Spring Clean Your MakeUp Bag!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Howdy Honeybee's

We all have our favourite piece of make up that we just could not live without, or just cant bear the thought of parting with, but it is so important to bin your old make up regularly!

Keeping makeup past their expiration dates can lead to skin issues, infections and bacteria build ups & although it can be heartbreaking to throw out that lipstick which you use everyday as it suits your skin tone perfectly, you must take expiration dates seriously - they are there to protect you and your skin - and just think, if you throw out that lipstick - it makes room in your makeup bag for a shiny new one! yeyy ^_^

So, with spring just around the corner, its not only time to spring clean your house and your wardrobe, its time to sort out your make up bag, too!

Lets start with the Base ...

Foundation is something that most of us use daily - but do as many of us know how long to keep it around?

Foundation should be kept for 6 months after opening
Most of us will use it all in this time space anyway, but if you still have some left, the best bet is to bin it!
Foundation can clog up your skin leading to breakouts and spots, and if you keep it too long it will start to lighten - so it wont be any good anyway!
A good tip to keep your foundation in top condition is to store it out of direct sunlight, as the UV Rays can damage the preservatives it contains!


Lots of us use powders to set our foundation, the most important thing to remember about these is to ditch the sponge applicator that comes with most of them and use a brush instead - the sponges will just hold onto bacteria!

Powders will last you for around 12 months
If you notice the surface of the product starting to look shiny, its time to say goodbye - as all this oil will transfer to your delicate skin and can cause irritation.
Another good way of telling when your powder is ready to go, is if it gives you dry skin when you use it!
The best thing to do if you use powder make up is to keep your brushes clean - this will mean no dirt or bacteria will be transferred into the product and it will stay lovely and fresh for a flawless finish!


Some of us don't use eyeshadow everyday and a lot of us tend to switch up our favourite shade depending on the season - so its important to know when you first opened your eyeshadow - you could put a little label on the bottom to help you keep track.

Powder eyeshadows will stay good for 12-18 months
Because they are so tightly compacted and lack water it means that it is very hard for bacteria to contaminate them and spread. If you regularly wet your powder shadow to get a higher pigment, you should get rid of it after 6 months.
Cream eyeshadows should be thrown out after 6 months, not only because they will have started to dry out, but also because they are a good environment for bacteria to breed - and you don't want to spread that to your eyes.

The best way to maintain your eyeshadows is to not apply them with your fingers - dipping your fingers into the product will leave all the dirt and germs off of your hands on them and they will start to contaminate the product!


Eyeliner is a great eye enhancer - but it can also be dangerous to the eyes if not cared for and if kept too long!

Liquid Eyeliners should be kept for 3 months,
It doesn't sound like very long but you mustn't forget that this product gets very close to the eye and because of the liquid nature it can breed bacertia fairly easily -  and any bacteria that gets into the eye could potentially be harmful! Its better to be safe than sorry! Also, liquid Liners can dry out which means they wont perform as best they should and can begin to be flaky on the skin.
Pencil Liners can stay with you for a little longer - up to 18 months is the best amount of time. This is because they get sharpened which creates a clean,fresh and bacteria free surface on them - you can make this even better by sanatising your sharpener regularly!


I dont know about you - but I love mascara <3 I love my eyes more though and taking proper care of them is essential!

Mascara's should also be kept for 3 months!
This is for many of the same reasons as your liquid eyeliner - they can breed harmful bacteria and can also dry out - try not to 'pump' your mascara in the bottle too much as this allows extra air in which will dry out the product far more quickly!


Lashes add a real special touch to your eye make up but it is important to not re -use them too many times!

You can hang on to your lashes for 4-5 uses! 
Just make sure that you remove them carefully - remove any glue that may still be attached to them and ALWAYS store them in their box - or dust and dirt could settle on them - and you dont want to be pressing that onto your eyes!
There are certain lashes on the market (like velour lashes - here) which can be worn many more times as they are made from special materials! Just make sure you check the directions when you purchase yours!

**If you develop an eye infection - even if it is just in 1 eye - you MUST MUST MUST throw out all your eye make up and enhancers (Like lashes)- it could have touched the infection and repeat use could spread the infection or not let it heal, it is best to not wear make up until the infection dissapears and then start fresh with new products **


Concealer is a great product for hiding blemishes, but if you keep it past its best date - it can just create more problems rather than hiding them!

Concealer is at its best for 6-8 months
Concealer is primarily used to hide dark circles and cover blemishes on the skin so of course it is going to harbour some bacteria - and you dont want to be continuously spreading that around your face!
You could try applying your concealer with a sponge ot brush, as this will mean it will have much less chance of coming into contact with harmful dirt.
Concealer can also begin to become flaky and dry when its past its best, so if anything it will highlight your blemishes rather than hide them!


Blusher is a great way to give the face a little colour!

Just like Eyeshadows, blushers can stay around for 12-18 months.
 Similarly, they do not contain water so aren't going to harbour a lot of bacteria - try to use a different brush to apply your blusher than you use for your liquid foundation, as this could contain moisture too which will promote bacteria growth in the pot of blusher.


Lipsticks are oh so pretty, but if you keep them too long they can create problems such a ulcers - so don't get too attached!

Lipsticks should be kept for 12 months!
They are not made with water so wont grow bacteria on their own but are exposed to moisture when constantly applied to the lips, so this can mean they will begin to spread bacteria around!
You will know your lipstick is ready to be binned when it starts to be hard and not spread properly - it will drag the lips when swiped across them and look blotchy!


I hope you have found this little guide helpful! If you are ever in doubt about whether you make up has past its prime, just remember its better to be safe than sorry! Your mascara may make your lashes look larger - but it wont be so pretty if it gives you an eye infection!

What is your top tip for makeup care?

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