My Christmas Wishlist ..

Thursday, 7 November 2013

I am so in love with Christmas! Its all sparkly and pretty and happy! You get to spend lots of time with family, trim your house with wonderful decorations, eat lots of nice food and watch those lovely Christmas movies that remind you of being little. It really is a magical time!

Oh, and, am I forgetting something? Oh yes - presents! As much as I Love spending lots of time choosing just the right presents for my loved ones and wrapping them with love & Care, I cant help but be a little selfish and think of what lovely things I would dream of receiving!

Mirror // Watch // Boots // Bluray // Ring // Brush

Here is my Perfect Christmas Wishlist! It's filled with all the things I would love to receive this year!

First is the 'Broadway Lighted Vanity Makeup Desk' by Vanity Girl Hollywood! Its quite expensive but I would be so happy to have it in my room - It would be perfect for proudly displaying all my favourite makeup! Its has dimmable bulbs so it would mean I could apply my makeup perfectly in any light or at any time of day, these lights also mean I could get some great, clear photos for my Makeup Pictorials. I also love that it has electrical outlets, so I could plug in my straighteners and get more practice in at doing my hair in new styles! One more thing I really love about this, is that it is made by an eco-friendly manufacturer!

Next is this gorgeous Michael Kors watch from the Watch Hut! I know Michael Kors watches are very popular right now, but that's not why I like it - I am so in love with the mother-of-pearl design - it is very unique and eye catching, and I also love that the face has different features  such as a day indicator! How handy! The fact that the watch is splash proof is also a bonus for clumsy people like me! I would like to buy this from the Watch Hut as they offer their watches at discounted prices compared to the RRP - a beautiful watch and a bargain - what more does a girl need ? ;)

Ohhh, how beautiful are these cowgirl boots from Country Outfitter?? I don't think I want to add up the amount of time I have spent browsing their online store and dreaming of my life in the country! Many of you may not know that I am a real country fan - I love the music, the lifestyle and the fashion - but alas, I was born a city girl haha! These boots are gorgeous and the perfect way to show my love to the countryside! They are made from tan distressed leather and feature a very beautiful and intricate cream cut out design with bronze stud detailing! Yee-Haw!

My Christmas just wouldn't be complete without a bit of TV Time, and the Walking Dead is the best thing my eyes have seen on TV! I love it so much and would love even more to own it on Bluray! If You haven't watched it yet, I strongly recommend you put a few days aside and watch them back to back - I guarantee you wont be able to switch it off! I always buy my DVD and bluyrays from as the prices are just unbeatable!

Next, is this stunning Wedding ring from Diamond Heaven! Me and Dan are getting Married in September 2015 and I would love this ring! My engagement ring is white gold with a heart shaped diamond and a very sweet inscription inside, it is so unique and special - none of my friends have anything like it, and I would love this wedding ring to keep in with the tradition! Dan took deciding on my engagement ring very seriously and it reflects me perfectly, so I couldn't picture my wedding ring any other way than this one from Diamond Heaven. It is a very simple design but I love it! The wedding ring also symbolises another Christmas wish I have; a 5th happy & Perfect Year with Beautiful Dan <3

The final thing I would love this Christmas is this pretty 219 Pencil Brush from MAC Cosmetics! I have a lot of make up brushes but nothing like this, and I have never seen another brand offer anything like this so I would love to try it out! It looks perfect for blending eyeshadow and really looks like it could get into all the creases of the eye perfectly. MAC are renowned for the ultimate in quality, so I cant see this being a disappointment!

What have you been dreaming of receiving this Christmas?

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