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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hi Sweet Honeybee's

Some of you  may know that Dan & I are planning our wedding, for 26th September 2015!

Time is ticking away and we are (slowly!) moving closer to planning each part of the day, so I thought now was a good time to start posting on our progress.
We got engaged in 2011, and booked our venue last year, but one of the first things to cross my mind was 'Oh, yeyy! I need to tell ask my Bridesmaids!'

It didn't take me any time at all to decide who my bridesmaids were going to be, I knew from the get-go. They are all a part of my life - some of them have been for years and some are newer relationships, but that isn't what matters. Its how we feel about each other that led me to making my decision <3

So, I introduce to you my crack team who are gonna keep me sane through this whole crazy journey!

Lisa - She is beautiful, funny & so, so sweet. We met at beauty school and she made me godmother to her more-than-perfect Daughter last year so I feel it is only right to have her with me on my special day <3 I love her so much and I know I can trust Lisa to be honest with me and show me the way when I feel lost!

Beth - Not only is she family but she is also my dear friend. She is positive, knowledgeable and beautiful, too! I love her lots and cant wait to spend my wedding with her. I know I can count on Beth when I need some advice for anything <3

Gem - Gemma is the funniest person I know. As well as being my beautiful cousin she is also my counsellor and my happy influence! I love Gem with all my heart and I know that my wedding would not be complete without her to share it with.

Lauren - She is my chief bridesmaid and my perfect sister, who keeps me happy and listens when I want to talk about anything and everything! She is gorgeous and her creativity will certainly come in handy for the wedding. I cant wait to laugh all the way down the isle with her!

Meg - Megan is my cutest cousin and I love her millions! As well as making me laugh hysterically she is a fashionista who will help us pick out the most prettiest dresses and accessories. She is a star and I cant wait to spend the wedding with her!

Kit - I love Kit so much! She is the kindest and sweetest person I know, and she is so pretty it hurts! I love her genuine personality, her faith is contagious and her positive attitude rules! I know she is gonna be my calm-maker throughout the wedding and beyond!

Some may say that 6 girls is a lot, but everyone does things their own way and I know that having my group of girls to support me throughout the planning, shopping, designing, and the wedding is what will make this much more enjoyable for me!
Planning our wedding is one of the most exciting, yet stressful times of our lives, so it is so nice to know that I have such a beautiful and trustworthy team behind me when it gets tough, or when Dan just cant talk weddings any more haha!

I wanted to ask my girls to be my bridesmaids in a way that represented me and our wedding. Something unique, fun and rustic. I searched the net for inspiration but nothing seemed to fit quite right, so, I went it alone and got creative!

I browsed eBay for some craft items and ended up picking up these adorable wooden cotton reels, some brown jute twine, some brown lace, white lace, some pheasant feathers and some silver diamantés.

I cut out some brown paper, ran over the edges with some brown distressing ink (for a vintage effect), decorated them with the silver diamtes and neatly wrote on them 'Be My Bridesmaid?'. 
I then wrapped this (facing inward) around the cotton reels and continued to wrap them with the brown lace, then some of the white lace.

I followed this by tying it together with the brown jute twine and slid in a beautiful feather!
I popped them into these cute gift bags and completed by finishing the bags with a white lace bow.

I was so pleased with how they turned out and the girls absolutely loved them! It was so fun to watch them unravel the different layers of sting and lace until they revealed the hidden message within!

I am pleased to say that they all said yes, and we are all so excited to go dress shopping within the next couple of months. We have already had a big sleepover to look through my wedding scrapbook and discuss dress ideas!

There is 15 months until the wedding, but Dan and I feel it is important to plan as much as we can beforehand so we don't stress out too much nearer to the time, and so we can enjoy our special day from start to finish and on into married life!

How did you / will you ask your bridesmaids to join you on your special day?


  1. I'm the complete opposite - I'm not having a single bridesmaid when the big day happens. Rather than ask all of my friends, I'm not asking any of them and I'm having my brother as my best man. Far less drama!

  2. Ahh that's such a cool idea! :D Good luck for your special day! :D