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Thursday, 10 October 2013

I wasn't planning on posting about my recent E.L.F Buys, but when my order arrived I just had to gush about it!

If you havent heard of E.L.F ,(aka Eyes Lips Face) before, they are an affordable, online make up company, offering everything from brushes&tools, to makeup&Gift sets! You can visit the site here!

While browsing, my basket was filling up, (and fast!) & I happened to notice that E.L.F were offering free delivery on all orders over £30 - who am I to turn a free offer down?! ;) So I made my final choices & my basket came to just £30.25! Brilliant! I Chose a variety of pieces, mostly tools and brushes - I have been buying a lot of make up recently and figured it'd be nice to have some brushes and tools to go with it!

 The First Item I chose, I was so excited by! It is a 'Lip Exfoliater' (£3.25). 
I have never owned (or seen!) anything like this and I thought it was just genius!

It is packaged just like a traditional lipstick and applies just like one too, so it is very simple and easy to use and you can take it with you everywhere!
This was perfect for my holiday, as I didnt have to worry about dry burned lips from the sun! It will also be a fantastic soother in the winter months when those horrible chapped lips start to appear!

The exfoliator is a wonderful sugar scrub encased in a reviving balm! It smells so sweet and has lots of wonderful ingredients like Vitamin E & Shea Butter, to really help restore your lips to their full beauty! Its is not so coarse that it scratches your skin but it really does help to relieve the dry-ness.
The product comes in wonderful, sleek black packaging, making it very professional looking!


 Next I chose the 'Therapeutic Conditioning Balm' (£1.50) in 'Strawberry Creme'.
The most lovely thing about this is that it smells incredible - just like strawberries and creme! I thought that the name was just referring to the colour but it really smells delicious too!
I have to admit the colour isn't really that pigmented, but I don't mind - I love the softness it gives my lips, its so soothing & really smooth!
This would be brilliant for my holiday too - coupled with the lip exfoliator it is the dream team for ultimate soft lips!


 I decided to invest in a new eyeliner! My previous one was a liquid liner which I have always used up until now, but I wanted to go for a felt liner!

Say hello to the E.L.F 'waterproof eyeliner pen' (£1.50) - available in a rainbow of colours!
I have tried liner pens before but never one this fine and easy to use! The pen glides on seamlessly and is lovely and pigmented. I love that the tip is so narrow - it means you can apply any eyeliner design you would like to wear and wont have to spend ages doing touch ups!
I was also a bit dubious about the stay power - I have used cheaper waterproof makeup before and it didn't last - but this one is different, you can see from my pictures that I drew some on my hand - I ran this under a tap and it just didnt budge until I really started scrubbing it- A* ELF!!


On my browsing, I also came across this item - the ELF 'Zit Zapper' (£1.50).

This is such a good idea & a wonderful alternative to the more expensive 'witch stick'.
The treatment smells lovely and refreshing and is made from a blend including tea tree and witch hazel - which a both brilliant for your skin and will help clear it up in no time!
The treatment comes in a tube with a roll ball tip so it is very easy to apply - no mess!
This is also brilliant for holidays, as the warm weather can make you sweat and if you wear makeup it can lead to spots - so this little stick will be perfect to cure those holiday breakouts!


I spotted the E.L.F 'Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick' (£2.50) - offered in a variety of colours!
I decided on 'Tiki Torches' - a delicate peachy shade with a lovely golden glow.
The Crayon is wonderful and chubby and smells so beautiful (one lovely thing about all ELF products is that they are scented!).

As you can see the colour is very delicate but if you like something more bold there are many other colour options for you to choose from!
One thing I especially loved about this is that it is not all sticky and gloppy like traditional lipglosses - it is smooth and gives a subtle shine!
'Tiki Torches' is the perfect colour for day time glam!


I also picked up some Brushes! 
I have used Elf Brushes before and they are of wonderful quality - so soft but able to pick up enough product to be applied evenly!

I decided on;
A. Studio collection Small Stipple brush (£3.75) - This is super soft and gives such a flawless finish - I love using this with liquid foundation as it is able to reach into all the smaller crevices of the face. The handle is sleek & black, giving a professional finish.
B.  Studio collection Angled Eyeliner Brush (£3.75) - This is the best thing since sliced bread - I have never had such ease applying my eyeliner! The bent shape of the brush means you can hold it comfortably and still see where you are applying your eyeliner - even right next to the lash line! It is a narrow brush too so you can get a nice thin line and build up the shape you want gradually and neatly!
C.Studio collection Contour Brush (£3.75) - I have been searching for a good contour brush for some time and this is it! The brush picks up enough product to be applied properly but not too much that it is impossible to blend! I love the shape of the brush too as it reaches easily into all areas of the face!

All these ELF brushes are anti-bacterial synthetic hair and are fairly priced! I Love their brushes so much, I cant recommend them enough! E.l.f offer a range of essential brushes at even cheaper prices aswell as the Studio collection!
Make sure to keep your brushes clean for best results and longest life <3


I also was in desperate need of a new pencil make up sharpener, so I picked up this ELF Dual sharpener (£1.50)!
It is a bargain price - especially considering you get 2 sharpeners in the pack! Its perfect for all my pencil make up and cleans off very easily, I also love that it comes with a lid so you don't get little sharpenings everywhere!


A little while ago I decided I needed some new tweezers as mine were so blunt - and luckily I spotted these lovely E.L.F slant tweezers (£1.50)!
These are made from stainless steel and are professionally designed, which means you can easily remove any unwanted hairs! I found that they gripped even shorter hairs - very pleased!
If you haven't used tweezers before but want to try them, I would recommend these as I have found that they don't grip skin, like others I have tried in the past <3


 I also chose this lovely  Long Wear Lip Liner Pencil (£1.50) in Natural Blush.
I have used this before and love to fill my whole lip in with it as it is a very natural colour - it gives just the right amount of colour if you are looking for a more toned down make up look.
It even comes with a sharpener so you don't need to worry if it starts to blunt!
it is only £1.50 and comes in a range of beautiful colours - each perfect worn alone of under lipstick!


&& Last but not least my most favourite item <3
The ELF HD Blush (£3.75) In Headliner!
This stuff is so amazing - when I read the title I knew i had to see what it was all about & I was not dissapointed!
This comes in 5 shades depending on how dark you like your blush to be - 'headliner' is the very lightest, I chopse it as I don't usually wear very dark blush.
But don't be fooled, it is still very pigmented - you only need the tiniest drop of this for maximum impact!
It is a soft creamy textured blush and is stored in this cute pump bottle - I used my small stipple brush to apply it in small circles on the apples of my cheeks and it looks so rosy and cute - I think this shade would look perfect with a tan!

The tint of this blush gives a very fresh-faced and young look  - how lovely!


Thankyou ELF for your lovely products - cant wait to try some more in the near future!

What is your favorite ELF Product?!

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