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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Hello My Honeybee's..

Welcome back to My MakeUp Basics Series - We'll make MakeUp artists of you yet!

I hope you all found the Perfect Eyeliner Tutorial Useful!

Today I am continuing the series with a Helpful Tutorial on Creating beautiful smokey eyes! This look is perfect for any occasion - a lunch date, a party, date night, shopping - anything! It will enhance your eyes and give you a lovely glow!

As Always, you should start with a clean, dry, moisturised face! This will mean your makeup will stay put for hours and will apply flawlessly!

To create the smokey eyes I am going to be using The MUA Undress Me Too Palette (£4)!

When applying eyeshadow I always use an Eyelid primer - this gives your eyeshadow something to grip to and stops it from sliding around your face! I am using ELF's Eyelid primer (£1.50) and applying it all over my lid.

To Begin creating your smokey-ness, you will need a light brown matte shade of eyeshadow (number 1 on my first image!). Using a small round fluffy brush - Like this ELF Eye crease brush -  fill in your eyelid, and just above the crease. Try to bring this out to a winged shape (or a large V shape) on the outer edge of the eye!

Now take a darker brown shade (number 2 on my top image) - this can be matte or shimmer- and an angled eyeshadow brush like this MUA Eyeshadow contour brush and start by creating a large V shape on the outer corner of each eye, then blend it out by moving the brush in a windscreen wiper motion along your eye crease and small brushing motions along your upper lash line and on the outer 2 thirds of your eye. 

Next take a black eyeshadow (labelled number 3 on my top image), this can also be matte or shimmer, and a flat eyeshadow brush, like this ELF smudge brush. You need to Gently draw a flick shape on the outer corner of your eye with the black eyeshadow - dont worry if it is not too neat for now!
You can also put a small amount along the outer third of your lower lashine - this will balance the eyeshadow out a little.

If you have a larger fluffy brush, Like this ELF Contour brush, then just gently brush over all of the eyeshadows to smudge and blend them together!
You should look something like this so far!

Now its time to add some extra definition! I am using this Collection Eye definition liquid liner (£2.99) and creating a small cat eye flick (see my Perfect eyeliner tutorial - here-  for a guide to getting the best out of your eyeliner!) - this will define your eyes and really make them pop!

The next step I do while the eyeliner is drying, is create a strong brow - this is quite a dramatic eye look so I feel that having a strong brow doesn't allow the face to look swamped from the dark eyeshadow!
To fill in my brows I am using this new MUA Luxe Power brow (£3) - They come in a range of shades and come with a highlighter on one end!

If you dont have a stick highlighter, a powder one will work just as well! I am using this MUA Undress your skin highlighter (£3) and the same ELF smudge brush (make sure you clean it off first!). 
Just pick up a little highlighter on the brush and gently dust your brow bone (under your eyebrows) and, if you like, the inner corners of your eyes!

This step is optional but I always like to add a little sparkle when wearing this look to a party!
I am using this golden shimmer (number 4 on my top image) and the same flat ELF smudge brush.
All you need to do is pick up a little bit of the eyeshadow by dabbing the brush into the eyeshadow (dont overload your brush!), and then gently press it acorss the outer two thirds of the eye!

Now, take a black pencil liner, like this MUA Glitter Pencil liner in 'starry night'(£1), and just line your water line - this gives the eye lovely shape and makes the colour of your eye shine through!

My Favourite part!! Lashings of Lashes!! 
Just take an eyelash curler if you have one, and curl each set of lashes, holding the curler in place for 10 seconds - don't worry this wont ruin your eyeliner or eyeshadow!
After the lashes are nicely curled jut apply your favourite mascara - I'm using Benefits 'They're Real' mascara (see my post all about it here) (£19.50)

If you're wearing this look on date night, or to a party, it can be nice to add some false lashes for extra girly-ness! 
Im wearing these MUA false lashes in Sassy (£2)! 
The best way to apply your lashes is to take them from the packet and hold them against your eye to see if they need trimming down to your eyeshape. Then hold them in a pair of tweezers and apply some eyelash glue, wait until this is tacky and then carefully press them very close to your lashline!

This step isnt part of the eye look and some girls may disagree - but when I am wearing a bold eye look like this, I always try to wear a more natural or nude colour on my lips - it makes the look balanced and not OTT! I am choosing this ELF Long Wear pencil Lip Liner in 'Natural Blush' (£1.50).

You look Gorgeous Glam!! 
Your new eye look is complete and ready to go!

But dont forget to remove it when your done! Your eye skin is so delicate and is one of the first places to age, so always, Always, ALWAYS remove your eye make up - even after a long night out!
I am using this Nivea Double effect eye make up remover (£3.59), I love it because it has the strength to remove waterproof mascara but it so gentle to the skin - it doesn't even need to be rubbed on! It also cares for your eyelashes - BONUS! 
When removing your eye makeup, always rub or press the remover with your ring finger, as this is the finger that applies least pressure - keeping your delicate eyes as beautiful as they are!

Lecture over! hehe!

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I hope you beautys found this tutorial useful - especially for the upcoming party season! Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see me give a tutorial on in my Makeup Basics Series!
& dont forget you can always get involved on my Facebook page - just here!

Bye Bye for now <3

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