D.I.Y Fake Tan!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Its Party Season! 
Time to Put on your favorite Dress, Slip Into some Heels & Look down right fabulous!

But wait? ...

Where's the tan??

Don't panic - If you're 20 minutes from leaving the house & realise you are all out of your favouite fake tan, there is an easy D.I.Y solution - All you need are 2 simple ingredients that EVERYONE has lying around at home!

Before we start, I just want to say, that I love all skin tones, and am not saying that all girls should always go out with a tanned skin! I usually always embrace my ghost like (or 'Pale & Interesting'!) skin tone, but I know that there are some ladies who just don't feel comfortable going on a big night out without a little bit of a tan, so whether you are ones of those girls, or you just want to try something new - take a look :D

All you will need to do this is a bowl, a tablespoon, a teaspoon, your favourite moisturiser and, the magic ingredient, Cocoa Powder!

This is a simple and effective trick that will save you money and make you look great!

* All you need to do is put about 4 tablespoons of your moisturiser into a bowl (you could use more if you are going to be covering your whole body) - This will be enough to tan your legs perfectly!
* Then you need to add 2 teaspoons of the cocoa powder, you can use any you have at home.
*Then mix it all together thoroughly and apply to your skin!

 Don't worry if the moisturiser looks really really dark - it wont come out so dark on your skin, so you can add more cocoa powder if you like a darker tan!

Here is a picture of the result, you can see I have put the tan onto my right leg, but not the left one - There is a lovely subtle tan, and it smells great too ;)

I just have to say, as with all fake tans, please don't wear white when you are applying the tan as it can smudge onto the clothes, so wait until it is completely dry to get dressed! :)
You wont need to apply a lot of the tan or it can get streaky, so rather than applying lots of layers of it to get a darker appearance - just add more cocoa powder into the mix and then apply it :)

There you have it! You are a golden glowing goddess!!

Let me know if you have tried this! What did you think??