LUSH Easter Bunny Bubble Bar

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hey Little HoneyBee's

I always look forward to Easter time as a lot of company release special, limited edition Easter themed products! And I was not disappointed when I visited LUSH last week and spotted their Easter line!
The line features lots of adorable bath time treats that smell incredible and do great things for your skin (and bath!)

I found it so hard to decide on what to buy, but in the end I settled on the Bunny Bubble bar - to be honest, I couldn't have left the shop without it, its so sweet and just so, so cute! Look at that face ^_^

I always love the little bags that LUSH wrap your products in, it comes with a little sticker telling you about the product inside - this is especially nice if you are giving the product as a gift!

You dont even need to open the packaging to be engulfed by the enchanting scent of the Bunny bubble bar! If you have tried the LUSH Christmas exclusive 'snow fairy' before then you will understand how good this bunny smells as it has a very similar (slightly toned down) scent!
If you're not familiar with it then think, candy floss rolled in sugar and spritzed with some vanilla! It is just dreamy and you literally cant stop sniffing it, its as though your bathroom has been transformed into a candyland! The Bubble Bar contains Extra virgin Coconut Oil, Cornflour, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Fair trade Vanilla Absolute and perfume! 

The bunny bubble bar reminds me of the little white rabbit from Alice in wonderland! It fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and has 2 cute purple shimmery eyes and an adorable cotton tail, too!
It is made from and outer shell which creates squillions of bath bubbles and if you flip it over you can see some of the lovely pink peeping through - this is what will give your bath water a magical colour! 
It is also infused with some cute cornflowers to surround you when you're relaxing in your bath <3 The water is so soft and leaves your skin feeling amazingly refreshed and nourished!
LUSH got it so right when they made this little guy!

The Bunny Bubble Bar costs £3.25 - it may sound a little pricier than your average bottle of bubble bath, but this bar can be cut into smaller chunks so you can use it to infuse more than one of your baths! I also don't mind paying that little bit extra as I know that all LUSH products are NEVER tested on animals and are only made from natural ingredients that wont harm your skin! LUSH also hand make their products so its nice to know that no 2 are exactly the same!

You can have a look at the whole LUSH Easter range here or you can browse the entire site here!

What is your favourite Easter Product? 

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