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Monday, 9 December 2013

Hello honeybee's!

I hope you all enjoyed my Cute Little elf look last week (see it here!), but if you are looking for something a little different for your christmas Party ... look no further!

Reindeer are a magical part of christmas and I wanted to create all the fun they bring!

This look is easy to do and looks so cute!

 Lets Begin!

Start with your face clean and dry - this is very important as your clean skin will mean your make up will apply more evenly and flawlessly!
Then apply your foundation - I am using a mix of BH Cosmetics liquid foundation in 'Light rose' & MUA undress your skin in 'Porcelain'!
I mixed the 2 together as I wanted quite a fair complexion for this delicate look! I applied this with makeup wedges.

 Now lets apply some powder to hold the foundation in place and keep this look very dainty - I am using MUA Matte perfect translucent powder and buffing it on in circles with my kabuki brush <3

Preparing the eyes for make up is essential to make sure it applies at seamlessly as possible and stays put for as long as you need.
I am priming the eyes with this ELF eye primer - I'm applying this all over the eyelid and slightly above the crease in the eyelid.

Next, lets add a base eyeshadow!
I am using this Little pot of shadow by Bourjois in 'shade 01' and applying it with my small fluffy brush from ELF.
I am applying this all over where I just applied my primer!

Next I am taking a shimmer white eyeshadow , like this one from the BH Cosmetics 'Take me to Brazil' palette, and applying this all over my eyelid (not above the crease this time!) and right down into the corner of my eye.
I am using the same brush as the previous step for this :)

 Now, pick up a light brown shade of eyeshadow - Im using this Matte one from MUA in shade 19.
Using my Eyeshadow Contour brush from MUA I am applying this right above where I just applied the white shadow and I am flicking it out to a V shape on the outer corner!
You can apply this quite far up the eye socket but try not to let it join your eyebrow!

This step is optional but I thought it was quite fun!
I dusted off my angled eyeshadow brush and then picked up some of this dark orange shadow from the BH Cosmetics 'Take me to Brazil' palette and gently blended it in with the brown! 
This makes for a slightly more taupe shade!

 Now I am adding some eyeliner to open up and define my eyes!
This time I am using this Brown Gel eyeliner from Fashionista in shade 'Dress down cool', and applying it along my top lash line with this amazing bent eyeliner brush from ELF!
I decided to make a gentle flick on the outer corner of the eye but you can chose whichever style you like best!
I just want to say aswell that I have only used brown here as something a little different and to keep in with the colour scheme - but black would work just as well if you prefer it!

Next, I am taking a white pencil eye liner - this one is from MUA in shade 'Snow White', and lining my lower waterline - I went over this a few times as I wanted the white to be quite prominent!
The idea of using white pencil to line your eyes is that it makes them look larger & Wider!
I also then sealed the eyes by lining directly below my waterline with the same brown eyeliner! Try to keep this nice & Tight to the waterline so it blends in with the White :D

The next step is to apply a light layer of mascara on your lashes - I am using this LASH BOOM by MUA. I love it because it makes my lashes so long and dark <3

Now, is my favourite part! The step which will give you a real cute, doe-eyed look!
I am taking a pair of eyelashes (I'm using Kissed Lashes in 'the Flirty One') and cutting off the outer third of the lash!
I then applied this to the outer corner of the eye for a very sweet eye appearance!
After the lashes were set, I went in with another coat of mascara just to hold them in place and blend them in with my natural lashes - you can also apply it to your lower lashes!

Its time to narrow out that face, so grab that bronzer!
I am using this bronzer by MUA and my contour brush by ELF - and I am gently dragging the brush from the inner corner of the eyebrow right down the side of my nose to the tip - I want the bronzer to be visible in this look, as doe's usually have a brown lined nose, so I have built this up by repeating a few times!
I then took my ring finger and gently blended the bronzer line out by sweeping my finger out toward my cheeks!
You can repeat this step as many times as you like until you are happy with the depth of the contour!

Now we are going to balance out that contour!
Take your favourite concealer (I am using MUA Hide & Conceal) and swipe it down the centre of your nose - again you want this to be quite visible, so you can gently blend it with your ring finger but try to keep it noticeable so you can see the 'stripe' :)

Lets finish off the nose :D
You could use some black facepaint for this but I am using my black liquid eyeliner by Collection.
All you need to do it draw a little black nose just under the tip of your nose - I have made mine in a heart shape <3

I also wanted the cheeks to be quite prominent so I am using my MUA Blush&Contour brush, sucking in my cheeks and applying some bronzer in the hollow and up toward my temples!
This gives a lovely full and defined cheek shape!

The next step will really show off your inner reindeer!
I am taking the same white eyeliner pencil and drawing some little markings onto my face - you could do these wherever you prefer!
I drew them and filled them in, but not too heavily as I wanted them to be delicate and fair <3 
I also did this on both sides of my face so it would always show in photos but get creative and style them however you like!

Now I am adding some shimmer to my face by applying this gorgeous highlight blusher by Bourjois in shade '35 Lune D'or'on the apples of my cheeks!

This step is optional and you could use any colour you like best but I wanted to make it extra christmassy!
I first lined my lips with a pencil lip liner by MUA in shade 'Brooding Plum', and I then filled them in with MUA Lip Velvet in 'Reckless' - this is a gorgeous deep red that applies smoothly like a lipgloss but dries matte and lasts hours!

I am keeping all my makeup in place by spritzing on a little setting spray (this one is from ELF) - scrunched up face optional ;)

You could  put on your costume and leave your look like this and it will be gorgeous!

But I have also decided to do my hair like little reindeer ears - I did this by sectioning off my hair into 2 pigtails and then styling them into these top buns!
I also added these cute little clip on reindeer antlers which I picked up in poundland! BARGAIN!

You could wear anything with this look - a black/brown dress would be perfect - or you might even have a proper reindeer costume!

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I hope you enjoyed This Christmas Look my Honeybee's - its perfect for all those parties, charity events and any special occasion this fesative season!

P.s Look out for my GIVEAWAY coming very soon!

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