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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hello Pretty Honeybee's!

Summer is officially here now, so I feel it is a good time to share my top pedicure tips with you! Although most people prefer to leave their 'me time' or pampering until the weekends, studies actually show that we look most tired midweek, so now is a great time to dig out that foot scrub and your favourite summer nail polish!

Whilst at beauty school I learned how to give the perfect pedicure, so, if you follow my simple steps your feet will be left salon worthy and positively beautiful!
You only need a few simple items for a complete pedicure - and they can all be picked up on the highstreet, too!

Now that you have the perfect 'ingredients', lets get started! A full pedicure will take you around an hour to complete, so make sure you set enough time aside to fully relax and grab a cup of your favourite beverage to enjoy! Pedicures are also fun to do with your friends - you can give each other a pedicure and you will feel so relaxed!

. Start by laying down a towel on the ground - this will stop spills and marks getting onto your carpet, and it will also stop your bowl of water sliding around the floor if you have hardwood flooring.

. Now you need to fill up a bowl with warm water and add in your foot soak - this could be crystals or a gel type produyct. Swirl the product around in the warm water and allow it to fully dissolve. You could even add in some pretty flowers! Sit this on top of your floor towel.

. If you already have nail polish on your toes, it's time to remove it now.

. Submerge your feet and ankles into the water and allow them to soak for 5-7 minutes - this will allow the products to really soak into your skin and it will also soften up any hard skin - making the filing much easier!

. Now you need to take one foot out of the water and dry it off with your other towel.

. If your nails need to be cut back then take your nail scissors and carefully do so. Make sure you cut your nail straight across and not in a curve as this will stop ingrowing nails.

. Now take your nail file and shape your nails! They will look best if they are all the same length and shape, so try to achieve this. A coarse nail file will be very helpful as toenails tend to be thicker than fingernails!

. Pop your foot back into the warer and repeat with the other foot.

. Now take your first foot out again and dry it off with the towel. Because your feet have been soaking in that lovely, warm water, your cuticles will be softened and much easier to work with!

. Take your hoof stick and gently push your cuticles back - this is very important to do, because if you don't they can attach to your nail, grow upward with it and split - which can be very painful!

. Now, if you have them, take your cuticle nippers and VERY carefully trim your cuticles back - don't take them off completely, just take off any excess. Please be very careful when you do this step, as new cuticle nippers can be very sharp!

. As before, dip your foot back into the water and repeat with the other foot.

. Now take your first foot back out from the water and dry it off again.

. Pick up your buffing block and file all over the surface of each nail, this will smooth them out and make your polish application flawless!

. Take your favourite foot scrub (I love Dr Foot by Bomb cosmetics) and begin to rub it all over your foot (top and bottom), and ankle.

. Next (without washing off the scrub), pick up your foot rasp and begin to rasp all around the ball of your foot, the outer most side, and the underside of your big toe and little toe. Try to do this for at least a few minutes and the hand power of the rasping, plus the exfoliating beads in the foot scrub will really take off all that dead skin!

. When you are done (or when your arm gets tired!), you can dip your foot back into the water, rinse off the leftover scrub and repeat on the other foot.

. Now take both feet out of the water, dry them off and move the bowl of water away, you wont need it any more.

. Squeeze out a £2 coin size amount of your foot cream ( I love 'Heel Genius' by Soap&Glory), warm it up by rubbing it between your hands and then begin to massage it into your foot, ankle and half way up your calf. Do this with slow, firm, flowing motions to get the blood flowing and to really work the product deep into your skin.

. When you are finished with your massage, take some nail polish remover and gently swipe it over your nails - this will remove any excess oil, allowing your polish to properly adhere to the nail surface and last fort the maximum amount of time!

. The final steps are, of course, to paint your nails. If you don't have foam toe separators you can take ordinary tissue and wrap it between your toes to spread them, this will stop nail polish smudging onto the toe next to it.

. Start with a good base coat ( I love O.P.I Natural base coat). Paint on a thin layer starting by sweeping it up the centre of the nail, then a stroke up the left side then the right. Using a base coat stops nail polish from staining your natural nail and also allows any coloured polish to last much longer.

. Now use your favourite summer polish (My favourites are the Barry M Aquarium collection!), and repeat the same process of painting 2 layers onto your nails to ensure an even coat and maximum colour - make sure you leave at least 5 minutes between each coat to allow it to fully dry.

.  Finish your pedicure with a good top coat! This will keep your nail polish from premature chipping and will also give it some gorgeous shine!

Make sure you sit back and allow your new polish to dry for around 10 minutes and then slip your soft, sparkly new toes into your favourite sandals!

Pedicures are a great way to relax you! Our feet take so much strain each day, so it is very important to look after them and keep them in the best shape!

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