Salon Manicure at Home!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hello Honeybee's!

One of the best feelings in the world is having a beautiful new nail polish adorning your finger tips, all shiny and colourful!
When I used to work in the salon, one of my favoruite parts of the job was seeing the look on peoples faces when their manicure was finished and their nails were perfectly polished.

So, today, I want to share with you some of the salon secrets that I've learned to get a Perfect, professional manicure.

I'm sure lots of girls would love nothing more than to visit the salon once a week to have their nails painted - but lets be realistic, it gets expensive & with, a little practice, its nothing you cant do at home or with friends!

So, lets get together the essentials!

1. If you have long nails you might want to get some nail scissors ready
2. A coarse file gives precision shape and saves time
6. Your Favourite Hand cream
7. A base Coat, Colour Polish & Top Coat
 ** You May also want to have some nail polish remover & cotton discs to hand!**

You can click any of the links to find out where to buy these items - they don't cost much and last a long time - think how much use can get out of them compared to the price of one salon manicure.

Before we begin, I just want to say that it is important to do your manicure on a flat, stable surface with a protective cover that you don't mind getting dirty.

Let's start!

Begin with your hands Clean & dry - they will be much easier to work with as your hands wont be sliding all over the place!
Take the pointed end of your orange stick and carefully clean underneath your nails, wiping dirt onto a sheet of kitchen towel each time, so you don't spread bacteria.

Now take your nail file - I'm using this one by NSI as it is sturdy and coarse - and gently file your nails down to your desired shape. Its best to try and file them all to the same length too, as they will look much neater.
Make sure you file in one direction only - not back and forth or you risk splitting the nail and damaging it!

Let's pick up the orange/cuticle stick. You need to take the flat edge & gently push it against your cuticle. This is very important as if you don't maintain your cuticles they will grow up the nail and attach themselves to it - causing splitting and letting bacteria into the base of the nail from which is grows.
If you are sing cuticle nippers please be very careful, when they're new, they are so sharp! You will only need to trim your cuticles slightly - don't remove them completely!

 Now take the buffing block and rub it all over the nail surface to rough it up - this will get rid of any ditches or scuffs in your nails and make for a flat surface - great for flawless polish application!

 Next we need to brush off all that dust so pick up your smoothing block and rub it over your nails to make them smooth, clean and shiny!

When doing a manicure, its important to care for the hands as well as the nails, so take your favourite hand cream and rub it all over your hands, fingers and wrists!
Take your time on this step, massage the cream in well. Our hands go through so much, like weather conditions, cleaning products and everyday jobs, so it is important to take care of them.
You will need to rub some nail polish remover over your nails after doing this because the oils in hand cream can lead to poor polish application and premature chipping!

Now you need to choose a good base coat and apply a thin coat - this will create a good base for your colour polish and will stop any colour polishes staining your nails!
It is important to leave atleast 5 minutes between each coat of polish to allow it to completely dry.

Once your base is dry, take your favourite polish (I am using Barry M Silk Polish in Heather) and gently swirl the brush around the tip of the bottle to eliminate excess polish - you don't want to apply too much or it will be too thick and take an age to dry!
Once you've got your brush ready just do just one clean sweep up the centre of your nail - starting 1cm from the cuticle all the way up to the free edge - leaving this gap will mean you won't flood your cuticle with polish and your nail will have a nice even shape all the way up!
Then dip the brush back into the pot and repeat this step up the right side of your nail and then the same process on the left side!
Painting your nail this  way will ensure a clean, even coat with minimal drying time!

If required, once your first coat is dry, you can repeat with another coat to make the colour more opaque. Try not to do more than 2 coats, though, or your nail polish will be more prone to chipping and peeling!

And finally, finish your manicure with a strong top coat - this will prevent chipping for as long as possible and give gorgeous shine!
You can also apply a dry booster to help your nails dry faster - My favorites are this dry booster by LA Girl & this fast dry spray by Avon - they work so fast!

**Make sure that you never try to dry your nails by blowing on them - if you blow too close the air will leave patterns in your polish. More importantly, never try a hairdryer to dry your nails - the hot air will actually leave the polish tacky for even longer and you will wait ages for it to dry!**

You're ready! Gorgeous, flawless nails  to last you for days!
These small changes to your at home manicure will make it all the more professional looking and longer lasting!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial - Which other at home salon treatments would you like to see tutorials for?


  1. Thanks Emma, informative, easy to follow & some really handy tips.

    1. Thankyou so much! Glad you Enjoyed it & Have fun with your Manicure <3