D.I.Y Valentine's Card

Monday, 13 January 2014

I don't know about you, but I've always thought that homemade gifts top store bought any day! Its so much more thoughtful and I know I always appreciate things so much when someone has put in so much time & effort to hand make them for me! Also, being home made means it is a one off and completely unique! 

So, with Valentines just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to make a beautiful card from scratch for someone you love!

This card is Pretty & simple to make - you wont need anything fancy like glue guns and you can get all the bits online or in your local craft store!
When I think of Valentines, I think of love hearts, cupid & of course, cupids magical love arrows - so this cute arrow card is the perfect way to hit your valentines heart this year!

Lets start with what you will need; 

I used some of these wooden skewers, some feathers, some red diamantes, a red marker pen, a black marker pen, some sticky glue dots, some white card and of course a blank card and envelope.
Pictured here are also some Distress inks and some red and white striped string. I didnt use these but I feel they would add the last finishing touch if you want to mix my design up a little.

Lets Begin!

Okay, let's start by drawing some love hearts on your blank piece of card (not the actual card you are going to use) with your red marker pen. You will need some larger hearts (do as many larger ones for as many arrows as you plan on having) and as many smaller hearts as you like. Put this aside to dry.

You will also need to cut your skewers into equal sized 'arrows'. Please be careful when you do this as they can fray and give you splinters - so just watch your fingers. I did 3 of them as I was using a small card but if you're doing a bigger card then you could make more! You can also file the edges so there are no loose strands. You can measure the arrows by placing a skewer on your card and then making the arrow a little smaller than it on each end.

The next thing I did was take my black marker pen and decorate the arrows with random and ornate patterns. You could use do this however you like, I have drawn a mix of stripes, blocks and spots! You will also need to let this dry for a few minutes so you don't smudge them!

Now take your feathers and, using your sticky glue dots, stick the same amount of feathers as you have arrows onto your card. I am having 3 arrows so I placed 2 feathers at the top of the card and 1 at the bottom.

Next, cut out your larger hearts and then put 3 sticky glue dots on the back of each one. Then take one of your arrows and stick it to the middle dot.

You then just need to line the arrow up to the centre of the feather and press the other 2 glue dots onto the card. I didn't stick the other end of the arrow to the feather as it stayed in place on its own :)

A final touch I did was to apply a small red diamante to the corner of each heart - it finishes everything very nicely and looks pretty & sparkly!

You could also cut out the smaller hearts you drew and arrange then onto the card - I decided not to do this as I was using a small card and didn't want it to look too crowded.

Now you're all done! Your card is beautiful and ready to be sent to your valentine, Just add your own special message!

I hope you all enjoyed this pictorial - let me see your valentines cards - just tag me on Instagram with #plvalentine <3

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