Benefit Lets Make Lovely GiftSet

Friday, 30 May 2014

Hello sweet honeybee's,

Summer is on its way and I am on the lookout for some new 'summer essential 'products. Its so nice to try new things and even nicer to come across a new seasonal staple!

I received this cute little Benefit gift set for Christmas from my sister and I tried out all the little pieces before, but now that 'bare skin summer' is on the way I am ready to rotate them into my everyday makeup bag! The set contains trail sizes of 'They're real' Mascara, 'Hoola' Bronzer, 'Its Potent' Eye Cream & 'Porefessional' Primer!

They're Real Mascara

This is one of the UK's best selling mascaras and it is easy to see why! I also I have the full size mascara of this (I picked it up in duty free!) , and it is just fantastic, it lengthens lashes to the skies, makes them dark and doesn't flake or rub off! Its great that Benefit offer a trail size of this - Benefit products are quite expensive so its nice to be able to buy cheaper trial sizes before you splurge on the full size ones!
The only thing that I didn't like about this trial size one, was the packaging. The full size bottle is a gorgeous mirrored silver but this trial is, for some reason, brown in colour. I'm not sure why this is but it does make the product look a little cheapy!
It still has the beautiful thick brush, though, which gives the ultimate lash pay-off!

'Its Potent' Eye Cream

This eye cream promises to fade dark circles, and I'm not sure that it does that, but it is very refreshing and softening!
You get a 3gm pot in this set and a little goes a long way! I really like the little glass container and the blue text is very complimenting! It smells lovely and sweet, too!
This is a really fun product, and although I don't think I would re-purchase it, it has been nice to try it out and see what all the fuss is about!!

Porefessional Primer

This is one of the most talked about primers and it is actually the first primer I ever tried! I just love the darling packaging, and the product itself is just wonderful! It is suuuuppper soft and smoothing and it makes my pores very 'blurred out' or smoothed over.
I don't think it helped my make up stay on longer but it does help the application look more flawless!
Some people say that it is great to use this product beneath and on top of your foundation but I haven't tried this yet!

Hoola bronzer

I'm sure that everyone has heard about this bronzer before, even if they haven't tried it!
I honestly didn't believe all the hype around this product - I thought 'how great can a powder be?' but it is amaziiinngg!
It is a matte pressed powder which is so perfect for contouring, it just sculpts the face to perfection and makes me feel all golden and glowy and gorgeous!

I have been using this since Christmas and will continue to use it through the summer - and I'll definitely be repurchasing this one!

Overall I LOVED this gift set. Its so great to try out a range of products for a fairer price (this was £19.50). I don't think it is available from boots or Benefit anymore, but you can pick it up on Amazon easily!

What is your favourite Benefit product?!

Review | Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

Friday, 23 May 2014

Hello sweet honeybee's

Dan and I had a hectic week this week, Dan has been super busy with his work and Ive been all over the place running errands and sorting out our next few months plans, So Dan took us shopping and treated us to a face mask!

I LOVE face masks, they are so relaxing, come in so many different 'flavours' and make your skin baby smooth <3 I have tried the Montagne Jeunesse face masks before but when we were shopping I spotted a few 'flavours' that I hadn't seen before, so we each chose one!

We paid about £1.20 for each mask, but you can pick them up for just £1 each on the Montagne Jeunesse website (here).

Montagne Jeunesse are a cruelty free, eco-friendly company that have been around for 25 years! They run special campaigns to help the planet, too - so you can help your skin as well as the earth! They offer lots of amazing smelling face masks - as well as gift sets (the slumber party pack looks so cute!) and some masks aimed specifically at men!

Dan chose the Apricot scrub exfoliating mask - when I ripped it open it smelled amazing, as if you'd just juiced fresh fruit there and then! It had small little black beads in it and applied smoothly on the skin! It dried hard and washed off easily and (even though he wouldn't let me take pictures of him wearing it) Dan loved it!
The apricot scrub mask features sweet mango and crushed apricot kernals, which helps to remove all that nasty dead skin, and it also had some aloe vera too, to make sure your skin was lefty nice and smooth after!

