HCS; Sassy Vampire

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Vampires have been associated with Halloween for centuries, so I thought it was only right that I featured a Vampire look in my costume series!

Some people like sexy vampires, some like scary, but I like sassy - so this Vampire look will incorporate a more fun, sassy side of vampires which is wearable for everyone this Halloween!

So Lets Begin;

As always, Start with a clean dry skin - this helps keep your makeup in place much longer and gives a more flawless appearance.

Then apply your foundation - I am using MUA Undress your skin in 'porcelain', as it is a pale shade and adds to the 'undead' appearance! 
Then powder your face to help keep your foundation in place all night - I am using MUA's matte perfection translucent powder.

Next apply a primer to the eye, I am using E.L.F's eye primer! I applied this all over my eyelid, as it will help my eyeshadow stay put for hours!

Now its time to start your eye look - I am using this lovely red shadow from MUAs Poptastic Palette. I applied this all over my eyelid with my MUA E3 shadow and blending Brush. Make sure you get good coverage with this shadow as  you want a real pop of colour!

Next, I took this shimmery brown shade from MUAs 'Heaven and Earth' Palette and, using my MUA Eyeshadow contour Brush, blended it out above the red shadow and into a wing shape!

Now its time to get sassy! Using a Black eyeshadow (I am using MUA's 'Undress me too' palette) create a small V shape in the outer corner of your eye and blend it out along the crease of your eyelid and along the upper lashline! This will give a smoky feel to the look and give lovely eye definition!
I then lined my top lash line with a cat eye flick, using my 'Liquid definition' eyeliner by Collection!

I then lined my lower water line with my MUA Intense glitter pencil liner in Starry Night & I used some of the same red eyeshadow as before and blended it under my lower lashline!
Next, I applied a coat of Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara, Let it dry & applied my Kissed Lashes in the 'Natural One' - This makes the look flirty but still dark!

I then Took My MUA Blusher in Shade 6 and contoured under my cheek bones to give a more structured look to the face.

Now its time to do your lips!

First I took the Same Black pencil liner and lined my lips, creating a more pointed cupids bow, I then Filled in my lips with MUA Lipstick in shade 10.

Next, I blended the colours together with my MUA Lip Brush. I gently dragged the black lines into the red lipstick to give a high drama lip look!

I then let my hair loose & added my all important Vampire  fangs which I got from eBay! You could use any fangs that you have - they are widely available from costume stores & supermarkets,  amongst Others!

This look is so simple but effective - you could even scare it up by adding contact lenses or fake blood!

Get the Kit;



Let me know what you think & Show me your Vampire Look! <3


  1. Great vampire look for Halloween!:)
    The eyes looks really cool!


    1. Thankyou so much Monica I'm glad you like it :) have a lovely day!!