MUA Luxe Glitter Palettes

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Just when I think MUA cant come up with anything better than their already amazing products - they prove me wrong, && this time I was extra excited!

A few months back MUA announced that they would be releasing a 'Luxe' Line in October/November time, and I, aswell as many other women, was so pleased to see it include highly pigmented Lip Velvets', 'Power Brows', a beautiful 'Precision Liner' and best of all, a set of amazing Glitter palettes, all at the same unbeatable prices we have begun to expect from MUA.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was shopping in Superdrug last week and I spotted the glitter palettes from the line;

These are £4 each and Superdrug had a 3for2 offer on over all cosmetics, so I was lucky enough to pick up these 3 for just £8 <3

I was first drawn to the 'Rock Chic' Palette! It is so bold & beautiful, and features 3 blue tones and a contrasting silver - Perfect!

Here is a closer look at the shades - they are all gorgeous and so pigmented and I just love the mermaid looking one (second left), it's crazy cool!

I was expecting the glitter to be in traditional powder eye shadow form, but they are more of a gel like product, which means they are cleaner to apply, but they do tend to rub off to other areas of the eye a little (if you're wearing them on the eye, that is!).

These colours were really fun to mix, too! they remind me of the beautiful ocean sparkling in the sunlight!

I also Picked Up this Palette, called 'Diva'. This reminds me of a smoky eye colour kit!

Here is a closer look at the shades! The white one on the end has to be my favourite, it reminds me of a mystical unicorn! I love the green too - I cant wait to experiment with it. The glitter is quite fine which means loads of it is packed it and makes it very noticeable, it hits the light so perfectly - much better than many glitter products I have tried in the past!

I also chose the 'Twilight' Palette - this one is so Pretty! This seems more of a girly palette and each shade is so colourful & Lovely!

I really love the Light purple - it reminds me of princess Rapunzel in the Tangled Movie <3 You can see how smoothly these apply to the skin, and the more you add the more pigmented they appear!

Each palette comes with its own double tipped applicator, which is great for testing out the individual colours before you use them.

I did find that these glitters (as with all glitters, really) were a little stubborn and were tough to remove with a face wipe, they removed best with a facial cleanser :)

These are such a bargain price, so even if you have never used a glitter make up product before, its worth picking one up to try them out! They will make the perfect party season accessory. You can shop them here

I cant wait to get my hands on the lip velvets - but they seem to be very popular and out of stock right now, so I will wait until MUA release the next set of products in the Luxe line & then make my order!

Have you tried these out yet? What did you think?


  1. Oooh these are such pretty colours! I love the look of the Twilight palette, that purple is stunning :)
    Great post!

    Jess xo

  2. Lovely colors! O_O i really enjoy using MUA's products, they're so good quality and so nice.

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  3. i love mua, follow me :)

  4. I got these, was disappointed with them. I found they crease badly on the eye, within around 20 mins and with my NARS eye primer too. They don't work very well as an eyeliner either, slightly better on top of a lip colour though. Wish they would be better quality, the colours are so pretty. Check my blog out :)


  5. great review cant wait to purchse them need some glitter in my life especially rund this holiday season coming up xoxo