I chose the 'Creamy coconut' face mask and I can say, hands down, it is the BEST face mask I have ever used. Once I ripped the top of the pouch off, my senses were filled with tropical coconut scent and my mind just ran to a relaxing beach setting!
It applied like silk on my skin and didn't harden, which I actually found to be a lot more relaxing. There was absolutely loads of the product in the pouch - probably enough for 2 people, but Dan put it all on my face and it was heavenly!
It washed off smoothly and left my skin soft and, because it hadn't hardened, it didn't drag my skin!
The creamy coconut mask includes coconut water and Shea butter which really hydrate and renew the skin and leave it smooth and soft!

We washed off our masks after about 15 minutes and finished our faces off with a little moisturiser to restore hydration and I felt so relaxed and calmed!

You can see the entire (massive) range of face masks on the official website (here) - including the new summer editions. There are peel off masks, hardening masks, clay masks, cream masks, fabric masks, self heating masks and more - even some foot treats and hair masks!! You can also receive 25% off your online order from 18-15 May 2014 for national Vegetarian week! Just enter the code VEGGIE"% at the checkout! You can also get FREE delivery on orders over £15 - standard delivery is only £1 though!

What is your favourite face treat?!

My Best Beauty Dupes!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hi Honeybee's

Its no secret that Make up can be super expensive - often we are just paying for a brand name or packaging (I'm guilty of this - total packaging sucker right here!), but fear not!! I have hunted out the best beauty dupes so that you can look beautiful and have enough money left for a Starbucks Frappuccino, too ;)

There are so many different make up brands out there, so there are bound to be a few dupes about. But isn't it nice when you find an extremely affordable double for a much more expensive piece you've been lusting after? Well, I have found a few that I wanna share with y'all, so, lets explore my favourite 10!

1. Primer
Every girl needs a good primer in her make up kit. It helps make up apply flawlessly and stay put all day.
Smashbox offer one of the most popular primers around, but at £25 a pop, it is a little out of my budget, so I was super happy when I discovered that Maybelline's baby skin 'pore eraser' primer was its twin sister! It applies smoothly, no greasy feeling and makes my skin suuuper soft <3

2. Foundation
In my never ending quest for a perfect foundation, I was bound to feel a little dismay that I couldn't afford one of the best brands around - M.A.C. Their reputation is second to none and everyone has heard of them! But, what's a girl to do when her lemonade budget just wont stretch to that champagne lifestyle?!
Look to Revlon of course!! I don't own much Revlon make up, but to me, they have always seemed like the high end of drugstore make up. I am pleased to say that the Revlon photo ready foundation offers everything that the M.A.C pro longwear foundation does, but at half the cost.
At £12.00, it is on the high end of my budget. But with the long-lasting, lightweight, flawless performance it gives, I don't mind!

3. Beauty Blender
With that gorgeous new foundation in your make up bag, you're going to want to make sure you apply it properly, right?!
Cue the beauty blender. A cult favourite around the world, but to be frank, an overpriced piece of sponge.
If you want the real thing, you're looking at spending the best part of £15. There is, however, a way to get more for your money - hello eBay!!
I LOVE eBay! Anything you can find in the stores, you can find on eBay, and for a fraction of the price! I found a 'beauty bender' dupe on eBay for 99p - it did take 2 weeks to arrive as it was from Hong Kong, but if you don't want to wait, you can grab one from eBay UK for just £3.50! They come in an array of shapes and colours - so take your pick and revel in the fact that you can buy at least 4 of these hidden gems for the price of 1 authentic beauty blender!

