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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hello Honeybees!

One of my Beautiful readers asked me recently to write a special post, featuring grooming tips for men! Of course, I couldn't wait to accept this challenge ... so here goes!
As well as grooming tips aimed at the fella's I will be including top products which you could treat your partner to this Christmas!

Obviously I am not a man, so these are not Tips I have practiced myself, they are however, male specific skin and body care tips I have been taught at beauty school and picked up along the way! Boys - let me know if there is anything you would do differently!


Lets get real! Its 2013. Skincare is not just for the girls anymore, men have stopped being shy about their bathroom routine - there is a whole world skin care products available that are tailor made for your guys skin!
So, is a mans skin really different than a women, Or is it all just a clever scheme to get today's man to spend more on his skincare routine without having to feel all feminine about it?
The answer is YES, there is a difference!
Men have thicker skin than women due to their higher levels of testosterone - this means they need more moisture! Men also tend to have a rougher skin texture than women, this can stem from all that shaving - that's why it is essential to use a shaving cream guys!

Lots of men also suffer from acne or oily skin longer than women due to higher levels of sebum (or oil!) in their skin - if this applies to you then your best bet is to choose a product with little or no oil content or products aimed at oily skin!

The good new though guys, is that you have a higher collagen density than us girls, which means, on average, your skin will start to age 15 years later than ours, so you can expect to getting that ID proof question for a few more years ;) 

The best thing you can do for you skin, which will only take 5 minutes in your morning routine, is a simple 3 step procedure;

  Cleanse - Use a face wash or gel suited to your skin type, you can find ones for oily skins, dry skins, sensitive skins and normal skins. Just apply it all over your face and rinse off!
 Exfoliate -  Doing this 2-3 times a week will allow the skin cells time to renew. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, making your skin less dull, more radiant and allowing potential ingrown hairs to get through the skin.
*If you are shaving, do it here!*
 Moisturise - this step is essential! Choose a moisturiser suited to your skin and apply all over your face and neck - this will stop dryness and soothe your skin. 

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Shaving Tips!

Many men shave everyday, as they cant bear to be without that clean, smooth skin, but if you must shave everyday guys, try to follow these tips, which will keep your skin looking great too!

 Shave after you have taken a shower! The steam from the shower will soften the skin and open the pores - meaning less drag and tug when you glide the razor over you skin - the hairs will remove with much more ease and much less pain!

 Exfoliate before you shave 2-3 times a week - this removes dead skin cells and allows annoying ingrown hairs to break through the skin - no more spots!

 Avoid using everyday soaps as your shaving cream - they can be very drying on your sensitive face skin. Always opt for a shave specific product!

 It may seem obvious, but pay close attention to which way your hair is growing! The hairs don't grow in the same direction over your whole face, some grow diagonal, some downward and so on, so just feel around and check where they're going - the best time to check the growth is about 2 or 3 days after you've shaved (not so easy for those who shave daily, but just have a close look!) and don't shave against the grain - this is what will end up in cut skin and ingrown hairs! 

 Avoid after shaves with perfumes and alcohol, not only will they sting your skin, but they will irritate the fresh, sensitive skin and can lead to rashes, dryness and breakouts!

  Don't be mislead into thinking that the more pressure you put on the razor the cleaner your shave, this is not the case! It will only lead to more drag and irritation!

 Make sure you clean the blade after every stroke - all those caught up hairs will mean the razor cant perform at its best and can get cause extra drag on the skin.


Some people like to shampoo their hair everyday, and while this is down to personal preference, it is not necessary and not good for the hair either. The more you wash it, the worse condition it will be in, unfortunately!
The more you apply shampoo, the more you are stripping the hair of its natural oils - giving it that unhealthy frizz.
Its is best to wash your hair every 2-3 days!

Care Tips;
 Human Hair is weaker when wet, so towel drying your hair will not do it any good! Infact it could cause snapping and in the long run, leave you looking a little thin on top! Instead you can let your hair dry naturally, pat it dry or use your hairdryer on a mild heat setting.
 Hair dryers are great for speeding up the process - just make sure you don't get the heat to close to your roots - or it can cause your hair to get brittle and snap easier!
 STOP smoking! It sounds crazy but smoking constricts the blood vessels which will mean your hair wont be getting all the nutrients that it needs and will start to shed!
 If you style your hair everyday with a comb, try to alternate days between using a comb and your fingers - backcombing with a comb can cause the hair to break and become weaker!

Baldness is one of the biggest male concerns and while some men like the bald look others would prefer to combat it! Here are some simple tips to stop the baldness;

 Eat olives! Olives have lots of Vitamin E which will stimulate the hair follicles, so try to eat a handful a couple of times a week!
 Wash your hair with gentle and mild shampoos, this will allow the hair and scalp to clean thoroughly but naturally! It wont damage your hair follicle so your hair wont have any stress or trauma and will grow healthily.
  I've said it before but Do not towel dry hair when its wet, it will lead to fragile and breaking hair!
  Try to keep your stress levels down, this may be easier said than done but hair loss is one of their first signs that you are overworking yourself - make sure you're getting plenty of sleep and doing things you enjoy regularly.
 Get those vitamins! Iron, Vitamin C&E, Zinc and protein will all contribute to healthy hair, so try to keep some of these in your diet :)

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So, Guys - here are your body care basics! Easy to follow and essential to maintain!
If you Keep to these simple tips you will soon start to see great, glowing skin which leads to a happier you!
What would you like to see next in my Men Care Series?


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