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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hello Honeybee's! <3

I was very lucky & one of my Dear Friends bought me some amazing Victorias Secret Treats for Christmas, I was so excited that I just had to show you!

I have never owned anything from Victoria's Secret before, but have always admired the products! 
I unwrapped the 'Strawberry & Champagne' Body Mist & the 'EPIC Lash' Mascara! Eeek! Both are available to buy through the Victorias Secret Website Here.

This is EPIC Lash - a Beautiful Mascara by Victorias secret. I dont know if all the VS Models wear this - but if they dont, then they really should be - its brilliant!
The tube is elegant and classy (just how you would expect), and the wand is thick and flexible!

Here are some images of my eyelashes without and with the mascara! The first image is (obviously) wearing no mascara, then with 1 coat, then 2! 

You can see that the mascara has really intensified my lashes - making them appear longer, larger, darker and much more voluminous! I love it!

The mascara is very silky and doesn't flake, even after a full day of wear.

I usually always wear eyeliner because I don't feel like just mascara is enough on my eyes, however, I would feel comfortable enough to just wear this mascara alone as it adds plenty of definition!

Here are a few images of my eyes when I added some liquid liner with the mascara - my eyelashes have never looked so good - I think I would have to say that I prefer this mascara to Benefit's 'They're Real'!
My eyelashes are noticeable, even from a distance! The mascara is not clumpy at all and makes my eyelashes so dark - just how I like!

I would suggest everyone try this mascara! I would definitly buy it again and will make it a makeup bag staple from now on <3

I also wanted to mention the Strawberry & Champagne body mist! 
I have smelled it before but never bought it, and now I'm not sure why? I have used it every day since I was given it and have received lots of compliments!
It smells exactly like what it says - very pretty and sweetly scented <3 
This fragrance is delicate enough to wear shopping and light enough to wear to the beach! Its just perfect - and of course the beautiful pink bottle is a winner too!

If these are the products the VS models get to use everyday then I know why they are smiling so much! How do I sign up?!

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