4. Mono eyeshadows
To me, there is nothing nicer than standing in a drug store (or at a make up counter) and swatching a rainbow of eyeshadow shades up your arm. My mind wanders into the looks I could create and how well they would blend with other shades! But then again, there really is nothing nicer than finding that one shade you love at a third of the price!
M.A.C paint pots come in a gorgeous array of shades and a sweet little pot but the will also cost you a pretty penny at £15.00 per shade!
But, don't panic, there is an affordable alternative! Introducing Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows! They.are.amazing!! The colour pay-offs are just dazzling, they last for what feels like an eternity (or until you take them off!), and they don't crease, all this plus the fact that they are just £4.99 a piece!
Maybelline are one of my favourite drugstore brands and they certainly haven't disappointed with this little creation!

5. Eyeshadow Palettes
Its so nice to pop open a palette and have a variety of beautiful shades looking back at you! They are great for travelling, you can create endless looks with them and they come in lovely packaging, too!
When Urban Decay released their Naked 2 palette, it immediately became a staple for make up lovers, but at £37.00 it, unfortunately, wasn't within every make up lovers budget.
But no matter, as Drug store brand Make Up academy have solved all your worries with their 'Undress me too' Palette! It is a perfect dupe for the Naked 2 palette, the colours are a perfect match, they don't flake and the colour pay-offs are great. All this, plus the fact that it will only set you back £4?!
 You're welcome!

6. Bronzing Duo
A good bronzer is a wonderful addition to your make up bag - it can enhance your tan and it can make you look much healthier when applied correctly.
NARS offerings in the bronzing duo world, come in the form of this beautiful sleek compact with shades 'Orgasm' and 'Laguna'. They compliment each other perfectly, but that does come at a cost. £30.00 to be precise.
Step in, ELF, budget beauty extraordinaire! The lovely people at elf have come up with this amazing NARS dupe! If your wanting the exact dupe, opt for the 'St Lucia' palette which will give you the exact same look for just £3.95!

7. Liquid Blusher
Feeling a little flushed? Let's add some blusher!
Liquid blusher is a growing trend. It blends well, lasts ages, and you really only need a tiny bit to make the apples of your cheeks oh-so rosy!
Make up forever are offering their version of this product with HD blush, it comes in a variety of shades but it is £21.50 for just 1 shade!
But, no worries, as you can pick up a much more purse friendly alternative at ELF, they offer a great range of shades in a very similar product bottle at just £4.50 per shade! Perfect!

8. Highlighter
Its important to highlight to make your face look less flat and to catch the sunlight perfectly!
There are hundreds of highlighters available, but one of the most popular ones around is Benefits' 'High beam', it is a gorgeous pearl pink shade but it comes in at £19.50 per bottle - so it is on the higher end the budget scale!
There is a way around this though! ELF have answered budget savvy girls prayers with their 'shimmering facial whip'. If your looking for an exact high beam dupe, then pick up the shade 'lilac petal'. The packaging doesn't have as much of a wow factor as the Benefit option, but at £1.95, I'm sure we can excuse that ;)

9. Lipstick
Lipstick is a wonderful finishing touch to any make up look, it can be bold or subtle, but it really does make a statement, so its nice to be able to buy-and-try a few shades and find what you love!
M.A.C Lipsticks have a great reputation, but at £15.00 each, they aren't exactly cost-effective, so I love to pick up the ELF alternative! They cost £1.95 each, so you can pick up 7 shades for the price of just 1 MAC lipstick!
Tip; Pick up ELF's shade 'classy' if your looking for an exact dupe of M.A.C's 'Angel'!

10. Setting Spray
Now that you've got an expensive looking make up look, it'd be nice to keep it in place all day, right?
Urban Decay offer a great setting spray to keep your make up slide-free for hours - but it comes at a steep £20.00 per bottle.
You could always switch for the ELF dupe, though, it does the same great job and will cost you only £3.95! It is light and refreshing and will keep your make up perfect for hours and hours! 

I hope you enjoyed my Dupe list! These are my favourite but there are many more available, so go discover and let me know what you find!!

Revolution Make Up Haul

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hello pretty Honeybee's!

