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Monday, 10 March 2014

Hello Sweet HoneyBee's

I don't know about you, but I have tried out many a product that say they can improve the look of teeth - I'm quite shy about showing mine as they're not straight, so anything that could enhance them is more than welcome in my life!
So, as You can imagine I was very excited when Lauren from Colgate-Palmolive sent me a tube of their new Toothpaste 'Colgate Max white one Optic' which promises to instantly whiten your teeth!

This toothpaste is brand new and not only does promise to give you progressive stain removal but it also says it will instantly whiten your teeth after use!
It comes in the same lovely metallic red packaging as the Colgate Max white one range and is priced at £4.49 per tube.

When I first squeezed the product out I was quite surprised at how thick it was but it still has a lovely fresh scent and it features optic brighteners (the little blue pieces) which reflect blue light and make your teeth appear whiter! I also loved the way that it shimmers in the light!

Ahh cringe moment! My teeth are not very white usually - I brush them twice a day and use mouthwash each time but I don't use whiteners or a whitening toothpaste. 
I hate smiling with my teeth showing as my front teeth aren't very straight and I have a stain in the middle of them (not sure why as I don't smoke, or drink tea or coffee!).

But after using the toothpaste my teeth were visibly whiter! They weren't paper white - which, to be honest, I'm glad about - but they definitely looked nicer and it made me feel more confident to smile! I still have the stain in the middle of my teeth but I'm hoping that this will fade with repeated use of the toothpaste, as promised.
I brushed for 3 minutes and used my usual mouthwash (Colgate whitening ones are available, though!) and my teeth & mouth felt fresh, tingly & clean!
I was worried that the toothpaste might sting my mouth because of the fast action whitening but I needn't have worried as there was no such sensation!

I would definitely recommend this toothpaste to anyone who would like to whiten their teeth without having to use at home whitening kits or visiting a salon! It would be perfect to use before a night out or a special occasion as you can feel comfortable smiling in all the lovely photos!

This toothpaste costs a little more than I would usually spend but I was really happy with the results and I would definitely buy it again as it gave me so much more confidence, plus Colgate work with healthcare professionals so I know that my teeth are being well looked after!
You can try it out for just £2.20 in Superdrug (here) right now - as well as the matching mouthwash for £1.95!

Which is your favorite toothpaste?

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