'Love In Murmansk' Look

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Murmansk. The very word conjures up images of Glistening snow, Sparkling Lights & Winter Dreams! I have always wanted to go to Russia at Christmas Time & I always pictured what MakeUp I might wear on my trip, too!

This Romantic & whimsical Look is inspired by Christmas in Russia, and it is perfect to wear Ice Skating, Shopping the Christmas Markets - Or even a Winter Date!

I Really wanted to make this Look stand out & feel Very special so I bought some of these Lovely silk Blue contacts from a company called Beautifeye. They are only £9.99 and are so Beautiful!
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So, with the code, I ended up getting all this for just £8.99

** When using contacts, I always put them in before applying my makeup, or I find my eyes water and ruin all my hard work! If you are not used to wearing contacts, make sure you have a little practise with them! **

To begin, I am Using this Liquid Foundation by BH Cosmetics in Light Rose ($4)! I am applying with a sponge (£1.50 for 8 at ELF), allllll over my face & neck! 
I have decided not to use any translucent powder for this look as I want it to look dewy and fresh, but you could apply some if you like!

After My Foundation has Settled, I am applying some ELF Eyelid primer (£1.50) all over the eyelid and in a winged shape on the outer corner of the eye. This product has a doe foot applicator, so I usually brush it on with that and then gently smooth it down with my fingertips. Eyelid primer will give your eye shadows grip and stop them sliding around!

Now I am Using a naked (or natural) eye shadow as my base! I am using This Bourjois Little pot of eyeshadow in 08 Beige Rose (£4) - but you can use any light shade you have. I am applying with a round fluffy brush.

Next, lets add some sparkle! 
I am using this MUA Eyeshadow in shade 3 (£1), it is a Pearl grey/silver colour, and I am applying it in a thick V shape on the outer corner of my eye! Using this MUA eyeshadow contour brush means that it can be blended outward and tapered across the crease of your eye!

Now, I am taking this Gorgeous matte blue shade from the BH Cosmetics 'Take me to Brazil' Palette ($10)(review coming soon)! 
You Could use any blue you love best! 
I am using the same MUA eyeshadow contour  brush and blending the blue into where the silver was - this will give an incredible shimmery icy effect!

Let's add some definition! 
Take a black eyeliner pencil, I am Using MUA intense glitter pencil Liner in 'Starry Night' (£1), and draw a tiny V shape in the outer corner of your eye! 
Then take a small fluffy blending brush, like the ELF Blending Eye Brush , and start to blend it into the outer corner of your eye, keeping in the V shape! This darker shade really brings the colours together and makes the shape of the eye very defined!

Now I am creating some extra Girly-ness with a lovely eyeliner flick! 
I am Using Collections Eye definition liquid eyeliner (£2.99) and gently drawing in a feline flick shape (you can see my how-to Here!). 
You could use Liquid, gel or felt liner - which ever you feel most comfortable with!

Yey! Lets add some lashes! 
I just got these in Primark for £1, I love the natural and full look of them! But you could use whichever lashes you like best! 
Before you apply your lashes, always hold them against your eye and make sure they are the right length - you may need to trim them down or they can be uncomfortable and poke into your eyes!
You can see how perfect the eyelashes look with this makeup, they are very girly and give a very lovely POP to the look!

**I always add a coat of mascara on to my eyelashes as it helps blend your natural lashes in with them, they will also stay put until you want take them of this way!**
I then Lined my lower waterline with the same pencil eyeliner to really make the colours stand out, and finished off by applying a gentle coat of mascara to my bottom lashes - I am using Benefit's 'They're real' mascara (£19.50) (see my full review here) <3
You could also add some of that lovely blue shade just underneath your lower lashes too if you like!

Now, lets get cheeky ;) 
I started by contouring my cheeks with this MUA Bronzing powder (£3). Taking a small amount of the product onto your MUA contour brush, sucking in your cheeks and applying in that hollow spot right up to your temple will give you really lovely looking cheekbone structure.
I then added a small amount of this Pink HD Blush By ELF in shade'Headliner' (£3.75), this will look so cute and gives that lovely chilly cheeks look! I just dab a small amount of this on the apples of cheeks with my ring finger - a little goes a long way!
You could use any pink blusher you have to complete this step!

Because the eyes are quite bold in this look, I feel it is important to balance the face out with a pale or natural lip.
I am starting by Lining my lips with this lip liner pencil by ELF in shade 'Natural Blush' (£1.50) - its good to make sure your lip liners are always sharpened properly so you get an even coat!
I then filled in my lips with This gorgeous pale pink Lipstick By Fashionista in shade 'How Do I Look?' (£1.50) - this gives a really beautiful finish paired with the blue eye make up!

Because you are most likely to be wearing this look out in the cold air, I thought it would be nice to finish it off with some setting spray to make sure it doesn't fade or smudge! I am using this setting spray by ELF (£3.75) - it is a very light mist and dries almost instantly!

&& There you have it! Your very own Winter makeup, fit for a Russian princess!
Just pull on your coat and wrap in your scarf and you will be glamorous and ready to go!

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I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial - Let me know what you think & what you would like to see next!