I recently made an Order with new Cosmetics company 'Revolution Make Up London' and I decided to make a Video of the unwrapping & first impressions (you can see it at the end of this post!), but I also wanted to make a post about my order as I was so impressed with the products and I want you to see them in all their glory!

Revolution Make up is a brand that launched in March and is currently available in the UK on their official website (here) and the Superdrug website. What I really love about them is that all the products are super cheap with prices starting as low a £1!
I had been eyeing up a few of the products on the website for a while, so when Revolution announced that each order over £15 would receive 5 free gifts, I took my chance and placed my order!
My order arrived in 3 days and postage was only £2.95, I was also pleased to receive regular updates from Revolution and Royal mail to let me know what stage my order was at!


Lets start with some eye shadows!
I have been a lover of matte eye shadows for a long time but I always find it hard to get one with a good colour pay off - just because an eye shadow is matte, doesn't mean it has to be dull!
So, when I was browsing the Revolution website I spotted a matte eye shadow collection, including 6 beautiful shades at just £1 each! I was so pleased and excited to try them out!
Revolution are also running an offer where you can buy the entire set for £5 instead of £6 - so I took full advantage!

The casing of the eye shadows are sleek and light! The window on the front is protective and printed with the Revolution logo in luxurious golden lettering.
The eye shadows fasten with a cute little black popper - so you can be sure they wont come open and shatter in your make up bag.


Here are some swatches of the 6 shades in the matte collection!

'MMM' - A beautiful chocolate shade, perfect for the outer 'V' Corner of the eye and smoking out a matte look.
'Touch Me' - A perfect cream shade, a great base for any eye shadow look.
'Hung Up' - A gorgeous Taupe shade which is lovely for all over coverage or for the crease of the eyelid.
'Delicious' - This Dark brown/khaki shade is gorgeous and brilliant for lining the lash line as an alternative to eye liner.
'Envy' - My favourite of the collection, a unique peacock blue which will look amazing smoked out with some black shadow.
'Mocha Love' - A pretty pinky brown which is lovely for everyday make-up looks.

I LOVE these eye shadows, everything about them is right - the packaging, the colour range, the colour pay off and, of course, the price!


I also picked up the 'Just Me in the Promised Land' collection - I was hypnotised by the glimmer and shimmer of each of the shades in the collection and just couldn't wait to get my hands on them.
The same offer applies to this collection, so you can get them all for a perfect price!

Above is a closer look at all the shades in the collection - how beautiful are they?!

'Promised land' - My favourite of this collection, this rose gold shade is girly and so on trend for spring/summer.
'Illuminate' - I couldn't ask for a better highlighter at this price, perfect on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.
'Just Me' - This is a very deep red/brown shade, its very beautiful and will be great as an alternative to flat brown
'Cappuccino' - A lovely, everyday, easy-to-wear shade this will look great covering the lid with some 'Illuminate' in the corner of the eye.
'So good to me' - This gorgeous, smooth gold is beautiful for summer eye looks!
'Mountains of Gold' - A fabulous Golden shade that will look perfect with some bright blue liner!

This collection is like nothing I've seen before - I just cant believe that they cost so little! The colour pay off is incredible and there are so many looks just waiting to be created with this collection!


I also picked up this single eye shadow as I had to total my order up to £15 and I'm so glad I chose it now! 
This is 'Insomnia', a beautiful deep pearl purple which will look fantastic for a smoked out evening look, blended in with some blacks, silvers, browns or even greens (if you're feeling adventurous!)
This shadow was also just £1!

The Vamp lip collection is something I've had my eye on for a while, The colours are mysterious, deep and interesting, they are just £1 each and they have beautiful sleek black packaging. 
I was very excited to discover I could buy the whole collection for £2 instead of £3, so I did just that.
I have found that the lids on the lipsticks are a little loose and don't stay on too well, but if you store them properly, the will be fine.
Similarly to the MUA (MakeUpAcademy) lipsticks, there is a sample pot at the top of the lid - however you cannot remove it on these lipsticks, but I really like them anyway, they are a great addition as it means you don't need to take all the lids off of the lipsticks to find the colour you want!

