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Friday, 23 May 2014

Hello sweet honeybee's

Dan and I had a hectic week this week, Dan has been super busy with his work and Ive been all over the place running errands and sorting out our next few months plans, So Dan took us shopping and treated us to a face mask!

I LOVE face masks, they are so relaxing, come in so many different 'flavours' and make your skin baby smooth <3 I have tried the Montagne Jeunesse face masks before but when we were shopping I spotted a few 'flavours' that I hadn't seen before, so we each chose one!

We paid about £1.20 for each mask, but you can pick them up for just £1 each on the Montagne Jeunesse website (here).

Montagne Jeunesse are a cruelty free, eco-friendly company that have been around for 25 years! They run special campaigns to help the planet, too - so you can help your skin as well as the earth! They offer lots of amazing smelling face masks - as well as gift sets (the slumber party pack looks so cute!) and some masks aimed specifically at men!

Dan chose the Apricot scrub exfoliating mask - when I ripped it open it smelled amazing, as if you'd just juiced fresh fruit there and then! It had small little black beads in it and applied smoothly on the skin! It dried hard and washed off easily and (even though he wouldn't let me take pictures of him wearing it) Dan loved it!
The apricot scrub mask features sweet mango and crushed apricot kernals, which helps to remove all that nasty dead skin, and it also had some aloe vera too, to make sure your skin was lefty nice and smooth after!

I chose the 'Creamy coconut' face mask and I can say, hands down, it is the BEST face mask I have ever used. Once I ripped the top of the pouch off, my senses were filled with tropical coconut scent and my mind just ran to a relaxing beach setting!
It applied like silk on my skin and didn't harden, which I actually found to be a lot more relaxing. There was absolutely loads of the product in the pouch - probably enough for 2 people, but Dan put it all on my face and it was heavenly!
It washed off smoothly and left my skin soft and, because it hadn't hardened, it didn't drag my skin!
The creamy coconut mask includes coconut water and Shea butter which really hydrate and renew the skin and leave it smooth and soft!

We washed off our masks after about 15 minutes and finished our faces off with a little moisturiser to restore hydration and I felt so relaxed and calmed!

You can see the entire (massive) range of face masks on the official website (here) - including the new summer editions. There are peel off masks, hardening masks, clay masks, cream masks, fabric masks, self heating masks and more - even some foot treats and hair masks!! You can also receive 25% off your online order from 18-15 May 2014 for national Vegetarian week! Just enter the code VEGGIE"% at the checkout! You can also get FREE delivery on orders over £15 - standard delivery is only £1 though!

What is your favourite face treat?!

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