Pink Crush Valentine's Look

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hello Pretty Flowers!

I hope you are all looking forward to Valentines day - even if you don't have a date planned its a great day to spend some time with your friends and family and show them how much you love them - and its a chance to get dressed up!

This being said, here is the last of my Looks for valentines day, you can see my Natural glow look here and my Midnight sparkle look here, but this final one is going to be a look for all the girls who like to keep their style feminine and adorable on valentines day - this is Pink Crush <3

This look is fresh, cute and girly! Perfect for those who like to keep it simple and also for you younger girls who want to wear a little make up on valentines day!

Lets start now!

As always you should start by making sure your skin is completely clean and moisturised - this will make your makeup look even and flawless!
Lets apply a primer to even out the skin tone and stop the foundation from sliding and oxidising! I am using this one by Seventeen - its suuuper soft and smooth. 
Lets also exfoliate those lips for a perfect pout - it'll make your lips soft and help stimulate blood flow to make them more voluptuous! I am using this lip exfoliator from ELF cosmetics but if you don't have one you can easily make one at home using brown sugar, honey and a splash of olive oil.

 Now lets do some light contouring for a cute face structure! 
I am using this contour powder by BH Cosmetics to contour my cheek bones, around my hair line and from just under the inner corner of my eyebrow right down the sides of my nose and on the tip of my nose to make it looks smaller and more feminine! I also contoured just under the middle of my bottom lip for a beautiful shaped lip!

Its time to apply some foundation - you can use whichever one is your favourite! 
I am using this pure liquid mineral foundation by Maybelline and applying it with a make up wedge all over my face and blending it into my neck so I don't have a 'tide line'!

Now lets use some concealer to highlight our faces! Apply some underneath your eyes, down the centre of your nose and on your cupids bow and gently blend it in with your finger or the other side of your make up wedge! This will cover any blemishes and make you look radiant!

We can use some powder to set our makeup in place and really keep it looking flawless for hours! I am using this sheer translucent powder by collection and buffing it all over my face with my kabuki brush! This powder is lightweight and doesnt make you look cakey - plus it is translucent so it wont leave you with an orangey flush!

Its time to decorate your peepers!
Let's start by priming the lids, to help your eyeshadow stay in place and help it to apply evenly. I applied this ELF eyelid primer on my eyelid and dabbed it in with my fingers gently!
Then as a base shadow I am taking this Jumbo eye liner pencil by L.A colors in shade 'pretty in pink' and smudging it alllll over the eyelid and just above the crease, you can blend this in with a brush a little if you like!

The next step for the eyes is to draw the colour out a little - pink can be hard to wear on some skin tones but if we apply a shimmery champagne shade over the top of it, it will be more wearable and balanced, but still girly and pretty!
I am using this shade 'bootycall' from the Urban decay Naked 2 palette and my fluffy brush to blend it in with the pink shade we applied earlier!
* I Really need to get a better camera so you can see the pigments more - any suggestions?!*

 Now lets add a little depth back into the eyes .. wearing such light shadows can make the eyes look flushed out but if we add in some natural tones it will re-balance the eyes and bring them to life!
Take a very light matte brown ... like this one called 'Tease', also from the UrbanDecay Naked 2 palette and apply it just on the outer two thirds of the crease of your lid!
Then, on the outer corner of your lid apply a slightly darker shade of brown, like this one called 'SnakeBite' from the same palette - you can wing this out slightly to give a smokey effect to the eye <3

Next, we can create some flirtation with a little eyeliner ;) This will open the eye and give it beautiful shape!
I am using this black liquid liner by Collection to create a delicate feline flick - but you could use whichever eyeliner you are most comfortable with!
If you are not sure on how to apply your liner, you can check out my guide just here!

You can easily make your eyes more open and defined with a swipe of your favourite mascara - I am using this Victoria's secret epic lash mascara as it separates my lashes and makes them long and dark! I applied this to my top and bottom lashes.
You could even add one some false lashes for extra girlyness, but as I am keeping this a simple and casual look, I have decided to leave them out!

Now lets really make those eyes shimmer and shine! 
I'm taking this Jumbo eye pencil by L.A colors in shade 'iridescent light' and applying it just on the inner corner of my eye and on the inner third of my lower lash line - this will make the eyes appear open and so bright!
Lets also highlight those brows for maximum eye appeal <3 You can use any highlighter you like best and gently sweep it just along the brow bone and blend in to make the area appear larger and more structured - I am using this all over colour stick by ELF in shade 'spotlight' - I love this as it is not too harsh, it is perfectly subtle!

Lets follow this by giving a little exrta structure to the face - I am going to apply a delicate sweep of blusher just along my cheek bone - we have already contoured here so you really don't need much, just enough to give nice definition!
Then add a little colour to those cheeks! As the eyes are so shimmery I am going to use a matte blush so that the whole face is not overloaded. I am using a pea sized amount of this ELF HD blush in shade 'Headliner' and dabbing it just onto the apples of my cheeks for a cute pink cheek!

Now we can complete the look with some pout action! 
I know some of you don't like to wear bold lipsticks so I have shown a possible alternative below because this look is very versatile and will work with whatever you are comfortable with!
The first option is this hot pink lip - to achieve this I used the MUA Luxe Lip Velvet in shade 'funk' - these are great as they dry matte and do not budge for hours!

Or, you could try a lighter pink lip - this is very cute and girly - and not too bold if you are having a daytime date/hangout! I think I like this one best!
To get this lip I used the Maybelline color sensation lipstick in shade 'pink pearl' and just applied one swipe!

Ohhh! and don't forget to spritz with your favourite scent before you go! I am also using some of this cute glitter puff I got from the body shop!

I hope you all liked this look! Its simple, beautiful and very, very girly! You can shop the products by clicking the little links under the images <3
Which has been your favourite of all my Valentine's Looks?

I also wanted to take this chance to tell you about a very special blog post I am planning and want you to be involved with! 
I will be writing a post named 'my perfect imperfections' where I will be celebrating our imperfections and appreciating how they make us unique, individual, beautiful and most important - they make us who we are! So, I want you all to tell me about your perfect imperfections and be featured in the post - everyone who sends me a comment will be featured as I want us all to feel special! You can send me an image or just a comment, but don't be shy - join in!


  1. This look is very romantic! I never wear pink on eyes, maybe I should try for a change :)

    1. I'm so pleased you like it <3 you should definitely give it a try - the pink is very subtle and not too loud or shocking so it's very wearable! I hope you have fun testing it out <3 happy Valentine's day!!