Benefit; Theyr'e Real Mascara

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Recently, Me and Dan took a Lovely Holiday to Turkey & we Traveled from Gatwick Airport - & like any girl I just couldn't help myself but have a look around Duty Free <3

I was searching for the Benefit counter as I had Shopped it when I had been to Gatwick Before but Unfortunately We were at North Terminal this time, so Duty Free didn't have such an extensive range :'(

I did spot a small display of Benefit Goodies though, much to my delight, So I had a little look around and I was so pleased when I managed to Pick Up a Tube of Benefits 'Theyre Real' Mascara for just £16.25, Instead of the usual £19.50 price tag :)

I'm sure most of you have heard of this mascara before - it is the UK's best selling mascara which promises to 'lengthen, curl, volumize, lift & separate' your lashes. 
I have heard many a claim like this before from mascaras,  but let me tell you, I needn't have worried - 'They're Real' Gives every last lash definition, curve and extra oomph!

The Packaging is a wonderful mirror-shine chrome, with a lovely hourglass shape & the brush is just amazing - it is a rubber brush, (which I am very fond of for the flexibility), with a special domed ending which is small enough to coat each & every tiny corner lash perfectly!

Above is an image of my lashes with no mascara - as you can see they are not really visible & are very fair...

...But after just one coat of 'They're real', every lash is curled, defined and jet-black glamorous!
I did find that this mascara was a little wet, but as long as you apply it slowly, you will have no worry of your lashes clumping.

I applied a little eyeliner and another coat of 'They're Real' (anymore than 2 coats and my lashes began to clump - not that 2+ is really needed!) and my eyelashes felt amazing - they almost looked as though I was wearing false lashes because of how fanned out and black they were!

I Love this mascara so much, it is so silky and soft to apply and it lasts forever - no flaking or crumbling!

The Cost of this Mascara is a little more than I would usually spend, but now that I know how amazing the results are, I would happily pay it again.

So Girls, if you're looking for the perfect finishing touch for your upcoming party season looks, or just want something to put on your Christmas list - let this be it!

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