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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Few weeks ago I posted a picture on my Facebook page (here) with a couple of options of what my readers would like to see me give a tutorial on - The votes were cast and the winner was a 'SUGAR SKULL' Look!

Sugar Skulls originate from the Mexican holiday 'Dia de los Muertos' (thats Day of the dead to You & Me), where people paint themselves with beautiful patterns to honour and remember loved ones who have passed on.

So, Lets Begin!

Here is my kit this week (all details and links at the bottom!)
I have used all highstreet, affordable brands so that anyone can re-create this look!

**As always, start with a clean dry face - this will make for easier application and longer lasting make up!**

I started by mixing some white cream makeup with a tiny bit of my lightest foundation (MUA Undress your skin in 'Porcelain') and applying it with my ordinary foundation brush. Cream makeup can be a little tricky to blend, so you may prefer to use a traditional white face paint instead, I am just using cream make up, as this is what I had around at home.

Only cover your forehead, temples and down the centre of your nose at this stage, as it will prevent your hand making any smudges across your face!

Now take a Black pencil liner (I am using MUA intense glitter pencil liner - to add a little sparkle), and draw 5 lines on your forehead to create the outline of a spider web! You can then connect these with small curves between each line - like my pictures above! I also took a cotton bud and gently ran it along the lines to smudge them a little - this is how we will create shadow with the next step.

Next I took a Black liquid Liner (I am using Collection Eye definition liquid liner), and drew the same lines, but this time I drew the straight ones slightly to the left of the originals and the curved ones just above the originals! The smudges we made before will act as shadow underneath the new lines and give a little dimension!

I also added an upside down heart at the bottom of the spider web - this makes it a little more girly! I first drew this in with my pencil liner and then filled it with my liquid liner.

I then filled in my eyes, Using my Blue Snazaroo face paint - but you could use any colour you like! I used a small paintbrush to do this as I found it helped me get better control. I got the shape by filling the colour where my eye sockets are. I covered my eyebrows with the colour and extended the line a little to exaggerate the shape. After this was all filled in I brushed over some blue eyeshadow from my MUA Eyesahdow trio in 'Blue babe' to set it into place.

I then filled in the rest of my face (and my neck!) with the white makeup & foundation mix.

After, I drew in some 'eyebrows' with the same blue face paint - I made these twisted & curly as a lot of sugar skulls seem to follow this theme! They also give some expression to the face, and I added a little shadow to them by using a dark shade of blue eyeshadow (from the MUA Blue babe trio), and lining just underneath them.

I also added in a nose, I did this with my black Snazaroo face paint and small brush. I made the shape look like a traditional skull face paint!

Now its time to draw the mouth! 
I used my black Snazaroo face paint for this. I started by drawing some curved lines on my lips for the teeth and filled in a small section in the middle of my lips, I then extended a line out from either corner of my mouth and up to my cheek bones, adding a couple more little curved lines through it to create more teeth.
I added some more curly lines above and below my cheek bones - to keep suit with traditional sugar skull make up!

I have seen lots of images of sugar skull make up with some sort of design painted onto the chin - I decided on a lotus flower, as they are elegant and beautiful! I drew the outline with my black liquid liner and filled in parts of the design with my blue face paint. I added some lines and depth back in with my liquid liner and stuck on a pretty star gem and a line of pearls with some eyelash glue!

Now that the eye make up is well and truly dry - its time to add some finishing touches! 
I lined my lower waterline and my upperlash line with the same MUA pencil liner and applied some of my Kissed Lashes in the 'Natural one'. This keeps the looks feminine aswell as adding a little drama!

I also stuck another little star in the corner of each eye and made a sweet pattern on the bottom of the socket with the stars and pearls. I always stick things like these on with eyelash glue as it is safe for your skin and easy to remove.

I got my gems and pearls from eBay, they come in a rainbow of colours and are super cheap! They really finish some pieces off and give a touch of sparkle and glamour!
You may see that i also added some gems and pearls to the lines that i painted around my mouth, this is totally optional, but some sugar skull makeups can be quite elaborate and this is my way of mirroring that!

Lots of sugar skulls feature floral head dresses and crowns, i picked up this one on my holiday in turkey for just £2 but you could use any you have at home from the summer! If you don't have anything like this, I would definitely recommend taking a look at 'Prairie Charms' range - they are beautiful and all hand made!

And here is the finished look! You can see that it is simple but very effective and elegant, and the best part is you can make it as plain or elaborate as you like, you can design it in any colour you like and you dont need a fancy costume - you could wear this with any dress you have at home!

Get the Kit;

Thankyou to everyone who voted - Keep an eye on my Facebook page for my next reader vote for the Halloween costume series!

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