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Monday, 16 June 2014

Hi Honeybee's, hows it going?

You know that I am totally smitten with the MakeUp Academy Power Brow Pencil, but recent unsuccessful shopping trips to buy a new one lead me to pick up a new brow product!

I am so awkward about buying new brow products as I have tried so many rubbish ones before but when I spotted the new Collection 'Work the Colour' eyebrow kit, I was more than intrigued!
I am a fan of most of the Collection products and seeing that this was only £3.99 I really wanted to give it a try!

When this cute little palette is closed up you can still see the product inside, which is something I really like! It displays a trio of brow powders which are protected by a plastic inlay and an adorable mini tube of brow gel! 

I am really impressed with the durability of this case - it is made from acrylic and features an interesting dot work pattern. I was a little worried that because of the price of this product, it wouldn't be made well and would fall apart but it really stays shut until you open the clasp and, because I'm so clumsy, I have dropped it a couple of times and it is still as new!

The only thing that I'm not too sure on about this product is the name. 'Work the colour' seems to be more appropriate for an eye shadow palette with bright colours rather than a neutral brow kit - but nonetheless, it hasn't affected the quality of the product, so I'm sure that can be overlooked!

Upon opening the Palette you notice that there is even a small brush included! It is a double ended brush featuring a slanted edge and a blending edge - how handy?!
The Brow gel is so sweet and is also printed with the dot pattern and name of the product, which is very thoughtful. 
There is also a sweet little mirror inside - so this is a really great on-the-go product, too!
I was also impressed that, bar the brush, everything really stays in place inside the palette. It wont get crushed or broken if you travel with it and the pressed powders haven't shattered since I've used them!

The trio of shades means that this is a great palette for everyone, from fair to dark, and I've even found that they are great for blending too!

I love using the slanted edge of the brush to blend the 2 darker shades, and they match my brows perfectly!
I had never used a brow gel (or brow mascara) before and I was slightly dubious about whether it would make any difference, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it kept the powders in place and it meant I didn't end up with stray hairs either!

I didn't think anything could top my beloved MUA Power brow pencil but I really think this has! The fact that it is a powder product means it is a lot easier to blend - resulting in a more natural and structured brow!
I also think that it is absolutely great for just £3.99 - you really do get a whole kit, everything you could need for perfect brows!

Here is an example of how this product enhanced my brows - you can see that they look significantly fuller and they are much better shaped with the product in!
I was quite worried that the brow gel was going to make the hairs too slick and wet looking but the brush is very thick so I needn't have worried!

I am so impressed with this little treasure, everything about it is great. The price, the durability of the casing, the longevity of the product and the colour pay offs' are great too - I would really recommended this to anyone!

When I brought the Brow Kit I also qualified for an offer of a free Limited edition Collection Mardi Gras Lip balm! Wooo!

There were 3 'flavours' to choose from; Strawberry, Orange and Green Apple. After much deliberation I settled on the green apple one - not just because of its amazing scent but also because I absolutely love the fun colours of the packaging the most out of all 3! (These Lip balms are only £1.99 each anyway, so they are a total steal!)

I have been using this non-stop since I got it - I think I'm addicted! They scent is wonderful and my lips feel so hydrated when I use it.
I think this is a great dupe for the Maybelline baby lips lip balm (which I have also used) - it gives my lips the same care, and has a very similar packaging, but it is half the price!

The Collection Mardi Gras collection consists of 3 lip balms and 3 nail polishes in fun and vibrant colours to tie in with summers hot tropical and carnival trends! The packaging of the lip balms have been criticised for being cheap looking but I think they are bold and fun - and for the price, what's not to love?

You can shop Collections entire range in stores and on their own website (here)!

Have you tried anything from this range? What do you think?

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