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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ladies, get ready for glitz and glam and all the fun of the big show! The final Part of my Halloween costume series is a Burlesque look inspired by the movie featuring Cher & Christina Aguliera!

This look would be great as a flapper, a 1940's show girl and even the current burlesque girls! Its so easy and so beautiful!

So lets begin;

Start By moisturising your face - I am using Body shops Seaweed Matte Moisturiser - it is so gentle and hydrating :)

Then apply your foundation, I am using MUAs 'undress your skin' foundation in Beige, and I then buffed on some MUA 'Matte perfect translucent powder' for a flawless looking skin!

Now (depending on which colour theme you are going with!), take an eyeshadow in the same shade as your glitter and apply it all over your lid! I am using the golden shade from MUA's 'Poptastic palette'.

Now its time to create some sexy, flirty eyes! Take a liquid eyeliner - I am using Collection's 'liquid eye definition'- and draw a thick line from the corner of your tear duct all the way along your lash line and make a dramatic cat eye flick at the outer corner - try and make the flick face slightly upward , toward your eyebrow.

Now, take a very fine pencil brush and a black eyeshadow - Im using MUA's 'undress me too' palette - and carefully draw a line that goes from the side of your nose and just above your natural eye crease - as this will give the impression of wider, more doll like eyes! Make sure to flick this out toward your eyebrow too and then carefully connect this line with your eyeliner for full on drama!

Then take a blending brush and gently buff over this line to blend it into your skin a little and make it less harsh!

My favourite part! Apply your favourite lashes - the longer the better!! I am using Kissed lashes the 'natural one'! Perfect fluttery eyes <3

Now carefully brush a layer of mascara over your false lashes - this will bond them to your natural lashes a little and make them stay in place longer, also brush some mascara onto your lower lashes! I am using L'oreals 'telescopic mascara' in carbon black as it makes my lashes so long and has a very fine brush!

Then take a very fine brush and use a gel liner to line from your tearduct, all across your lower lash line and make a flick parallel to  the liner flick you just created!

Fill in the space between the 2 lines with the eyeshadow you are using.

^_^ Sparklessss ^_^
This step can get a little messy so just do a little at a time. Using a flat brush, press the glitter all over your eyelid, within the black lines! I put a drop of eyewash onto my brush to help the glitter stick to my eyelid for hours!

I also dusted a little bronzer over my cheeks and applied a nude lipstick (MUA's matte lipstick in Nude), I kept the lips nude so that all focus would be on the dazzling eyes!

I then curled my hair and added my felt bowler! You could add some pearls or a pretty diamante hair slide <3

Now, Stage left for you Grand entrance please ;)

This makeup is so easy but so eye catching and beautiful! 

Show me how you Burlesque! <3

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