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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hello My Honeybee's

As you saw in my Lush Bunny Bubble Bar Post (here), I love Easter special edition products - they're always cute, girly and pastel coloured! So, imagine my excitement when I spotted the launch of the Models own speckled egg Nail polish collection!

Models own are a brand that I am still fairly new to, I have already fallen in love with their scented nail polish collection and I just couldn't resist picking up something from the NEW speckled egg collection. It was so hard to chose a colour - they are all pastel coloured just like mini eggs - but in the end Dan treated me to this shade called 'Magpie'.

The polish is a lovely consistency - not too thin and, surprisingly, not clumpy even though it contains glitter pieces! The glitter pieces are matte black and in various sizes to mimic the random speckles - I love that your nails will be unique each time you use this polish!
Illamasqua released a speckled polish line last year which were very beautiful but as they were £14.50 each I just couldn't afford to get one - so I was super happy when I realised these are just £5 each! 
There are 5 shades in this collection;
'Dove' - a pastel pink shade
'Goose' - a pastel yellow shade
'Duck' - a pastel blue shade
'Swan' -  a pastel purple shade
& 'Magpie' which is what I have pictured above!

The polish applies smoothly and I was surprised at how quickly it dried! In the image above I have applied 2 coats, as one coat was not quite opaque enough. The polish lasts a good 3-4 days without chipping, which, for the price, I am very impressed by!
I really love the finish of this polish, it is semi matte, but you can make it shine by adding your favourite top coat, too.
Now that I have seen how cute this one is, I am so tempted to try the other ones, I think they'd look so lovely mixed and matched on your nails - perfect for the spring time!
You can shop the Speckled Eggs collection in Superdrug or on the Models Own Website Here.

Is it just me who suddenly feels like opening a bag of mini eggs?! ;)

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