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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hi There My Honeybee's - I hope you're well!

Today was such a lovely day so I thought I would make my first 'Get Ready With Me' Post & Take a Walk around the New Village Dan & I have moved to! This post will feature a fresh & simple Make Up Look for Spring which is easy to create and so pretty!

So, the first thing I do when I get up, is step into my cute teddy bear slippers - they're all fluffy and warm!
I like to light some candles - as you can see this pineapple one from IKEA has been my favourite lately, it smells amazing and so tropical!
I also head on downstairs and make myself a fresh, clean, fruit smoothie to drink while I'm doing yoga! 

After I'm done with yoga I hop into the shower, then I put on my playlist with all my favourite songs - some Marianas trench, Cartel, Josh Turner, Brad Paisley and all the others to sing a long to while I get ready <3
I then start my skincare routine by cleansing and exfoliating my face with the L'Oreal 'Go 360 clean' products, toning and applying my favourite NIVEA face creme.
Then its time to Brush, Brush, Brush with my Colgate ProClincial C600 Toothbrush (see my full review here). 
It's so important to care for your skin and teeth in the morning and it only takes a few minutes so don't skip it out!


Okay, now that skincare is complete lets start with makeup!
I am first using my Revlon Photoready makeup primer allll over my face and applying with my fingertips! Its so soft and really blurs my skin to cover any imperfections!

This look is going to be light and fresh so I am not going to do a contour&highlight routine, I am just covering blemishes and dark areas with my Collection cover up stick concealer!

Next, I am going to apply a light cover of my Revlon Photoready foundation - just one pump will do! I am buffing this all over my face with my Real Techniques expert face brush. The combination of this foundation and brush gives a really smooth and flawless application!

Then I am just going to give my face a light spritz of this ELF mist and set spray - this will help my makeup stay in place when I'm out in all the fresh spring air!

Lets give this a sweet matte look! I am dusting this Collection sheer loose powder in 'translucent' all over my face with my Real Techniques powder brush! This not only gives a great matte finish but it also helps to keep make up from sliding around your face!

To prepare my eyes for eyeshadow I am just dabbing some concealer onto my eyelids with my finger -this will keep my eyeshadows in place and give a nice even base cover to work from!

Now I am taking this amazing Day Palette which I got from Primark - it was only £2.50 and has 8 great eyeshadows with great colour payoff!
I am using this white shadow and applying it allll over my eyelid with this small fluffy brush from ELF - don't worry it wont appear so bright white once we have blended some more eyeshadow in with it ;)

From the same palette, I am taking this matte brown shadow and applying it to the crease of my eyelid with my Real Techniques shading brush, this will define the shape of your eye and make them appear larger.
You can keep applying the shadow and blending until you are happy with the way it looks. I don't like this shadow to be really noticeable - just enough to define the shape of the eye :)

You can delicately wing this eyeshadow out to further enhance the shape of your eyes, if you like!

Next, lets pick up some eyeliner - you could use any type you prefer! I am using my Collection Eye Definition Liquid eyeliner and creating a subtle feline flick for femininity! 
I started by drawing a upward diagonal line from the outer corner of my eye, then, from the centre of my eye I drew a line to join up with the flick, then filled this in!
You could leave it like this or you can continue the line downward toward the inner corner of the eye, like I have done!

To finish off my eyes, I applied a swipe of my favourite mascara - EPIC lash by Victoria's Secret! This really makes the eyes pop and makes them extra girly!

I also framed my eyes by filling my brows in and enhancing the shape, I am using my brow brush and my most favourite ever brow tool - the MUA power brow pencil, this is great as it is easy to handle, steady and comes in a good range of shades!

Lets move on to the cheeks!
I started by taking my Hoola bronzer by Benefit and my angled contour brush by MUA and I gently contoured my cheeks and temples - this gives good structure to the face and stops it looking 'flat' and one dimensional!
I followed this by applying some candy pink blush to the apples of my cheeks with my kabuki brush! I am using MUAs powder bluish in shade 'Marshmallow' here!

To define my lips I am filling them in with this ELF Long wear lipliner pencil in shade 'Mauve Luxe' - this is a wonderful pinky purple shade which really compliments fair and dark skin tones alike!
I have left my lips like this but you could top them with some lip balm or lip gloss if you like!

Annnnd, to finish the look I am doing some gentle highlighting!
I am first going to dab some of this gorgeous ELF facial whip in shade 'Lilac Petal'  to the apples of my cheeks, it has a sweet rose hue and is opalescent in the light <3 dreamy! You only need a tiny bit of this as it goes a long way.
The last step is to pick up my Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights in 'Bare' and gently dab a tiny amount on my browbone and cupids bow - this will look so pretty in the light!

This makeup is so pretty and natural looking! It is simple to apply but really enhances your natural features and plays on the sunlight!


Once your makeup is looking great - you've got to find a pretty outfit to match!
Spring time in England isn't particularly warm but it nice to step out of the massive coats and darker fabrics and into floral prints, cheerful colours and sweet footwear!

I am wearing these sweet ankle length skinny pale blue jeans from New Look, and matching them with this lovely floral bubble top from Primark (I got this top in Primark last year but floral is all the rage again this spring so you can pick something similar up almost anywhere!).

This outfit is breezy, pretty and comfortable, all whilst being practical! You can add a cardigan or kimono on top to keep warm and whip it off when the sun comes out again!

I also like to keep my fragrance light in the warmer months - nothing too overpowering! I am spritzing on this lovely scent from Hollister - it is called 'Crescent Bay' and it is so summery and sweet!
As for shoes, I am stepping into my cute sparkle jellies which I picked up on eBay last year - however these seem to have become very popular lately and you can find them in most fashion stores for about £10! These are comfortable and go with everything! 

I also want to protect my eyes while out and about in the sun so I am putting on my Pink Ray bans ^_^ I love them so much!

Around Clanfield

Dan & I moved to Clanfield in February, and although we have been here a few months now, I haven't had much of a chance to look around because the weather hasn't been too great, so today was a great opportunity for me to go out and explore the village!
Clanfield is a small village in the English countryside, surrounded by farms and beautiful historical buildings up to 250 years old. I have always wanted to live in the country and this is just a great start to my dream <3

Our house is just opposite the church and around the corner from the local pub 'the Rising Sun'. It is beautiful and everyone is so friendly! We also live a couple of minutes walk from a car dealership which sell amazing vintage looking cars - oh to own one <3

I walked a little further down the roads (which are always empty and safe to walk up the middle of by the way!) and saw so much beautiful wildlife and nature. Flowers are blooming everywhere and birds sing sweet songs.
I love being able to look out over green, unspoiled fields and farms without a sky rise or house in sight and breathe fresh, unpolluted air!

I stopped to take pictures of some of my favourites sights around Clanfield, there are wonderful old houses with barns and log stacks, pretty wooden gates and country roads leading to farms and fields alike. I visited a farm which were selling freshly laid eggs from chickens, ducks and geese, all born and raised on the farm, for only 17p each!
I even spotted a little kitty and paused a while to play with him :)

Our new home is lovely and I cant wait to spend more time outdoors around the village now that the sun is showing its face more often!

I hope you enjoyed getting ready with me  & let me know if there are any tutorials you would like to see me post!

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