Benefit Lets Make Lovely GiftSet

Friday, 30 May 2014

Hello sweet honeybee's,

Summer is on its way and I am on the lookout for some new 'summer essential 'products. Its so nice to try new things and even nicer to come across a new seasonal staple!

I received this cute little Benefit gift set for Christmas from my sister and I tried out all the little pieces before, but now that 'bare skin summer' is on the way I am ready to rotate them into my everyday makeup bag! The set contains trail sizes of 'They're real' Mascara, 'Hoola' Bronzer, 'Its Potent' Eye Cream & 'Porefessional' Primer!

They're Real Mascara

This is one of the UK's best selling mascaras and it is easy to see why! I also I have the full size mascara of this (I picked it up in duty free!) , and it is just fantastic, it lengthens lashes to the skies, makes them dark and doesn't flake or rub off! Its great that Benefit offer a trail size of this - Benefit products are quite expensive so its nice to be able to buy cheaper trial sizes before you splurge on the full size ones!
The only thing that I didn't like about this trial size one, was the packaging. The full size bottle is a gorgeous mirrored silver but this trial is, for some reason, brown in colour. I'm not sure why this is but it does make the product look a little cheapy!
It still has the beautiful thick brush, though, which gives the ultimate lash pay-off!

'Its Potent' Eye Cream

This eye cream promises to fade dark circles, and I'm not sure that it does that, but it is very refreshing and softening!
You get a 3gm pot in this set and a little goes a long way! I really like the little glass container and the blue text is very complimenting! It smells lovely and sweet, too!
This is a really fun product, and although I don't think I would re-purchase it, it has been nice to try it out and see what all the fuss is about!!

Porefessional Primer

This is one of the most talked about primers and it is actually the first primer I ever tried! I just love the darling packaging, and the product itself is just wonderful! It is suuuuppper soft and smoothing and it makes my pores very 'blurred out' or smoothed over.
I don't think it helped my make up stay on longer but it does help the application look more flawless!
Some people say that it is great to use this product beneath and on top of your foundation but I haven't tried this yet!

Hoola bronzer

I'm sure that everyone has heard about this bronzer before, even if they haven't tried it!
I honestly didn't believe all the hype around this product - I thought 'how great can a powder be?' but it is amaziiinngg!
It is a matte pressed powder which is so perfect for contouring, it just sculpts the face to perfection and makes me feel all golden and glowy and gorgeous!

I have been using this since Christmas and will continue to use it through the summer - and I'll definitely be repurchasing this one!

Overall I LOVED this gift set. Its so great to try out a range of products for a fairer price (this was £19.50). I don't think it is available from boots or Benefit anymore, but you can pick it up on Amazon easily!

What is your favourite Benefit product?!


  1. ohhh i would love to try out this package! i currently only own 1 benefit product(tinted moisturiser) i picked up in my visit to the UK, but honestly that one product alone, is enough to make me love them so much !

    sarah xx

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for Reading! You can still get this set on line so Id definitely recommend it :D Id love to try out the tinted moisturiser - it sounds good!