Midnight Sparkle Valentine's Look

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hello Honeybee's!

Welcome to my next Valentine's Post. This is going to be a more Dramatic and eye-catching look for you ladies who like to get dressed up to the nines on date night! It'll be a perfect look for a dinner date, a going-out-for-drinks date or, well, whatever you have planned!

** If you prefer a more toned down and subtle look, take a peek at my 'Natural Glow' makeup tutorial here <3 ** 

This look is all about being bold, defined and glamorous, it accentuates your gorgeous eyes and shapes your face to perfection. You'll be sure to hold your dates attention and be on his mind for days to come!
This Look can take quite some time to complete and may take a little practice - so leave yourself plenty of time before your date begins to get yourself ready - you don't want to go out stressed and flustered.

Lets Begin!

 Start by cleansing your face and patting it dry - this will remove any dirt, old makeup and dead skin cells, to give you a brighter skin.
Then take a primer, such as this Maybelline baby skin, and apply it all over your face to minimise pores and make a smoother base for your makeup application.

Now, pick up your favourite contour powder and contour your cheek bones, temples, down the sides of your nose, your hairline and also your jawline!
I am using the BH Cosmetics Contour & Blush Palette!
Contouring helps define (or change) the shape of the face and it accentuates key areas! You can see my full contour routine here!

Now, lets highlight! 
Take your favourite concealer and apply it down the centre of your nose and in a fan shape on your forehead, under your brows, in a downward triangle under your eyes, under your cheek bones, on your chin and on your cupids bow.
Gently blend this into your face with a make up wedge, trying to blend into the contour, so you don't end up with any visible clear-cut lines.

Some girls will be comfortable leaving their skin like this, but if, like me, you want a little more coverage then take your favourite foundation and just gently apply a small amount all over the face, I'm using Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid Foundation.
Then I am setting this with some of Collection's Sheer loose powder in shade translucent. This will stop your makeup from sliding and it keep it in place until you are ready to remove it!
If you have applied foundation, don't worry, you wont be covering up your contour work - it will still keep your face a nice defined shape!

Now, lets start on the main feature - your eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul - so define yours and make them really pop!
I'm starting with a base shade which I am applying all over my lid and right up to the brow. This shade is from the MUA Undress me too palette.
Its a good idea to use a base shade as it will even out the tone of your eyelid, so any colour you apply will look smooth and flawless!

Now, take a matte brown shade of shadow and apply this onto the outer two thirds of the eye in a very slight wing shape. I'm using this shade from the same MUA Palette. Its important to use a matte shade as we will be using a shimmer shade in the next step, so it wont be too overwhelming!
Follow this with a shimmer gold shade, like this one from the MUA Undress me too palette and apply this all over your eyelid - right into the corners.

Here's the fun part - pick up your black pencil liner and just gently draw a line along the crease of your eye - this doesn't have to go right down to the inner corner of your eye, but try to pull it to a flick on the outer corner. 
Don't worry if it is not perfect as you will need to next pick up a flat brush and blend it out a little - this will give you an opportunity to even it out. 

Next, take a matte black eyeshadow, and your same flat brush and just gently dab some shadow onto the line and blend it in slowly, this will increase the pigment and really make the cut-crease stand out, making your eyes look larger and more apparent!
You can Just keep adding a little at a time until you are happy with the effect - this is the part that will take some time so just don't get flustered and if you feel you want to start again, use a cotton bud to remove the parts you're unhappy with - that way you wont have to start completely from the beginning!

Lets define your eyes a little more - pick up a black eyeliner - this could be gel, liquid or pencil - whatever you are most comfortable with, and create a thick line with a gentle flick on the outer corner. Try to keep it as close to your lash line as possible and make it thinner on the inner corner, thicker in the middle and then more delicate on the flick (You can see my full eyeliner guide here.)
Then you can continue the liner on your bottom lash line - keep the line connected to the flick and draw it on the outer two thirds of the eye in a thin line!
The, take your black pencil liner and just fill in your bottom waterline. This makes the look more dramatic and really makes your eye colour pop!

Now, lets make it a little more girly. 
Using your favoutite mascara (I'm using Victorias Secret EPIC Lash) just apply one coat to your top and bottom lashes and allow it to dry.
Once your mascara is dry you can enhance the eyes further by adding some false lashes - I got these from Primark and they are only £1, they're very natural and full looking so they are the perfect addition to this look.
If you are applying lashes just measure them up to your eye before you put the glue on - as sometimes they can be too long for your eye, so you will need to snip a little bit off the inner corner, then you can put on the glue and apply them to your lashes! Once they are on, just apply a thin coat of your mascara to keep them close to the natural lash and stop them from falling off.

I then went back in with my gold shadow and put some on the inner corners of my eyes and I filled in my brows, too!

Some of you may not want to do this as we have already contoured, but I picked up some bronzer and gently dusted some along my cheek bones to define them!
I used MUA Bronzing powder.

Annnddd, the final step is the lips! I am keeping them a nude colour as the eye make up is very intense, but if you feel brave you could wear your favourite colour.
I took this ELF lipstick in shade 'Nostalgic' and just filled in my lips! If you prefer not to wear lip stick you could keep your lips natural or you could fill them in with you favourite liup liner pencil!

&& so you're ready! Glamourous and good-to-go!
This look really has everything, sparkle, intensity, drama and definition and it will certainly catch your dates eye and make him take a second look! You can wear this with most any outfit and you will have lots of fun creating it!

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I'd Love to see your Valentine's Look, Just send a picture to me on facebook, or tag #plvalentine on instagram for my Valentine's Reader Feature!

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