MakeUp Basics; Perfect Eyeliner!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hello My Honeybee's!

One of My Beautiful Readers recently asked me to do some everyday Makeup 'How-to's' and I was more than excited to start blogging away!

So here is the first post in my 'MakeUp Basics' series - Perfecting your eyeliner :) 
Eyeliner has been worn by women for centuries - the ancient Egyptian women are well known for defining their eyes with large cat-eye designs!
This tutorial can be adapted to any eyeliner product you prefer, whether its gel, pencil, felt or liquid - they will all look stunning!

So to start, all you need to hand is your favourite eyeliner - I am using Collection's Eye definition Liquid Liner

If you are not applying your eyeliner on top of eyeshadow make sure your eyes are clean and dry - also try to avoid putting mascara on first as your lovely eyelashes can get in the way and cause smudges!

 The first step is to take your eyeliner and draw three small dots on your upper lash line. 
A small one on the inner corner (where your lashes end), a large one about 2 thirds of the way across your lash line and a medium one on the outer corner of your eye (you can see my image above for a better idea of where they go!).
Then you will need to carefully join these dots up - if you are using a thin liner join up the top of the dots and fill in the gap - getting as close to your lash line as possible. There is no hurry to do this so take your time so it stays nice and neat!

Now you need to draw another small dot just above the line you just drew, close to the outer corner of the eye (see my picture above), and you will need to draw a straight diagonal line, coming out from the outer corner of your eye and going up toward the ending of your eyebrow!
This line can be as long as you like - it depends how much of a flick you want to have on your eyeliner.
Next, draw another diagonal line that goes from the dot and meets with the top of the straight line, and then fill it in carefully.
If you make any mistakes - don't panic! You can easily clean it up with a Q-tip (cotton bud), just place it on the problem area and twist it (don't drag it!), this will remove the make up and wont leave you with a big smudge to clean up!

Some people will be happy to leave their eyeliner like this - which is fine - it is very pretty and perfect for a daytime look...

... But if you want a more dramatic look, just draw another small dot right on the edge of your tear duct and then continue the line from the top of your eye and connect it with the dot! 
Doing this part is especially nice if you are using a pencil liner on your lower water line, as it gives a perfect cat eye look!

There you have it! Easy, everyday eyeliner!

You could alter this any way you like - you could make the flick shorter or longer, you could make the liner thicker or thinner - whatever you like best, its sure to be beautiful!

Eyeliner really defines your eyes and makes them appear much larger - so it looks great alone, but if you want the perfect finishing touch, just add your favourite mascara! I love to use Benefit's 'They're Real' Mascara - you can see my post all about it here!

Get the Kit;

I hope you all found this tutorial helpful - let me know if there is any other MakeUp Basics you would like to see my Blog about!

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