Cute Little Elf Look!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas is only 22 days away and I have been as busy as one of Santas Little Helpers', getting lots of festive posts ready for all you Beautiful angels!

This Cute Little Elf Look is Perfect for all those Christmas Parties - fancy dress or not! You can Recreate it so easily with all your favourite make up & some Christmas Sparkle!

So, Lets Begin ...

Like always, start with a clean, dry face for the most perfect and smooth application!
Then apply your foundation!
I am using a 50/50 mix of this Nivea Tinted moisturiser and MUA Undress Your Skin Liquid foundation, applied with a sponge.
Apply this all over your face and neck.

Now, lets add some concealer!
I am using this Hide&Conceal stick by MUA and drawing long triangles from under my eyes to the corners of my nose, and a straight line down the centre of my nose.
You can gently blend this in with your fingers (try to use your ring finger, as this is the most gentle one!). 
Blend the concealer as if you were filling in the traingle, and gently smooth it down your nose so its less of a block line.

Next, I am adding some translucent powder for a flawless finish and to help my make up stay in place.
I apply this with a lovly kabuki brush all over the face and neck, where the foundation was applied.

Lets Prime those Peepers!
I'm using this ELF eyelid primer and appling it all over my eyelid in a slight winged shape, this will help my eyeshadow grip and stop it wearing away!
You can then smooth this out a little by dabbing over it with your finger!

Next, you need to add a base shadow!
Choose a naked/nude colour, such as this Bourjois little pot of shadow in shade 01!
Using a small fluffy brush apply a light layer of the shadow over your primer.

Now its time to choose a light brown eyeshadow!
I am using this MUA matte brown Shadow.
Using a slightly larger fluffy brsh, apply this in the crease of your eye and blend it into a  slight winged shape on the outer 2 thirds of your eye.
This doesnt need to be particulalry dark, so just build up a little at a time until you are happy with the shape.

Lets be brave and add some colour!!
Choose a dark shade of green, I am using this one from the BH cosmetics 'Take me to Brazil' Palette, and, using an angled eyeshadow brush, apply it in a more dramatic winged shape on the outer corner of your eye.

Now pick out a lighter shade of Green shadow (mine is from the same Palette as above!), and blend it into the darker shade, using your angled eyeshadow brush!
I understand that this is quite a bright shade and not everyone will be comfortable wearing it, but I assure you, if you build it up slowly, and once it had been paired with the next few steps, you will love it and feel much better about trying it!

Yeyy! Glitter! My favourite step <3
If you don't have any professional glitter fix, just use some ordinary eye wash and splash a little onto your large fluffy brush, then carefully dab this over the inner 2 thirds of your eye!
Then dip the brush into your pot of gold glitter (mine is from eBay!) and gently dab this over where you just placed the eye wash.

Beautiful! <3 
This is so perfect for the Christmas season, its sparkly! and gorgeous!

Now take a chocolate brown eye pencil, like this MUA pencil in shade 'Malt Chocolate', and draw a tiny V shape on the outer corner of your eye and, using your angled eyeshadow brush, smoke it out for some drama!

Lets add some definition!
Using your favourite eyeliner - this could be pencil, felt, liquid, gel - whatever you like best - create a small cat eye flick. 
This will be extra sweet and girly!
I am using Collections eye definition liquid eyeliner in black.

Next, just apply a light layer of mascara - don't build it up too much just yet, and only apply to your top lashes!
I am using this MUA Lash Boom.

Lets apply some Cute Lashes!
I am applying these thick, black, dramatic lashes by kissed lashes, called 'the flirty one', I have cut the outer corner off and just stuck that on, as it will create a very cute doe-eyed look. 
Then you can just go back in with your mascara and add another layer to blend in the false lashes a little better - still only applying to your top lashes!

Now I am balancing out my eyes by applying a small line of the same dark green shadow on the outer third and this beautiful rose gold pencil liner , 'Gold Nugget' by MUA, on the inner 2 thirds and the under the tear duct.
Then apply your mascara to your bottoms lashes!

This step is optional, but i feel it makes the colour of your eyes really pop!
Just line your waterline with a black pencil liner, like this Intense glitter liner in starry night by MUA.

Now, I am going to make my face look a little more delicate and character like by contouring!
Taking a bronzer, like this one by MUA, and a contour brush, apply bronzer just under your cheek bones and down the sides of your nose!
The easiest way to do this is to suck in your cheeks and apply the bronzer where the hollow spot appears!

Next, lets add some trademark elf red lips!
Start by lining your lips - this will make sure you apply your lipstick as neatly as possible and it will also mean your lipstick wont bleed and smudge!
I am lining my lips with this lip pencil by MUA in 'Brooding Plum', I'm making my lips slightly more pointed so they look more character like!
I am then filling in my lips with a bold red - I'm Using one of the new MUA lip velvet's in shade 'Reckless', but you could use your favouite red!

And finally lets add some cute pink cheeks!
I am dabbing on some of this ELF HD blush in shade 'Headliner' with my fingertips - I'm using a little more than usual to get the 'fresh-from-the-north-pole' look ;)

And no Elf would be complete without their cute little hat!
I picked this up in the £1 shop, it did have some little ears on it but I pulled them off as I wasn't to keen on them!
I also found this huuuuge candy cane in a local craft shop for £1.50 - you could probably pick this up in mot costume stores - its so cute!
I tied my hair in little bunches as it was playful and cute - perfect for little Elves!

Now you're ready to go! Beautiful sparkly eyes and plump defined lips! Mwah!

Merry Christmas my little Elfs! I hope you've been busy helping Santa do all his Christmas shopping!

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I hope you all enjoyed this look - let me know if there are any others you'd like to see before Christmas <3