My £1 Dress

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Yes honeybee's, you read it right - I got a dress for £1!! 

Last week my mum told me about a new fashion website she had heard talk of on 'This Morning', she said all of the items were £20 or less and they offer free delivery - so obviously I had to take a peek ;)

The company are called hidden fashion and they are a relativity new fashion website - you can see the collection here!

I have to say, when I first tried entering the website, it was incredibly slow - I can only assume this was because a lot of other people had seen it on the TV that morning too and wanted to have a look around, so I tried again the next day and it was much much better!
They offer a wide range of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories - something for everyone!

I browsed the 'under £7' section and, unbelievably, came across a dress for £1!!

The dress has this cute polka dot mesh scalloped edged collar (what a mouth full!) and it has an elastic waistband - which I put this cute horsey belt around!
It has a nice amount of material at the bottom so that it pleats and hangs well - its so so comfy and I cant believe I got it for only £1 plus free postage!
 Obviously this is a bargain that cant be declined so I picked up one for my sister too and she was very pleased when I surprised her with it!
I'm not sure that they have any left now but there are plenty of other bargains in the 'under £7' section!
The delivery time was great and I also received emails to let me know what stage of delivery my order was at, which is always lovely <3

Hidden fashion have such an amazing range of on trend and up-to-date clothing and accessories and it just goes to show you don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to look (and feel) fashionable!

I hope you have fun browsing their store and let me know what bargains you pick up!


  1. Gorgeous dress + thanks for the idea of a low cost clothing retailer ♥

    1. So glad you like it :D it really is a lovely website & it's so nice to be able to afford the latest trends! Happy shopping ^_^