pose, the photos are relaxed and natural. They really want to be there and are in that moment. Perfect!

I think it'd also be really nice to have some fun images of our bridal party and grooms men - not particularly including us, maybe just on their own. 
This would be lovely, as I imagine I'm going to be very busy on my wedding day, so I'd love to look back through the photos and see what a great time everyone had at our wedding. 
I also think images like this make a great keepsake or favour - it would be lovely to be able to send them out after the wedding with a thank you note attached.
The bridesmaids and grooms men work very hard to help organise the wedding, so it is important for them to be able to have fun and also to have something to remember the special day that they were an integral part of.
All of these pictures look so spontaneous and fun, its great to see the bridesmaids and grooms men getting together and having a laugh.

There are also some other shots that I think would be so fun to have and would make great reminders - thinks such as a 'Daddy & daughter' moment, and 'Mother of the bride & bride' pictures, plus others! 
It is important to make the guests feel valued and include them in the special day, they have made a commitment and joined you on your wedding day, so it is nice to give them something to remember too.
These don't necessarily have to be staged, they can just be spontaneous or perhaps a group idea, but however they are done, they are a perfect keepsake.

I am so looking forward to our wedding. I cant wait to have lots of lovely pictures to proudly display in our home and make a lifetime of memories together! What would be your perfect Wedding day memento?

REVIEW | Dream Eyes Contact Lenses*

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Its no secret that I LOVE contact lenses - heck, most of my makeup tutorials feature a pair, so you can imagine my excitement when the lovely people of 'Dream Eyes' sent me a gorgeous pair to try out!

Dream eyes are an American Based Company whose lenses are all FDA approved and have ISO International standards - so you know that they are safe for use and of fantastic quality.
The Dream Eyes website features and impressive selection ranging from Circle lenses, to Natural lenses, to fashion lenses, to halloween lenses - so there is something for everyone, and I really love that shipping is free on the website to!

My lenses arrived and they were as sterile as can be! 
Each Individual Lens was in its own Blister pack and filled with solution, so you can rest assured that they haven't been contaminated during their journey to you.
The box clearly displayed the name (or product code) of the lenses inside, so you know that you have been sent the correct set! 
I was so happy to receive the 'Blue Shimmer' Contact lenses, which will last a whole year (luckily I had some solution to keep them in, as this is not provided). 
The design is just beautiful, it has a starburt explosion in the centre, featuringh streaks of aqua and ice-blue tones with a black outer edge for full on drama and maximum effect!

I was so surprised at how soft and thin these lenses were - much different to anything I've used before!
They actually have a higher water content meaning they are much less likely to irritate the eye and will keep your eyes feeling hydrated. 
My eyes usually water like mad for a few minutes after applying lenses but they barely welled-up with these! I just love them!

My natural eyes are green in colour, but once I applied these they were just a perfect fusion of colour - yet they still looked surprisingly natural! 
The black edging of the lenses makes my eyes look so large, just like a doll - I had so many compliments about this!
The lenses were pleasantly easy to apply - if you haven't done this before, please don't be squeamish, they are totally worth it, just keep a steady hand and be patient! 
Because these have a higher water content I found that they slipped into my eyes much easier and I didn't have to faff around with poking my eyes to get them in!
The 'Blue Shimmer' lenses cost $27.95 and although this is more than I have previously spent on lenses, I can honestly say the difference is amazing, and from now on I will be happy to spend a little more because the comfort and look of these is just incredible - Plus the shipping is Free ;)

I am so in love with these lenses - they are such fantastic quality and they are so natural looking! 
If you haven't tried contact lenses before but want to give them a go then I'd definitely recommend heading over to the Dream Eyes Website and having a browse - I guarantee you'll see something you love! Or, you could always check out their Facebook page for more images and inspiration!
I don't know about you, but I love Halloween and I cant wait to try out some other lenses to make the best scary look!