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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hello My Flowers!

Just like me, I'm sure a lot of you were spoilt rotten at Christmas, with new makeups and bath & body treats coming outta your ears!
Dan was so sweet and bought me a massive set of Soap&Glory Products! I had never tried them before but I heard many a good thing on Various blogs & my Twitter feed, also, Dan said how much he liked the men's Soap&Glory Range, so I was really excited to try mine out!

I wanted to give these products a thorough try before I reviewed them, so here is a post on my thoughts!

I'm gonna start with my favourite (I say that now, but I'm sure as the post goes on ill be saying everything is my new favourite haha!).
This is 'Sugar Crush', its a fresh, zingy and amazing body wash! The formula is creamy and so soft & it smells incredible, its a fruity and citrus-y and almost fizzy scented!
I have used this as good as every single day since Christmas and you wouldn't even know I've picked it up - it lasts ages and the bottle is huuuge!
This Retails at £6.50

This is 'Butter Yourself' a soap & Glory moisturiser. When Used after the sugar crush body wash it makes my skin super smooth for ages! 
It smells very sweet, girly and fruity - its made with orange water & fig (plus loads of other ingredients), so its really fresh and you feel so clean and nice after using it!
I really like that this is a pump dispensed moisturiser as it means you don't have to dip your fingers into a tub and wont risk spreading bacteria!
This Bottle Costs £10.00

Say hello, to Peaches&Clean, the 3-in-1 moisturiser which smells as sweet as its name!
This product is lovely, its so gentle and milky on the skin and it can remove even waterprooof mascara! I love that you don't have to scrub your skin with this, you just delicately massage it in and then wipe away all traces of makeup & dirt <3
This Bottle is £8.00

Hand Food is the perfect hand cream! I love keeping this with me in my handbag as the cold winter air can really make your hands suffer, but this restores them right away! It smells very sweet and is so thick and luxurious - plus its made with marshmallow!!
This Retails at just £5.00

Heel Genius is just great! I like to apply this and then put on some cute socks and leave it to absorb overnight, my feet feel so soft and refreshed after! This is great to use when you've had a long day on your feet and they need a bit of care - it smells all fresh and minty and your feet will thankyou after!
I also plan on using this right as summer hits, it will make my feet all clean and lovely for sandal season!
This will cost you £5.50

Scrub 'em & Leave 'em is the best scrub I have used - it is so coarse - not enough that it'll scratch your skin but effective enough to leave you smooth from head to toe! This is made with jojoba oils and it is even scented with S&G 'Mist you Madly' Scent - so you get a double S&G hit in one! 
This tub is £8.00

Scrub of your life is another fantastic body scrub, however this one is more gentle and suitable for everyday use. It smells all girly and it foams up when used!  This is much more liquidy than 'Scrub 'em & Leave 'em' as it is a shower gel with scrub beads rather than just a body scrub!
This one costs £7.00

After all that scrubbing, its important to restore some moisture to the skin & when I'm looking for a richer moisturiser than 'Butter yourself' this is what I go to! It looks as though I've hardly used any but that's because a little goes a long, long way!
It smells fresh and has even won an award, and the thing I like most about this product is that even though it is so thick, it is not oily and doesn't leave you feeling all greasy & slippery!

XL Extreme Plump is a lipgloss which makes your lips appear fuller and larger! When you apply it your lips feel all tingly (not painful in any way!) and it starts to work its magic, my lips didn't change drastically but I did notice they were a little plumper than before.
This gloss comes in a variety of shades so every girl can give it a try.
This will cost you £10.00

Thick & Fast is an amazing mascara! It really does what it says; lashes look voluminous, dark and long in just a coat - I didn't want to apply more than 1 coat as my lashes already looked just how I wanted!
This costs £10.00 which is a little more than I'd usually spend on mascara, but for the results I would be happy to buy it again!


Overall, I was so happy with the results from my new Soap & Glory products, I cant wait to try out some more of their range - I've especially got my eye one the New 'Daily Youth Face wash' and the 'Righteous Butter Body Shimmer' - it looks so Pretty!

Have you Tried anything by Soap & Glory Before - What would you Recommend I try next?

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