As you can see, I accidentally dropped one of the lipsticks and stubbed the end to it is a little flat but it works just as well! Nonetheless, the colours are great and so different than anything I've owned before!

Vamp Collection

Here are a look at the shades when on the skin.
'Black heart' - This deep purple (almost black) colour is surprisingly lovable and gorgeous! Even though my skin is light it compliments it just fine and is an exciting alternative to red lipstick!
'Rebel with a cause' - This plum red shade is perfect for the autumn months, it is a little darker than the summertime reds and looks so glossy and pretty.
'100% Vamp' - This is the shade I was most excited to try, and although I love the colour, the application is a little patchy. But, if you apply with a brush it seems to apply a little more consistently.

Because i had spent £15, i also qulaifies for 5 free gifts with my order, have a little peek at them below!


I got these cute nail polishes, which was a great surprise! The bottles are slender and easy to grip but I wish the Revolution Logo was printed directly onto the bottle like with the eyeshadows, rather than being a sticker.

Here is a look at the shades i was sent - I Love them both!

'Adore' - A cute girly purple which is going to be great on my tes this summer
'You need love' - A hot poppin' pink shade which is so perfect for summer its unreal!

I am thinking about doing a tie dye effect on my nails with these colours as I think they look so good together


I also received this lovely pressed powder blusher in shade 'Wow!' - its a gorgeous candy pink colour which will give the apples of my cheeks a perfect flush of colour.
The powder is soft and long lasting and the packing looks very professional and sleek!

Pigment Powder

I am so in love with this pure pigment which I was sent for free! It is in shade 'Rivalry' - an amazing green with golden hues - perfect for the forest fairy look I have been planning on trying out for a future video!
The payoff is so amazing - a tiny sprinle of the powder gives a more more than perfect dose of colour which will electrify your look and have peoples eyes on your for ages!


Lastly, I received this super cute lip gloss in shade 'Nude Shimmer' - this is a great 'topper' shade which will give my lipsticks a gorgeous golden glow.
The doe-foot applicator is soft and sweeps the product onto your lips smoothly and flawlessly!

I was suuupper happy with everything about my order from Revolution makeup and I just cant wait to try out more of their amazing products! Its so comforting to know that you don't have to break the bank to get your hands on good quality products!

If you want a closer look at any of these products, please take a look at my video below!

Have you guys tried any of these? What is your favourite Revolution product?!

Elf Haul & 1st Youtube Video!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Hello sweet honeybee's!

Hows it going? I'm sure a few of you have seen on my Facebook page (here) that I have recently ordered some camera equipment so I can film my first YouTube video and I am excited to say that it has arrived and I have made my video!
It was hard - I ended up filming about 3 times as I don't have professional lighting or backgrounds yet so I wanted to make it look as best I could with what I had :D I have also never edited anything before so that was a challenge too, but it is ready and I hope y'all like it!

My video is about a haul I recently made with ELF cosmetics during their 50% off everything offer. This was an amazing discount and I was also very happy to receive 2 free gifts in my order! The items which I ordered are listed below, just click on a product to be taken to its page! All Prices Listed are the Full prices!

**FREE Gifts**
ELF Essentials Super Glossy Lip Shine with SPF 15 in 'Godess' - £1.95

I was really happy with everything I ordered, nothing was broken, the colour pay offs were incredible and delivery time was only about 4-5 days, (The delivery charge with ELF was only £2.95!).

This perfect haul has further assured me ELF are one of my most favourite make up brands! Not only do they have an amazing range which is affordable to everyone, but I am also so happy to say that they do not test on animals! <3


SO, above is my video! 
I Really hope you like it, if you do then I'd love for you to subscribe and join me on my YouTube journey (I will still be blogging too!).
If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see me blog/film next then please let me know! I'm talking Hauls, monthly favourites, makeup tutorials, get ready with me, tags - ANYTHING!!

YOU are my inspiration and I want to make you happy <3